VIDEO: Relive Horizons with newly restored POV ride through video from Epcot’s glory days

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Retro Disney World is back with another fantastic restored old video from Walt Disney World’s past, this time one of my all-time favorite rides.

Horizons may be gone from Epcot, but it’s most certainly not forgotten, often regarded by fans as one of Disney’s finest attractions ever built. (I agree.) Sadly, the ride was demolished just a few years before high-definition cameras became commonplace, making it difficult to find an excellent copy of a full ride-through video.

Enter Martin Smith, Disney fan and videographer extraordinaire. His “Ultimate Tribute” videos revive extinct attractions through multiple sources, carefully edited together for a complete experience. And now, Retro Disney World has stepped in to restore his Horizons tribute, making it look better than ever. I can almost smell the loranges.

They dreamed it, and they did it. Watch and enjoy a trip down memory lane:

In case you missed it, Retro Disney World recently also shared some newly restored footage of Walt Disney World in 1972 that’s definitely worth watching.

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