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  1. EricJ

    If he was still CEO, we would have gotten:
    “And to commemorate this new cold front moving in over the midwest states, I’d like to announce we’re bringing Stormrider in from Tokyo Disney Seas to Tomorrowland, and commissioning a new sequel to ‘Pooh & the Blustery Day’!”

  2. For better or for worse – and there were some utterly bad decisions made by Eisner and then Iger, I believe he was the last of his like. This is the end of an era of anything even approaching the whole ethos of Disney was about. Cue endless easy sequels and zero chances taken on something new and original – sprinkled with a glib and unending cowering to a tiny but extremely vocal minority of woke nutters on Twitter as to what is “problematic” about anything Disney has done since it was founded.
    I think the vast majority have checked out. Or if they’re not they’re packing their suitcases now. L

    1. Nah

      Excellent comment

    2. Judy

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. As really long time Disney fans and Disney World vacationers, we are so happy we were able to be a part of the real magic for so many years. Sadly, our grandchildren may never know the real magic….Walt’s magic.

  3. Barb304

    Bob’s real name is Paychek. And he wants his Disney PAYCHECK to be the BIGGEST one in the world. Hey Disney, get rid of this maniacal greedy a$$hole NOW before the Disney resorts become a thing of the past!!!

  4. Lori Halderson

    Could have had some nice weather without the worthless sodomite Disney…do the earth a favor and quit pretending you can run a business…

  5. Gary

    Everything Iger has done to make that company amazing, Chapek is determined to either ruin, or make it only accessible to the wealthy. I loved Iger. Not so much this greedy fool replacing him.

  6. DJTluvs vlad

    Just returned from DW… Spent the extra for Genie + times 6…Ripoff. Used it twice a day. Some real gouging goin on on… 3 hours for Rise. Two breakdowns. No courtesy trams but full price parking. Wouldnt doubt they raise the parking when they come back Kids liked universal better sad to say… Not sayin i wont return, but wasnt feelin the magic.

  7. Walt

    My wife and I have been going to Disney world every other year since it opened. We loved every thing about it. now the magic is totally gone thanks to corporate greed! The last straw is charging $20 per day to park at Disney hotels!!! How much lower can they go? It’s a shame Walt Disney isn’t alive today to see the corporate greed!!! All he wanted was a place where families could enjoy them selves. (Rest In Peace Walt)

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