Comments for Andrew Garfield Takes Over Twitter, Marvel Fans Campaign For ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot


  1. Paul

    The MCU isn’t Earth 616. Earth 616 is the main comic universe. The MCU is Earth 199,999. Mysterio is a liar and what he says in Far From Home is not the truth

  2. Sandy L

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m an Andrew Garfield fan whatever happens. If he should get to be Spiderman again, I would watch.

  3. CR45H 0V3RR1D3

    I found this guy forgettable at best. No idea what the big idea is over thia guy. Doesn’t look like a very nice person either.

  4. Martyn Becker

    Yes would love Amazing Spiderman 3 with Andrew, much better in the role than Holland.

  5. Jane

    Garfield’s Spider-Man is my favorite one. Maguire’s was always so mopey and didn’t seem to like having his powers, while Garfield seemed to have joy using his abilities. Seeing him in SNWH is also a reminder of how he played his role with his heart on his sleeve. It was so good to see him again in this role and I’d loved to see him get a chance to close out his trilogy.

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