Comments for Disruptive Fight Breaks Out at Universal as Guests Crowd to Watch Holiday Parade

Credit: Ethan Hershaft @EthanHershaft


  1. R

    This is NEVER about the heat, the lines, frustrations, etc., STOP pretending it is. Those things have ALWAYS existed always will. These fights, the crude vile behavior, the cussing, the unacceptable violence is just a microcosm of the societal breakdown in America today. It started to really peoples everyday lives in 2008 and is far, far worse today. People no longer know how to behave in a civil society, their is no common ground amoung Americans anymore let alone entitled foreigners. Arrogance, entitlementality, narcissism, inability to reason, irrationality, inability to rationally communicate, inability to accept or respect other people even with differing political views, refusal to respect any other human being or even public/private property, etc., these and so much more are the REAL reasons this stuff is happening so frequently not only at the parks but everywhere. The parks cannot address it. Society must. If you want this nonsense to stop then you have to stop minimizing these occasions, stop providing excuses, stop defending poor/bad behavior, stop allowing your children to be exposed to such behavior and environments, stop pretending it’s a racial, language, cultural issue, stop allowing these people to feel no consequences for their behavior, stop empathizing with the attackers instead of the victims.

    1. Mark Kaplan

      Well said

    2. Pete

      Perfectly said. It’s a cultural problem of the lack of accountability for one’s own actions.

      1. JMR

        I noticed that the blond woman was goading the other man’s wife to react. Flipping people off does not help things.

      2. Christian Burkens

        This is what happens when places allow monthly payment plans for things people can’t afford otherwise so tons of trash get in.

        1. Bill Nye not a science guy

          So you are assuming these clowns were annual passholders? I highly doubt it. Not to mention that’s rude and presumptuous on your part. I would bet the only passholder in that video was the guy trying to keep the peace. Don’t be ignorant saying people on a payment plan are trash, I’m sure you didn’t pay cash for your house or car, does that make you trash? Just saying.

    3. Marvin

      >let alone entitled foreigners
      >refusal to respect any other human being

      nuff said

    4. Amy

      Well said!! You are exactly right. No one knows how to behave any more.

    5. R

      entitled foreigners

      I find this offensive. We are from Scotland and come to the US to take our holidays. We wouldn’t dream of behaving in this way.
      However I do agree with the majority of what you say.

    6. Kevin

      This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy…

      1. SUNNY

        Me me meeeeeee!
        It’s all about me!

    7. Darren

      I totally agree.

    8. Joem

      R.–you seem to be blaming everyone except for white Americans for all of society’s problems. But the opposite is more likely closer to the truth.

  2. Rachel

    My family and I were at Universal on this day and standing not far from where this happened. This had to be after the parade because the tree was already lit. This is being blown out if proportion, sense we didn’t see or hear this and there should have been a lot of security. Yes this behavior is wrong but why can’t we focus on the positives. The parade was awesome and my kids and I loved it. Positivity goes a long way to changing our world.

    1. Michael

      Yes let’s ignore violence and other wrong doings such as theft and focus on positives. You should move to California and stand around the CVS stores preaching your knowledge.

      1. Kamm

        Well said Michael. We just can’t ignore this behavior. If we do, and apparently some are, it just encourages more of the entitled behavior.
        Rachel, whether the tree was lit or not doesn’t really factor into the fact that this occurred at all.

    2. Darren

      We should never be focusing on positives when it comes to disruptive behavior. If we continue down this path, then our youth will continue to erode any personal responsibilities within themselves.

  3. Eddie

    I have seen something similar in Disneyland Paris last week, where a man start hiring another man with his fists, and this other man had a child on his shoulders. Unbelievable!! I went between it directly and luckily other people, too, so nothing happened to the child. Happiest place on earth, and people still get aggressive. Very sad!

  4. Scott Ruchok

    At least the violence didn’t escalate, though this was still uncalled for.

    I also can’t believe the author thought @ThemeParkLore has the actual first name of Park Lore.

  5. Tim

    Notice the guy with the red MAGA hat on? Why am I not surprised that a 45-supporter was involved in the video? We should have known even before watching it. :eyeroll:

    *comment soon to get deleted by mods*

    1. Michael

      The kid 8 feet behind the altercation just walking through the crowd?

      You’re mentally ill.

    2. Jarvis

      Tim, you need to get help. You are suffering from TDS.

  6. Robert

    Florida is a cesspool. Way to go Governor. You created this.

    1. Ignorance

      You must be a Dimocrat. Ignorance is bliss.

  7. Miss Anthropy

    Ugh. Typical tourist behavior. Imagine what its like for residents to have to deal with these obnoxious idiots in droves. As a born and raised floridian, I’ve learned to go to the parks between Monday and Thursday because Fri – Sun attracts the absolute worst of the entire country, and the worst of South Florida. This is typical behavior for people down here. One time I raised my voice at my service dog because she broke protocol and some self involved tourist started accusing me of animal abuse for using a commanding voice to correct my dog. I wish people would just mind their own business and just, idk, enjoy their freakin day? But this is florida after all. These people in particular strike me as Miami people, which are the absolute worst all of florida has to offer 2nd only to the panhandle.

    1. R

      Typical tourist behavior

      This is very offensive to tourists like myself who wouldn’t dream of behaving in this way.
      I find it interesting that you are happy to stereotype and judge yet insist people should mind their own business.

    2. Joem

      The weekend crowds are more likely locals and other Floridians. The tourists are spread out throughout the week.

  8. Jarvis


  9. Jarvis

    I actually agree with many comments on here. And even see both sides.

    One thing I recommend is that tourists try to visit these parks on weekdays if possible. It could really make the difference when there are not so many people.

    I also know that Universal parks have a lot of security systems and that includes utilizing Orlando police when required.

  10. SUNNY

    Please Please don’t give anyone in this group any alcohol on their flight back from Orlando.
    One of them is bound to bo go back to the galley of the plane and sucker punch a flight attendant. ✈️

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