Comments for Chris Pratt Stirs Up the Internet AGAIN With Another “Yikes” Post

chris pratt (left) with wife katherine (right)

Credit: Chris Pratt Instagram


  1. Brooke

    Yup, cringe. His posts continue to show that he sees her as someone who serves him in all facets of his life. Hey if she’s cool with it, so be it. I wouldn’t be though. Still no one can beat Affleck. He is and always has been a ‘gem’. Jennifer Garner is the sweet, girl next door. You have to be nuts to make any negative statement about her in the press. It’s just a really bad PR move. Hey speaking of bad PR moves, maybe Affleck can get a job with Disney. LOL. JK

  2. TJ

    People on Twitter are always jealous of others happiness. If you dare compliment someone, Twitter will try to cancel you for it. These people need to go out and touch grass.

  3. Ashley

    This is ridiculous. He’s honoring his wife and is grateful for everything she brings to the relationship. A healthy relationship is one where you serve EACH OTHER. She brings harmony to his household/home/family/relationship. She brings him peace. How is that a bad thing? This is just people dissecting every word looking for something–anything–so they can be offended. Why? There is literally nothing offensive in here!

    1. CL

      People just want someone or something to cancel. LOL.

    2. Karen Mansfield

      Exactly my thought too Ashley….People need to “Let it Go” and stop reading things into it. I thought his post was beautiful!

    3. Ken Brenner

      Thank you Ashley.
      I thought it was a touching public recognition of what a great, Godly wife he has. And that is a very high complement!
      Another example of Wokeism at its worst.
      I continue to find it difficult to identify with this part of our society…
      God Bless their marriage and family.

  4. David Davis

    Over a million likes on this post and just as many positive messages and you chose to write about a couple of attention seekers who read way into a normal Happy Birthday message from a man to his wife. Great job being an agitator!

    1. D.S.

      Y’all are a bunch of idiots for suggesting that ANY positive comment or praise from Chris to or about his wife is somehow casting a negative light on his past relationships. How petty! He has every right to show his love and gratitude for a woman who makes him feel so good. Staying home with the kids instead of pawning them off on a nanny is both honorable and praiseworthy and I wish I’d been in a better financial position to do the same when my kids were young. Kudos to both of them!

  5. Your Mom

    Damn, you lunatics are really reaching on this one. Don’t pull a hammy.

  6. Go Eff

    I think those who try to tear down Pratt for this are the problem. Get a life – y’all desperately need one. Especially the author of the article.

    1. Renee

      I agree…people are looking to bash him! He is showing love for his wife and joy for his current life.. it has nothing tovdo with his past…just the here and now…he sounds like he is in awe that he is so blessed!!

  7. To all you social justice idiots.
    Just stop while you can.
    The large majority of people are beginning to worry about your mental health.

    1. Trudy

      Exactley!!! It’s sad you can’t write a nice Happy Birthday post for your wife. Sorry you can’t deal with that!!!

      1. Benjamin S Henderson

        Sorry you can’t spell.

  8. Jaybird

    Find yourself a man who calls you reasonable. 🤣🤣🙄🤦‍♀️

  9. Gary

    I wish someone would euthanize all bitter Twitter users.

  10. Sheillia

    Him praising his current wife has nothing to do with his first wife 🙄

    1. Ken Brenner

      Thank you!
      The wokers/cancelers are just looking for something to criticize.
      I think his reference to God probably stirred them up.
      Very sad…

  11. Lisa D. Hamblin

    Everyone commenting “cringe” and “yikes” really need to evaluate YOUR lives and see what it is causing so much hatred in YOUR hearts. Seriously, get a life and leave Chris Pratt and his family alone.

    1. TD

      Well, if you can’t trust “Meredith Hunukkah Space Lasers” to have a cogent opinion, who can you trust?

      This is lunacy, from people with no business commenting.

  12. Ela

    Just ridiculous! People hates him because he’s a Christian!

    1. Benjamin S Henderson

      Kinda like the Christians I know who hate people who aren’t.

