A Piece of the Berlin Wall Resides in Universal Orlando

in Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort

Credit: Universal via Twitter

Did you know you can see part of a historical landmark inside of Universal Orlando Resort?

If you’ve ever visited Universal Orlando, there’s a good chance that you’ve made your walk around Universal’s CityWalk and potentially eaten at a few of the restaurants around the area.

The single-largest restaurant in CityWalk is Hard Rock Cafe, which houses a live music amphitheater right next door to the restaurant.

Universal Studios Orlando
Hard Rock Cafe

But, did you know that if you take the path that leads right behind Hard Rock Cafe or walk through the back of the restaurant and out into the small courtyard area around the restaurant you’ll be met with a piece of history in the form of the Berlin Wall?

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin Wall
Credit: Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

Here’s  what the plaque in front of the wall display says:

“In August, 1961, this infamous symbol of the Cold War was erected. In order to keep the East Germans from fleeing to the West, the Soviets built a wall between the east and west sectors of Berlin.

For the next 28 years, the Cold War raged on and “Checkpoint Charlie” governed passage. The wall stood as a harsh reminder of the chasm between the non-communist west and communist east.

On November 9, 1989, the wall was symbolically brought down. Only a few parts of the wall remain. The Hard Rock Café is proud to display this piece of history that symbolizes the fall of oppression.”

TikTok user @universalparksnewstoday recently shared a video of the wall at Hard Rock and wrote:

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Only a few pieces of the wall were salvaged and Hard Rock Cafe is proud to display the piece of history for Guests to enjoy.

In addition to the Berlin Wall, patrons of Hard Rock Cafe are treated to multitudes of rock history in the form of priceless memorabilia from some of their favorite and most iconic performers of all time. This memorabilia is displayed throughout the two-story restaurant.

Have you ever seen the Berlin Wall in Universal Orlando?

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