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  1. Mike

    I’m a Six Flags member, and I love both Disney and Six Flags, but for different reasons. Disney caters to a different kind of guest than Six Flags does. Disney is all about immersing guests into the story the ride is telling. That requires nothing to be out of place or unkept so that it doesn’t destroy the immersion, as much as possible. Six Flags is all about providing thrilling ride experiences, which doesn’t generally rely on immersion, or even cleanliness. They are very different experiences from each other, and it can be very shocking if all you’re used to is Disney.

  2. Crom

    Has she been to a Disney park recently?

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      I have. I was at Disneyland in mid December, and the park was as clean as I remembered it. And the food was every bit as good too. I don’t know what all the complaints have been about.

  3. George

    Pre-COVID, a Disneyland trip was 4 or 5 times a year for us (AP holders). We also included one day at Universal on almost every trip.

    The difference between the parks was night and day for us.

    We always felt Disney was safe and clean. You could just forget about the outside world while you were there. Just look how many people park their strollers and walk away to get inline and never give it a second thought.

    Universal is entertaining, but definitely not the same experience. We never felt as safe and the facilities were just never quite as clean.

    We made it back to Disneyland recently for a weekend visit. Despite all of the changes to the operations, we still felt the same about our time there.

    Unfortunately with all of the changes to ticketing, pricing, reservations and fast passes/Genie+, we won’t be visiting Disneyland much anymore.

  4. John

    Disney is getting too expensive. I used to go once a year for 5 days in the park each time, but because it’s gotten so expensive I am cutting down.

  5. John

    We tried to book reservations for the higher end restaurants 4 months ahead of time. All were booked. Never had these kind of issues before. Sent a email about this and another question, never got a response back. A friend of mine went to disnelyland last week and she tried to go to the higher end resturants, all were booked. She was told restaurants were booked up 6 months ago. I thought you could only book up to 3 months.

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