  13. Danny

    So is this about Chris Pratt’s birthday message to his wife or is this more about attacking Chris Pratt being openly conservative to the ire of every cancel culture miserable human being? Leave the guy alone, tend to your own lives, and refrain from trying to belittle and incriminate those who go against your progressive views toward every single little thing. God forbid a man just wants to publicly praise the wife he adores…a shame he can’t seem to do so without the scrutiny of every petty curmudgeon social justice warrior itching to tear it apart to lift their own contemptible views.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Danny – Maybe they don’t like it because it shows love between a MAN and a WOMAN, and invokes God as a part of their success…

      1. Benjamin S Henderson

        Gods got nothing to do with anyone’s success.

  14. Elon Claus

    Wtf is with the internet’s latest obsession of roasting Chris Pratt every few weeks? Leave him alone you freaks, jeeze.

  15. Kris

    Chris took the time to share his thoughts on his wife on her birthday. Most men don’t bother.
    And as far as her being a stay at home mom and “that’s all”, it’s a hard job and she deserves more respect than you give in this article.
    Stop stirring the pot and let people be happy in life.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Kris – I concur.
      I told my three daughters-in-law that NOTHING I did in my work life compares to the difficulty and importance of being a good mother – nothing.

  16. Monica

    This has got to be some of the most reaching and just attention seeking content I’ve ever read.

  17. “Toxic”….? Come on, toxic was soooooo 2016.

  18. Joesph

    Or, OR…hear me out… he wished his wife a happy birthday. That’s it. Get a life, losers.

  19. People are stupid and have nothing better to do- get an actual life, maybe a job or a hobby other than criticizing comments a husband makes about his wife- grow up clowns!

  20. Eric

    He’s a Christian in Hollywood….hatred toward him explained.

  21. Stef

    The author of this article should be fired. Most people who saw the post just took it for what it was, a sweet message to his wife in her birthday. Way to highlight the few tweets from unwell people to make something out of nothing.

  22. wap

    Chris, just keep being positive. You know the only One who matters. The opinion of the world will only be negative.

  23. R. Lewis

    Wow – there is a lot of jealousy written into this ‘article’ (hit piece). The left cannot stand anyone who dares to step outside their insane little box. Go Chris go!

  24. Maureen

    The sane, sound, and insightful comments on this article have reaffirmed my hope in humanity. Thank you all, and may God Bless the adorable Pratt family!!! 🙂

  25. DLand

    WoW 😲😲😲 People must be really BOARD to be CONSTANTLY SHREDDING Mr. Pratt. This internet Junk talking has spiraled so out of control. What does THUMPER ALWAYS SAY, “ If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, DON’T SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!!” 💥 BAM 💥
    Ridiculous 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Gustavo Alonso Rivera

    I think everyone is reaching way too much.

  27. Dawn

    Stop making something out of nothing.

  28. J

    Good grief, why give these Twitter nuts a second of attention? It sounds like a lovely tribute by someone very much in love.

  29. James

    It didn’t light up the Internet, it was 2 insufferable morons. Nothing wrong with what he said. People really need to get a life.

  30. Stephanie

    Gosh. People really love to hate. They are just miserable if they aren’t bashing someone.

  31. Criss R

    I make no qualms on hiding my severe dislike for Chris Pratt. But this one I think people are trying to dislike him. BUT he also did a massively negative 180 by becoming this creepy Christian and basically abandoning his first wife who actually held him up when he had no career then cheated and bailed on her when he got fit and famous. To me that shows who he is. That’s why i don’t like him. But the Happy Birthday to his wife, I think the only real issue is he overwrote the post, and it came off as such and it lost the, what I’m sure he’d hoped, to be a loving message. BUT my biggest issue with this article is comparing Affleck to Pratt. Affleck admitted his faults to the marriage, and that he and Garner just didn’t work. It happens. And I can personally say I’ve known way too many couples who stayed together for the kids when they didn’t get along and Affleck admitted he didn’t want just kids thinking that was ok to do..BECAUSE IT ISN’T! You don’t stay for the kids…you tell them the truth and stay in their lives even if not with the ex.

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