Walt Disney’s Unfrozen Head Is Furious With Bob Chapek In New Short Film

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walts frozen head bob chapek

Credit: Screenshot via Small World Moving Pictures

In early 2020, Bob Chapek took on the role of CEO of the Walt Disney Company after Bob Iger stepped down in early 2020. Prior to becoming CEO, Chapek was the Chairman of Parks and Resorts for Disney.

Chapek has been CEO during the ongoing pandemic and has made difficult decisions throughout this last year and a half, including budget cuts and layoffs. Some of the decisions that the Walt Disney Company has made with Chapek in the CEO role include the layoffs of thousands of Cast Members after the Parks shutdown due to the ongoing pandemic and the launch of Disney Genie, including the new paid FastPass system, Lightning Lane.

disney ceo bob chapek with mickey mouse
Credit: Disney

Many feel as though Bob Chapek is not taking the company in the appropriate direction. This has even lead to a petition being created (by an anonymous user), gaining the attention of many Disney fans worldwide.

Now, a short film has been created, showing Imagineers “unfreezing Walt Disney’s head” and Bob Chapek meeting with Walt to discuss some of the new ideas Chapek has implemented since becoming CEO.

walt disneys frozen head bob chapek
Credit: Screenshot via Small World Moving Pictures

In the short film, created by Small World Moving Pictures, Walt Disney asks to meet with CEO Bob Chapek to discuss what the Parks look like today. Walt Disney tells Bob Chapek that he loves Disneyland and he made sacrifices in order to make that dream come true, including refinancing his home and selling his life insurance. But it was all worth it because, as Walt says in the short film, he knew he had something special.

To which Bob Chapek says, “a real cash cow!”

“I wanted to build a place where families could go and have fun together,” Walt immediately responds. “And not just rich families, but all families,” he continues, which then leads into the discussion of Lightning Lane.

The short film continues as Walt expresses his disappointment in CEO Bob Chapek, which is something that many fans have also expressed over these last year.

You can check out the full short film here:

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