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(l-r) Darth Vader, Lando Calrissian, and Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Empire strikes back

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. YTjedi

    This is not a Disney thing. This practice was established by Lucasfilm ever since the special editions first came out in the 90s. Whenever they create new reels or featurettes they always pull from the latest footage, unless they’re explicitly showing comparison between different releases.

  2. Lucas

    Just as always George Lucas did…

  3. Jytpoc

    Lucas destroyed the original theatrical footage to make the special edition cuts. This has been public knowledge since the 1990s. Freakin’ kids.

    1. Lucas Loyalist

      Not “destroyed”. IMPROVED.

      They are his movies, and wants us to see them the way as he always intended too. The Special Editions are his completed director’s cuts and I will always defend them as the superior versions.

  4. Twan

    Just give the fans what they want and release the uncut trilogy on UHD. We waited long enough

  5. Tarc

    I love sitting back and seeing the whiny incels get all bitter about the new movies.

    Pass the popcorn!

    1. Subtle Demise

      Lol anyone who doesn’t like the same movies as me must be an incel!!!!!!!

    2. Backcountry164

      You love the misery of others. This makes you a garbage human being. The fact that you admit to being a garbage human being would suggest that you’re not the brightest bulb either…

  6. TN1 fan

    If you have physical Blu-ray of the trilogy, and enough desire, you can find ‘77, ‘81, &’84 editions complete with proper color, grain, etc. you can also find much nicer versions of 1-3.

    1. RealOGSWfan

      Do you mean ‘77, ‘80, and ‘83?

    2. Batgames

      Je comprend rien à vos histoires ,vous voulez quoi exactement ??
      Des films originaux avec des scènes non coupées.
      C’est juste pour cela tous ce pataquès
      Franchement vous avez pas autre chose à faire
      Par exemple essayer de faire virer l’empire reel Macronien qui nous les brise menu depuis 5 ans

  7. XanderCain

    I love when people write articles about Star Wars and don’t know anything about Star Wars. Disney doesn’t even have rights to the original theatrical release, that was part of the sale contract. Lucas has refused to even release them to the Library of Congress. They only have the first edit release forward.

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