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Disney World

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  1. Bryan C

    Disney hasn’t even got rid of its own Mask Mandate as it is.

    Keep at it Disney. I’m not giving you one cent out of me until you eliminate your stupid mask mandate

  2. Duke Johnson

    Welcome to the nanny state, where Biden controls all. Masks mandatory everywhere, especially when going for your mandatory shot. No masks, no shots, you’re fired, and they used up all the unemployment money for the illegals so no money for you. Obey or go homeless. This is communist America with King Pedo Biden and Criminal Hunter in charge. Get him out! We need Trump!

    1. Jordan

      There is so much wrong with what you just said, I don’t even know where to start. Jobs have mandates all the time that you are required to follow if you want to work there. It’s not just a “Disney” thing. More Americans took unemployment than “illegals”, but you like thinking America is being invaded. I bet if Trump had said to get the vaccine, you’d be quick to get in line, but since it’s Biden, you suddenly have a problem with it. Funny.

      1. Kathleen

        Continue to worship at the alter of fascism. The DATA and science have proven these masks do nothing. Those of you who refuse to look at data and facts yet scream “follow the science” are dangerous

        1. Jordan

          I want you to show me this so called data yall like to spout as if it’s real. Masks work as long as you wear it right and follow social distancing. Those of you who refuse to do that are the reason this is still going on for as long as it is.

      2. James Balderrama

        “Illegals” do not qualify for unemployment benefits and I challenge you to provide any credible evidence to back up your ignorant and untrue statement.

        FYI- Trump led the way to get the vaccines going and approved, not Biden. In fact, Biden and Harris both are on record before they were elected stating the didn’t trust the vaccines. This is a fact,

        Trump also is on record encouraging people to get vaccinated and he and his family all are vaccinated. This is also a fact.

        Both of you need drop your hatred and anger as it doesn’t help anyone.

        1. Jordan

          Both? What are you talking about? I never said they qualify for benefits and I never said trump was against vaccines, but so many trump supporters refuse to get it now, but if he had said to get it, they would at a drop of a dime.

      3. James Balderrama

        One last point you missed – Disney DROPPED their vaccine mandate. Another fact.

        Relax Jordan, go enjoy the day 🙂

        1. Jordan

          I don’t think you read very well since I never mentioned that, but go off I guess lol

      4. Sue

        You are out of touch with reality. America is being invaded by illegal immigrants daily. And as a general rule the American government has always given more money to immigrants over and above American born citizens.

        1. Jordan

          Apparently you missed the part in American history where we discuss how most of America is invaded by immigrants…us. But if you are talking about recently, then no, we are not being invaded by illegal immigrants, you are just paranoid and think that the government is out to get.

      5. Z

        Jordan, you do recall that Trump and his family DID get the vaccine, do you not?

        1. Jordan

          I never said they didn’t. Please reread what I said about vaccines.

    2. mike

      Anyone notice that they keep quoting only CNN ? I guess it’s appropriate, you know w/ Fantasy Land and all !

  3. Sebastian Hale

    I think it’s going to be the last extension of mask mandate, because the COVID-19 pandemic is going to stop this spring and, when the pandemic stops this spring, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will surely be available for makeovers again and the Royal Hall will surely be available for meet and greets with Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella again.

    1. James Balderrama

      I hope so but with this entire ‘pandemic’ being such a political issue I doubt it. Come spring the mid-terms are going to get rolling full speed and the political fighting is going to get ugly…again.

  4. Sue

    Let’s get a few things straight.
    A mandate is NOT the law.
    OSHA has backed off of any mandates admitting they are unconstitutional. Several courts have already ruled both Biden and the CDC have no constitutional right to institute any mandate about your personal health.
    The new so called Omicron variant has NOT had one reported hospitalization nor death. Like any virus covid is mutated but as it mutates it gets weaker and weaker.
    In the State of Florida we now have laws that there is NO mandates for masks and vaccines; no vaccine passports. Disney halted vaccine requirements. They need to let go of the mask. Really think about it, the mask us useless. Where is the mask until you need it? Your pocket? Purse? Now you are putting on a filthy piece of cloth over your face and breathing in what garbage.
    But make no mistake Bob Iger and Bob Chapek of Disney are both part of the problem with covid – the wealthy elite trying to stay in power and all you sheep keep falling into place.
    Walt Disney is crying.

  5. john

    Good! Please keep the masks until this pandemic is over.

    1. DMD

      The Pandemic IS OVER, has been. It’s just the Biden administration, the Elites, Pharma and Lord Fauci that are still working on FEAR to keep this scenario going, to condition those foolish enough to believe it all, so they can get rich. WAKE UP AMERICA, before we lose all our America

    2. Jerry

      We are never going to eradicate COVID. The human race has only ever eradicated one virus in existence….Smallpox. And it took two centuries to do it. COVID spreads rapidly and mutates quickly. It’s going to become endemic and seasonal like the flu. It even has animal reservoirs where the virus is going to always hide. Heck, even various animals in zoos are testing positive for it. Viruses and bacteria are a reality of mother nature and evolution. Even bacteria is now evolving to counter our antibiotics.

  6. J

    Good grief, enough! There are always going to be new variants coming down the pipe, just as with the flu. It is time to get things back to normal and move on with life.

  7. SG

    Thank you Disney for trying to keep us safe from the deniers

    1. Kenr

      The only deniers are the ones who refuse to look at the real statistics that clearly show that masks and lockdowns don’t work and that the virus is very survivable. Especially for people under 65. They refuse to understand that the virus will never go away and that we all need to just deal with it in the way we as an individual choose to. It is NOT Disneys job to keep you safe from a virus.

      1. Jordan

        Yeah, that’s why there would be a decline before going up again when they lighten up on the restrictions and people think it’s fine to do whatever.

  8. Jerry

    Ridiculous. Florida has the lowest COVID rate in the nation. Universal ditched their mask mandates long ago and they aren’t having any outbreaks.

    Appears as though mask mandates at Disney is going to be permanent. Because we are never going to eradicate this virus. If they are waiting for COVID to drop to zero, it’s never going to happen.

  9. Ken Brenner

    I believe all have a right to their own opinion.
    I’d rather just state mine and not talk bad about those that disagree. I’m 69 and remember when it was possible to disagree respectfully. Of course, men used to be men, and women used to be women also (sorry, I digress).
    Regardless, I believe Covid has been used as a political tool by our governments.
    And, with all the information available now for all Americans, we should be able to make our own decision on whether we get a shot and wear a mask, or not.
    I also believe Covid has become like another flu which occurs each year (have you noticed we don’t hear much about people getting and dying from the flu…).
    So, as a regular/annual WDW visitor, I will NOT return (as much as I’d like to) until all mask mandates are removed. I will NOT walk around the Dolphin Hotel (our “Disney Home”) wearing a worthless mask, especially after paying $300+ per night, and the high entry fees to the parks.
    It’s time for the government and companies let people make their own decisions. At least – that’s the way it used to be in our society and country.
    God Bless All…

  10. Kenr

    Masks = useless.

  11. Kenr

    Pandemic =Over
    Biden = Senile

  12. Mickeymouse3

    Funny, but I thought Disney buses were privately owned an operated by Disney. They are not considered “public transportation” because they don’t pick up and drop off at public places. They are a closed loop that only services people on private (Disney) property.
    Personally, I think Disney is using the “mandate” to hide behind. Wear a mask if you feel it’s best for you. Don’t wear one if you don’t want to. It should be an individual choice. Just like the jab.

  13. Michael Leon

    I want indoor masks to end period asap.

    1. Michael Leon

      For Disneyland as well as Disneyworld.

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