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Chris Evans as Captain America (left) and Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Ali Chemicali

    Some women have a fine sense of smell. Others in some cases too fine. Remember how Ryan Renolds use to work with Chris Evans in projects like “Free Guy”? Scarlett must have smelled the scent of her ex on Chris and leaving the “Ghosted” project under the assumption of contractplanning conflicts. Isn’t it obvious?

  2. Tony Tonkinson

    It does suck that she’s not in this with Chris because they are always awesome together in movies…Something tells me that it’s all to do with Scarlett’s husband that made her not be in this. Although at the same time I’m glad that she’s not in this film because She belongs on the big screen…streaming is just unhealthy for the viewers because it doesn’t get you off your @ss and enjoy a day out…although there is a pandemic at this time which will be over in future but to all those who are vaccinated they have the right to go out the house. I’m just tired of streaming movies

  3. Tim Johnson

    Does this work

  4. Mark Rhines

    The script and budget for the movie is probably horrible and she doesn’t want to be part of another Marvel Disney bomb. Her career might not survive it. It only took two awful Johnny Depp Disney movies to destroy his career. By the way, Tony and Ali are certified bats*** crazy. I’m genuinely concerned for you two, please get help from loved ones and/or professionals.

  5. Him

    I swear everyone loves leaving Anthony Mackie out of the list of new hero…

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