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  1. Chris

    No, I think change is good, but Chapek isn’t the right direction, better is to go with someone like Kalogridis or D’maro who have proven they can do a much better job.

    1. JW

      Not all change is good…and while Chapek needs to go, I’m not sure that bringing back Iger is a good idea either. Disney parks needs to get back to their roots…quality entertainment, exceptional guest services without nickel and diming customers/guests for every little thing.

    2. Marc Disney

      Change may be good but the only “changes” that are going to happen at the Walt Disney Company are going to be bad ones as long as Bob PAYCHECK is at the helm! #JoshD’AmaroforCEO

  2. Melinda


    Nuff said….Fire chapek!

    1. Manny

      What is it being saved from? A rendition of reconstruction post slavery south? Why can we not celebrate cultures instead of reminding people they were less than human? Racism is not going to go away overnight especially after four years of going backwards.

  3. Nick

    I was hoping for Eisner to return.
    The reality is that there’s not much difference between Iger and Chepak as far as managerial style. The difference is the timeframe of their respective tenures.

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