Comments for Universal Guest Loses Shoe as Coaster Whips Over Park Lagoon

Credit: Universal (left) @SarahPaglione (right)


  1. Don juan

    This made the news? Lol this literally happens every day at theme parks

  2. velocigirl

    totally fake it comes from the bridge not the ride

    1. Shirley Evans

      Flip flops are not secure footwear so should not be footwear of choice if riding roller coasters with no floors

  3. Lynn Carol Feinn

    Here’s a common sense idea: Don’t wear flip flops if you’re riding a coaster that’s gonna hit your body with alot of G Forces,no matter what one does ,if you wear flip flops you’re gonna lose one or both of them at some point! It’s happened to me but luckily I found mine !!!

  4. Denise D Allen

    I was not wearing flip flops. That was really my shoe. Came off during barrel roll. Apparently It wasn’t tie right.

  5. Chris

    Better than losing your false chops like one guy did.

  6. BeenThereDoneThat

    If you DO wear flip flop (terrible choice at a theme park, Btw) then you can take them off during the ride. Normally, you take them off as you sit down and place the strap over your wrist or they have a spot to toss them out of the way of the load and I load platform. Ask.

  7. Darren

    Sadly, yes. I lost a hearing aid on The Hulk.

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