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  1. Michelle

    Gibraltar, known as the most vaccinated place on earth, has cancelled Christmas due to a drastic increase in the numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19 in recent days. The happiest place on earth should get a clue.

    1. Bill

      And yet Gibraltar is 100% vaccinated.

    2. CM

      Exactly so it makes ZERO sense to apply those ridiculous rules. Mark my words “There will still be covid break-outs on these outings.” It’s proven the vaxxed can still get and spread covid. Utter nonsense!!

  2. wilbret

    Sweet. So taking the vaccine that’s not a vaccine…that won’t stop you from catching the virus or spreading the virus… is all I need to do to go on a very expensive trip, where I’ll likely also have to wear a mask at every turn? Sounds great! Or maybe, I’ll spend those dollars in another place. Family of 7 here. We canceled our Disney Wish cruise, because we refuse to comply with this vaccine rule for minor children.

    1. Dr Fauci

      Ahh an anti Vaxxer melt, the vaccine reduces the risks of severe symptomatic illness and risk of death…but I guess your medical qualifications would have obviously indicated that to you

      1. Michelle

        We now know the spike protein goes to organs and lasts at least 15 months or more. Google it. If you get booster shots, it may last forever. Many vaccine injured in Israel said they would have rather taken their chances with Covid.

      2. Cm

        Yet Colin Powell was fully vaccinated and died. Yeah, you’re right it lessens the severity to DEATH.

        1. Patti

          You do know he was being treated for cancer. Someone spread it to him. The virus won’t stop until it cannot get stronger

  3. Moe

    Well guess I’ll never experience it but I’m ok with that. Too expensive anyway. I’m fine with the parks.

    1. DM

      I totally agree..the magic and the fun is not the same.

  4. Sam

    Yes Disney people but maybe not so much with this nonsense.
    This vaccine is not a vaccine and it doesn’t work , I had Covid early on and have natural immunity
    Not taking that into consideration , I have worked all though and not a hint of any issue. BTW. In the age bracket of concern
    Some day all will wake up not be Woke

  5. Penelope

    I wish they would do this at the parks. Yes, you can get Covid if you are vaccinated, just like the regular flu with those vaccines. The point is you are far less likely to develop severe complications and end up hospitalized or dead. Thanks Science, you rock.

    1. DM

      Your part of the problem I see

      1. Mike

        You’re* the problem. Private company can require whatever they want. Don’t like it? Kick rocks! Isn’t that what all you trumptards say anyway.

    2. Me

      Wrong. All covid jabs are toxic. They ruin your immune system and organs. They lead to premature death. You might feel ok on that Disney trip, but will die prematurely.

      1. Jordan

        I think you are confusing the covid vaccine with cigarettes.

  6. Dawn

    Except people who are fully vaccinated are dying too!
    Israel knows this but the US wants to hide it. BTW I am fully vaccinated but won’t be getting a booster. Also I have a huge family, most have had Covid and have natural antibodies and we WON’T be taking a Disney Cruise.

  7. Doris

    Many people have been infected with Covid 19 even after receiving the third dose. A person can show proof of vaccination and be infected.

  8. Jax

    None of the people commenting even had plans to go on a cruise. They just like whining about vaccinations. Find a new hobby.

    1. DM


  9. Richard

    Guess I won’t have to save for that Disney cruise now. I will not subject me kids to that poison!

  10. NunyaDamBizness

    Guess they don’t need my money then. My sister was in ICU for 19 days after the covid vaccine.

  11. Jp

    God created me so perfect my immune system will fight Covid19.

  12. Vanessa

    We will be cancelling our cruise(s) because of Disney cruise line “jab” requirement. I will not jab to travel. Husband and family have taken the “vaxx”. Guess who got the virus months later. Not me!
    Have personally known 2 to die from the virus after the jab. They need to stop trying to force people to take the “vaxx”. You’re not required to show proof of being vaxxd agains measles, small pox or flu and they kill as well.
    When they start loosing money they will change their tune maybe. But, Disney’s primary shareholder is the Chinese gov so I’m sure it won’t matter what those of us without blinders on think.
    Hope all the cruise lines “go under”.

    1. Patti

      You are required to show proof of vaccinations, not just COVID in many situations. Before COVID there were man vaccine requirements. You can just at home.

  13. dR

    No company is important enough to dictate my healthcare. Sorry we won’t get to enjoy your theme parks or cruises but there are other venues that are just as fun to visit that respect my privacy.

    1. Patti

      This isn’t about your rights. This is a world wide pandemic that has killed millions and is not slowing down. Do you think polio would be gone if people had refuse to vaccinate?

      1. Michelle

        And yet I don’t hear about a lot of people getting polio after getting a polio vaccine. So many people in well vaccinated countries getting Covid after getting the vaccine. Hmmm….. Africa, a very under vaccinated country that has human ivermectin dosed out continually for other health problems, has few Covid cases. Hmmm…..

        1. Jordan

          Last I checked, polio isn’t a pandemic right now. I got my vaccine and I didn’t get covid. Comparing those 2 doesn’t exactly prove anything when you look at the facts.

          1. Michelle

            I doubt you took a logic class in school, and if you did I doubt you got an “A” like I did.

            1. Jordan

              You sure it wasn’t just for participation? Logic is all about perspective since you can come to different conclusions using logic. Though, how you are trying to compare polio, a disease that is just about extinct to a disease that is fairly new makes no logical sense. Better luck in your next class. Hope they don’t require participation to pass 🙂

              1. Michelle

                There’s none so blind as those who will not see.

  14. Lando

    Terrible news!

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