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pirates of the caribbean derail

Credit: Magical Disney Day (@Magical_Disney_Day)


  1. Ryan

    Welp, at least if the Pirates of the Caribbean ride breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists!

    1. Phoebe L Ho

      Life finds a way…..


    2. Peter

      Great post!!!!

  2. Elisabeth

    I have lived 30 min away from Disneyland for almost all of my 50 years. I have also had annual passports for nearly 30 years. I have only ever had a ride required evacuation one time. We got stuck in the uphill portions of Matterhorn. I know it happens but I feel like most are resolved quick enough.

  3. Mary

    We were on the ride when it happened but didn’t see what was going on. We sat for about half an hour and then the lights came on and they started making announcements like “Cast Members, prepare for Phase 2” – then we got evacuated through passageways and behind the building, came out near Haunted Mansion. I’m glad no one was hurt! It was kind of cool to see everything behind the scenes, though, and they gave us all Lightning Lane for the rest of the night to make up for our lost time.

  4. Jim Hanson

    was on this ride also when it broke down. we had to jump to another boat to get off (which was kind of difficult for me because my knees have been really hurting lately and i had a bad blister on my foot). firefighters helped us off.
    we were stuck near the auction scene–it was really loud and repeated many many times. someone in a boat ahead of us requested help for someone needing insulin. i did not see that get resolved though i assume they were getting off their boat shortly after we left.
    after we traversed the backlot area–we were given lightning lane passes but they turned out to not work on a bunch of the rides.
    all is okay but was kind of an experience.

    1. Will T

      All of what you said is possible, you had to jump to another boat with bad knees and a blister. Some other stranded person needed insulin? Wow what an adventure

  5. Tom

    Someone forgot to wish George a good morning!

    1. CINDY

      Yes, that must have been the reason! 😂

  6. Pete M

    Either that video was from Disneyland Paris or the California ride is experimenting with new language modules! 😆

  7. Diana Grant

    We were just evacuated on December 15th, wondering if this is what happened. I have it All on video on my You Tube channel, The Canning Nana. Very interesting because the work lights came on but NO Animatronics or music! A first for us to see it that wY in 50 years!! Different experience for sure!
    Check out my video!

  8. Chris Whitworth

    It happened to me at Disneyworld several years ago when they put too many fluffy people in the same boat – a crew member came out from behind the scenes and said we’d all have to do the “boat dance” to get the boat back on the track – she told us all to sway to the right, then left and she demonstrated – problem is half of us did what she said and half did what she was doing! It took a few tries, but we were finally all in sync and got the boat back on track

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