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bob iger

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  1. Charles

    Yes I am very sad to see Bob Iger retire from Disney. Since he has step down from CEO it is not the same going to Disney. The new CEO is not for the people visiting there. There seems to not be all the happy workers I used to see when we came there. Now he wants to bring gambling there. What would what Walt say if he was still here. Remember he started this for people to come and enjoy, now it cost a fortune to visit the parks and you do not get what you pay for. Hopefully thing will get better. I wish Bob the best in what ever he does, but he will be missed.

    1. Tracy

      Omg so on point I’m glad someone finally said it I love Disney I always will I don’t love the corporation.

  2. Yvette

    We have loved Disbey so much and always will. We usually vacation there every two years,. We are not going there for this vacation. I hope they clean up their act and give back the perks that they gave away. It’s not the same. We were very sad to make this decision, but it was the right one for our family. We still do love Disney World. God bless

    1. I too am forgoing my annual Disney World vacation because it is no longer worth the money I spend to stay without Magical Express, free Fast Pass and unlimited Hopper option. Walt must be turning over in his grave to see monetary gain surpass acess to all no matter their annual income.

  3. M Peters

    We loved Bob Iger as CEO but we have to remember that most of the changes Chapek is being blamed for, were started by Iger long before Chapek took the helm. These changes didn’t happen overnight. Unfortunately Disney has become more money focused than ever. I think Walt would be saddened by this. But I think he would love the new tech- such as Rise of the Resistance, Mickey’s Runaway Railway and the Skyliner. I just wish Disney vacations were more affordable and the cast members had better pay and benefits. They deserve every penny!

  4. Evan

    I find it gross that Bob Iger thanks the cast members for “taking care of him” when a lot of those same cast members are barely at the poverty line with what Disney actually pays them for keeping the parks inviting and operational.

    Words are easy, actions are hard. We’ll miss Iger because Chapek certainly lacks the empathy to step up.

  5. Ricardo D'artist

    I will not miss Bob Iger one bit. I only became aware of Mr Iger when Disney bought Lucasfilm and then when he allowed it’s employees to treat fans publicly like dirt. He seemed to care about everyone except for the paying customers… Never a good sign coming from the CEO of a company!

  6. Sharon

    Disney has gotten too evil besides the money grubbing and the crappy food. Walt Disney actually had God and the Bible in many many of his cartoons and movies plus no cussing or same sex stuff. He would NEVER EVER approve of all this same sex stuff and evil demonic shows like Owl House, Vampirina, etc. Walt Disney made Disneyland and Walt Disney World to be family friendly and affordable. Too bad his own family sold it away for money. I will NOT be renewing my annual pass I’ve had for many many years.

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