Comments for VIDEO: Relive Horizons with newly restored POV ride through video from Epcot’s glory days


  1. I never got to experience Horizons. My first trip wasn’t until 2000, and Horizons was long gone. I love the idea of these edu-aspirational rides. I love the Disney experience now, but I sure would love to see them do more things like this at Epcot.

  2. Matt Weier

    Love this video, thanks! This was my favorite ride at Epcot as a kid – it put the “future” in “futureworld”. Would love to see a new attraction focused on our long history of thinking about the future (rather than being caught up in what’s “futuristic” today which becomes obsolete regularly)

  3. Kristian

    I appreciate the clean up job, but this ride was so difficult to capture on video without lots of panning. Sadly this video suffers from too much camera movement, it’s difficult to take it all in. Not the fault of Martin or the restorers of this footage. Imagine if Disney shot and produced their own ride through footage!

  4. Michelle Herndon

    Awesome!!! I miss this ride so much. I always loved the smell of the oranges. I agree wish we had more rides like this today. Seems like all people want is roller coasters these days. Great video!!

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