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Disneyland Paris line

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  1. Kirk

    Could it be that No one wants to pay for something like standing in a line we use to access for free?

    1. Jim Tenbusch

      yep you are so correct

    2. Dan

      Exactly, you already pay an admission price that used to include everything including the rides. If you start to charge by ride then lower the admission cost atleast. This just shows the majority of people don’t want to pay for the premium service.

  2. rachelle custer

    When my family and I went to Disneyland about 8 years ago there was a button we pushed at the entrance of a ride and told us when to come back to walk to the front of the line. Why are we having to pay $20.00 sometimes for 1 ride? We already spend a ton of money going to Disneyland, Disneyland hotel and keepsakes, why add something else to charge us? I liked the button option better, gave us more money to spend on food, snacks or gifts.

    1. Alexys

      Agreed. I miss that old way they used to do it. I just went a couple weeks ago and saw this new system of paying $18 to access premium rides quickly, otherwise be forced to wait 2 whole hours to ride. The new system is ridiculous and the fact people are waiting 2 hours+ for rides tells me the reservation system is just a facade. It was packed when I was there. This is yet another Disney scheme to milk money from guests to regain their losses from the pandemic I’m assuming.

  3. I’m from Florida and I’ve been to Disney world so many times I’m sick of it so I don’t plan on going back and spending my hard-earned money for stupidity and now they want to charge you more that’s a bunch of crap tell them to pay you for even going during this epidemic you’re taking your life in your hands going there.

  4. Rroe

    Many think Disney cares about them, but they don’t. High time people see that Disney only cares about one thing $$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Jim Tenbusch

    you are so correct they don’t care and the more green for them the better

  6. John DeJones

    If you don’t like Di$ney’s fee gouging (nickel and dime) just don’t support all things Di$ney. Hit them in their pocketbook!

  7. John L Bowman

    Groups of people count a lot more than 1 person. Cast members Locals and DVC members are the top three groups that need to unite and stop CHEAP CHAPEK !, BEAN COUNTER.

  8. Carl

    When people stop paying extra for something tentatively already included in their admission price, or even worse go elsewhere. Disney are going to feel that pinch. People aren’t fools and know when they are being ripped off.

    Also, many European countries don’t culturally hold Disney in the same affectionate regard as what folk in the USA tend to. So, there is no loyalty that Disney can exploit as they often do in their domestic parks.

    Besides, Disneyland Paris is the worst of the Disney resorts, for it’s lamentable general guest service and for being ridiculously overpriced. It’s very telling that people from the UK intentionally avoid DLP. Turning their backs en masse, to the Disneyland in their next door neighbour’s back yard, because the reality is, it actually works out cheaper to visit Walt Disney World! Where everything on every level is comparatively so much better and to a much higher standard.

    Me personally, if I wish to spend a holiday in a Disney resort, that has inclement weather, where its offerings are not principally in English, then I would rather travel 13 hours to Tokyo Disneyland rather than the 2 hours to Disneyland Paris!!

    TDR is everything that DLP is not and could never be. From the out of this world guest service experience, to the efficiency, impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards of the parks and hotels. Not to mention, the wonderful food, the amazing seasonal clothing their walk around characters wear and the distinct range of merchandise, unrivalled by ANY other Disney resort. Tokyo Disneyland takes the absolute best of everything we love about Disney and then pluses it!

    It’s all well and good (for marketing) DLP’s upcoming 30th Anniversary. But what is it actually celebrating? The fact that is has never made any tangible profit in all of those years? That it has saddled Disney with billions of $dollars of debt, that has impacted negatively on subsequent Disney builds, bar DisneySea and Shanghai? Or the way in which it has single handedly sullied the ‘Disneyland’ parks and resorts brand? Whichever way you look at it, DLP is a remarkable failure and failure, is nothing to celebrate.

    So, to start ripping off and offending what few guests DLP is managing to get through their gates, is not only of immeasurable arrogance but a ploy that will likely end up losing them even more money than they thought they could make!

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  10. William

    Remember when you could get up in the morning and think, this looks like a good day to visit ___________ park, and just spontaneously go? Remember when you could reserve fast passes FOR FREE when you made your vacation plans? Remember when you could walk by a quick service kiosk and think “That smells great lets get a _______” and just walk up and order it? I do, now you need an app for everything, you pay extra fees (even for resort parking and airport transportation, yes those used to be free too) and you’re standing in the exact same line you stood in for free just a couple of years ago. So I just wanted to say, Thanks Bob, Thanks for just sucking the life, the fun and the spontaneous joy out of WDW.

  11. Mary Runzel

    Greed is causing long lines. Back in the day disney didn’t have hours of wait time for rides. Where is the enjoyment of spending hours to ride. Maybe they need to control the number of guest they allow into the parks each day so families can once again enjoy their visit.

  12. Pjotr Vreeswijk

    Such a shame. Disney makes it much less attractive to come to their parks. More expensive tickets, less flexibility, less service. I doubt I’ll ever go there again. (3x FL, 1X CA)
    We live in the Netherlands and I would like to see the parks in Asia

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