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  1. Jenn

    We got stuck in Thunder Mountain back in 97 at grad nite. It was on the corner and it was painful and terrifying.

    1. Ahn

      Yes, I was stuck on the Pirates of the Caribbean… 20yrs ago..but I had loads of fun. Were getting off on the ride and we explored all the stuff on the side, touched everything. SO! until A cast member come up he told us to get back in our boats… we played stupid… we pretended we didn’t speak English and we were just pointing. But heck we had so much fun!🌞

      1. k-

        Omg – several years ago we got stuck on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean too. It was the scene with the pirate vs the fortress so we could not get out, but was it fascinating. The house lights were turned on so you got to see everything and how it works. The ride is underground so we got to see the dug out ceiling. They turned off the volume so we heard all the clicking and splashing of the pirates and the “explosions”. My favorite part was when the employee had to walk from boat to boat wearing shoulder waders so we got to see the ride was only in about 4 feet of water. Not terrifying at all, it was absolutely fascinating, one of many favorite Disneyland memories

        1. CP

          Pirates of the Caribbean is not underground. New Orleans Square is just build on a second level. The two drops in the ride bring you back down to ground level where the main show building it at.

  2. Kelli

    Growing up my little brother (MAYBE 4 or 5 at the time) got stuck in the devil section of Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. To this day scariest experience.

  3. C.C.

    I got stuck on a LOT of rides as a DL pass holder, but the only really bad experience was getting stuck in the graveyard scene of the Haunted Mansion, when the doombuggy turns and tilts backward on the way down from the attic. I have a bad back, and was tilted backwards for 35 minutes. It huuuuuuurt…but it still couldn’t ruin the Haunted Mansion for me.

    1. I got stuck in Haunted Mansion, but it was the singing heads. Didn’t bother me!

  4. Jamie

    Pretty sure getting stuck on the Snow White ride is kind of scary. Of course, I haven’t been on that ride since 97, so maybe it’s better now.

  5. Matthew OBrien

    I’m sure getting stuck on “Kathleen Kennedy’s Vortex Of Creative Differences” would drive ANYONE mad. Poor Patty Jenkins is the latest “victim”.

    1. Amy

      My group got stuck with the storm troppers in Rise of the Resistance this week. Dec 2021. We waited over an hour, no ac…air flow yes . No COMPENSATION!! staff was very nice.

    2. Mark J.

      1. It’s a Small World has a holiday “overlay”, not a holiday “layover”.
      2. IMO, Space Mountain can be a traumatizing breakdown while you wait for all the ride vehicles to stop moving – fear of being rear-ended by another train beats fear of clowns in my book.

    3. Down to earth

      This is hilarious, I guess she has never broken down in her car where hundreds of clowns drive by and stair…..lol. They are mechanical and mechanical things do tend to break down even with the best maintenance in the world. To say it was “traumatizing,” is an over exaggeration.

  6. The ride is long gone, but it was that ride when you are shrunk into a microscope. I was a little kid and the ride broke down. I thought we were shrunk and not going to get out. I hated that ride. I forgot the name.

    1. Andy Powell

      ADVENTURE THRU INNER SPACE in Tomorrowland. Replaced by STAR TOURS.

    2. DLand

      Buzz Dear, I remember that ride. It was Wonderful. Miss them old Disneyland rides like the Infamous “People Movers.” Seeing the empty track up top, not moving, is so sad 😭😭😭

  7. cameron

    Well by far its the mickey fun wheel in DCA. I was stuck at the tippity top for over 30 minutes as the wind blew us back and forth above all of the DL resort

    1. Sara

      omg I just commented the same!!! I was stuck at tiptop on July 4th it was terrifying!!!

    2. Yvette

      There’s a reason it’s called The Wheel of Death😉

  8. Sara

    tiktok user @sarandipity108 (aka me!) has a video of being stuck alone at the tip top of Mickey’s Ferris Wheel of Terror for 45 min. I cried and was completely panicked. THAT is the most traumatizing!

    1. Michelle Pichardo

      I’d have died. I’m afraid of heights.

  9. Michelle Pichardo

    I’ve been stuck on three rides different time and months. One was Indiana Jones in disneyland. Midfall from the rock coming at you. Yup pretty scary in the dark. The Pirates of the Caribbean on the first fall, got stuck Midvale. Then Small world got stuck half way hearing only singing then no singing to just the sound of their movements. Got a headache.

    1. Adele Fergus-O'Brien

      When I was 7 or so, I got stuck on the Alice in Wonderland ride in the Dancing Flowers room, next to the annoying voice of the Cheshire Cat. For 45 minutes. Only good thing was they turned on the lights and we had to walk out. Saw all sorts of interesting stuff!

  10. Cj Brown

    Skytram (and I miss those!) Coming from Fantasyland through Matterhorn to Tomorrowland (for 15 minutes we just stopped right over the Submarines) ….. it wasn’t that traumatic!

    I will save that for the day Big Thunder Mountain broke down and it resulted in the deaths of Park Guests! Nothing like the Coroner pulling out bodies inside Disneyland to ruin your day …. 🙄

  11. Nicole

    I could think of other events in life that are way more terrifying than get stuck on any rides. Pretty unfortunate, but not “terrifying”.

    1. Jaxx

      AMEN! Getting stuck on a Disney ride (which has happened to me a number of times) is an unfortunate happening, but hardly traumatic.

      Of course, everything is “traumatic” to some people nowadays.

