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loki dale kicks garbage can


  1. Brooke

    I love the Cast Members, I 100% believe that they are the magic. However, having visited the Cali parks and the Florida parks this year, there are a few newbies and some are a bit off, so to speak. From the cashiers to the characters, there are a small percentage that don’t appear to have finished their training. The only ones that concern me would be the characters, because of the children watching them.

  2. Chris

    Actually, he is dressed as Loki and this would be right in character for Loki and Dale is always a little short tempered anyway, so all combined, it fits quite well and makes sense.

    1. JC

      This is what I’m saying. How about Karen’s stop trying to get people fired and look in the mirror, I bet your kids do shady crap at the parks, like walk into and annoy the crap out of other guests, focus on your kids and leave the workers alone.

  3. C

    This is not a new Tik Tok and it’s all in character, so what’s the problem?

  4. VDog

    Seriously? He probably thought he was keeping in character as a freakin CARTOON CHIPMUNK. Whoever thinks this person did something wrong really, REALLY needs to get their life priorities in order.

  5. Rick

    Cancel culture society

  6. Rod Fife

    At least he’s stayed in character!

  7. Brian

    Aggressive? Come on now.

    He’s Dale dressed as Loki, and Loki would definitely kick the garbage can. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea, but it’s certainly not something to overreact about, and it’s most definitely not aggressive. That was a playful punt at best.

  8. Bill

    The fact this is made out to be a cast member lost their temper is sad. Dale always had a temper for one, two… as Loki that would be in character as well. And finally what if….this made it look like they did lose their cool and this person lost their job over someone wanting likes or clicks? That is a perfect example of sad human beings on both the tiktoc upload and this rag making it worse.

  9. Andrew

    He’s probably frustrated because Chapek bounced his paycheck.

  10. Josh

    It’s literally his character…

  11. Mimi

    For gods sake it’s a joke! Anyone who thinks this is aggressive needs to lighten up and stop taking things so seriously.
    It’s funny to see someone bump into some inanimate object and act like it’s the objects fault! That’s been around since before we were even born.

  12. Karen

    Fresh he’s a Loki Variant of course he’s going to kick the trash can. Dale Loki is the best!

  13. Kate

    Uhhhh, did the video cut off before the “aggressive” part or something? He gave it a silly kick. How on Earth is this something even worth any teeny level of “concern?” I’m so confused. This may be the most non-story I’ve ever seen.

  14. Matt

    BTW I think the person in the suit did an awesome job of making the moment funny….I laugh every time I see ir

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