Fans Drag Official Disney Account After it Misquotes Walt on His Birthday

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Hardcore Disney fans know the many quotes from Walt Disney. But they can also point out the typically mis-attributed quotes to the main man himself. One of the more famous Walt Disney quotes that he never uttered is, “If you can dream it, you can do it!” When an official Disney social media account tried to memorialize the founder on his birthday with this “Walt Disney quote,” fans quickly corrected, and then drug the account for its mistake.

Official Disney Account Misquotes Walt

Walt Disney at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Posted on Instagram, the new Disneyland Magic Key account posted a photo by Mr. Daps for Walt’s 120th birthday. The caption stated, “If you can dream it, you can do it! – Walt Disney” However, faithful Disney fans know this is actually a quote from Horizons, an original EPCOT ride from 1983, one year after the Theme Park opened. Fans quickly started to notify the Instagram account of its mistake, as well as the origin of the quote.

EPCOT horizons poster
Credit: shopDisney

Space Angel, Sunshine Princess, and Kidani girl, @FiBelleFi (on Twitter), alerted their followers to the massive mistake with a timely screenshot from the Instagram account. Her Twitter post comically had the caption,


Also on the screenshot was a blue arrow showing folks where to look if they were confused as to what the real error was. Those fans missing the mistake on Instagram were able to see the caption gaff courtesy of this post.

What’s more comical is that the official Disneyland Magic Key Instagram account (@Disneylandmagickey) changed their post to another caption, less than an hour after posting. The now-edited post reads,

Drop a (balloon emoji) to celebrate Walt’s 120th birthday with us!

Disneyland Magic Key Mis Quotes Walt on Instagram screenshot
Credit: @disneylandmagickey on IG

But the internet never forgets. Many of the comments from the “first hour” of the post drag the account for the mistake and then began offering better options for captions.  Other captions couldn’t believe the mistake and then surmised the account was trying to drown out its mistake by asking for simple emoji comments to fill the feed.

comments on official disney account misquoting walt
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More comments from Instagram:

Credit: Instagram Screenshot

Have you ever seen this famous Horizon quote attributed to Walt Disney? Have you corrected it? Leave us a comment below!

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