    2. caramel cakes

      naaaah that’s so terrifying!!! 😭😱

    3. Adele Fergus-O'Brien

      Friends got stuck on the old Skytram ride for over two hours. They were freezing as the California night turned colder. They needed to be brought down by a fire department ladder truck!

  12. Regina L

    We just got back from Walt Disney World. We did all four parks over 5 days. I have to say, most rides we rode stopped at least 3 or 4 times, mainly Magic Kingdom rides. I completely understand when they have to stop a ride for handicap users. But I wouldn’t think a ride would have that many handicapped users at one time (kinda a coincidence). We were stuck on Haunted Mansion (we rode twice and both times were stuck at 3-4 times), Small World, Buzz Lightyear, Splash Mountain (which most of the animatronics were broken on), and Yetti. We did have lightening lane passes. It was really only helpful in Magic Kingdom. It was a waste for Epcot and a HUGE waste at Hollywood Studios. And if you have a larger party with multiple families, it’s really hard to coordinate everyone going at the same time.

  13. THX1138

    Paying the prices!

  14. DonB

    We got stuck by being conned into joining Disney Vacation Club years ago only to painfully discover that once the Greed Committee ( Chapek ) took over we gradually lost the very perks that enticed us to join. Chapek and his goon squad has to go. Never been this disappointed in Disney in my life up until now.

  15. HeatherBear

    Being stuck on Expedition Everest in the pouring rain.

  16. Bill

    Back in 1992, my then-girlfriend and I got stuck on “World of Transportation”, or whatever the predecessor of Test Drive was called in EPCOT, for about two and a half hours. The worst part was the duration. But seeing that we were at a rather frisky part of our relationship, and we had the car to ourselves, we made the best of it. 😈

  17. Patty

    Got stuck on “Pirates” a few years back and had a blast! The audio loop in our section spurned a sing-off contest between stranded boats! Everyone was extremely understanding of our situation!

  18. Unless you’re left dangling upside down and could possibly die, I don’t see how anyone can say these instances are “traumatizing”.

    1. CD

      I could NOT agree more! People are awfully quick to use the word trauma and it’s ridiculous. Not everything is traumatic, and none of these appear to be. People need to suck it up.

  19. Getting stuck in the It’s a Small World isn’t exactly what I would consider scary until you get that song stuck in your head for a week. That is terrifying!!

    1. Melissa Rasberry

      That’s the only ride I’ve ever been stuck on and to this day, I break out in hives when I hear that song, lol

  20. Joe Hamilton

    This one happens every time I go to any of the parks— people stop in groups in the middle of the walk way and are too stupid to move their conversation to the side and also people in groups walk side by side and take up the entire walk way oh my lord talk about traumitiz — oh I dont mean me traumitiz but them because I just bash right into them.

  21. Shelby

    I got stuck on splash mountain before the big drop, the animatronics were so old and creepy and kept repeating the same cringy song haha and it was the second time I didn’t get to experience the big drop, it was so lame

  22. Kendra

    We got stuck in the epcot center for 3 hrs, missed the fireworks, had to walk down the terrifying catwalk down since they couldn’t fix it, me my husband, nine and seven year old, had to listen to the same track over and over again. I think i still have ptsd after 20 yrs, no apologies-nothing!

  23. DLand

    Man, Lucky ALL OF YOU 😞😞😞 You should be so Lucky to get stuck on a Disney ride. That’s one of my BUCKET 🪣 LIST thing’s to do. Every single time that I go to Disneyland with somebody in my family, THEY happen to get stuck on a ride while I’m either Exiting or trying to get on 🤣🤣🤣 but NEVER ME 😭😭😭 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Oh well, maybe next time 😉😉😉

  24. PAlterBoy

    “You keep using this word, ‘traumatic’. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Iñego Montoya

  25. Booo

    That’s traumatizing? God damn you are weak.

  26. Albino Pygmy

    Traumatic would be stuck on pirates just after the drop and you see the boats getting backed up near the bottom of the chute, and you hear another boat about to enter the drop . . . SplashSMACK!

  27. Keyz

    Pirates is the scariest ride for me big ass puppets

    1. CD

      They aren’t even puppets.

  28. CD

    It’s a Disney ride. There is nothing “traumatic” about being stuck. Everyone thinks it’s so cool to say they have “trauma” that they use it for everything. It’s ridiculous! There’s REAL trauma out there, saying a Disney ride cause it is diminishing the trauma experiences people. Y’all need to suck it.

  29. D

    If anybody were stuck on any ride regardless of how long, the time or which ride can be scary but as for traumatizing that’s a little exaggerated. All people want to do is complain and sue over little things. That why life isn’t what it used to be before. People just look for something to be negative about.

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  31. Kevin

    Boo Hoo, these Disney goers complaining about traumatizing rides are lightweights. Next time stay home so your mommies can still mollycoddle you. Life happens, get over it. No one put a gun to your head to make you go to Disneyland in the first place.

  32. Disfan

    We got stuck on Splash Mountain at Disney World. While I wouldn’t call it “traumatizing” it did leave my daughter, who was fairly young at the time, with a strong dislike of the ride to this day. We were stuck near animatronic crocodiles. This was about 10 days after a young child died after being dragged into the lagoon at the resort next to ours. She was already leary of the location, and she was extremely creeped out by the reminder of the tragedy by the gators on the ride. Getting stopped next to them for an extended period of time wasn’t ideal for a child.

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