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disneyland paris tower of terror

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  1. Jose Z

    ..NOTHING!!! The pre show is NECESSARY to understand what the story of The Hotel is, what happened on the elevador and and how it travels into The Twilight Zone and why should you fear it!! Even if you are young and you DO NOT KNOW what The Twilight Zone is…That music theme, Rod Serling talking to you, and That last sentence saying: “IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE in surround….Those elements alone will put the fear and.excitement in anyone.
    Just like universal has Doctor Doom Fear Fall. DDFF Has a story on how the ride defines the story of Dr Doom and his anger against The Fantástic 4 and the Device extracts the fear…
    HENCE THEME PARK RIDE!!! Otherwise: Its just a another fair ride called falling elevator for TZTOT or slingshot for DDFF. Do not cut corners…..please Disney….Its like eliminating the pre-show of The Haunted House…..How is that going to work????

    1. McKenzie T.L. Raver

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I hope it’s back up and running soon….

  2. Terry

    Bob paycheck doesn’t care about the parks he only cares about sucking customers money out of their pockets

  3. Josh M.

    Pre-show wasn’t present in early September when I visited. Just walked right through the pre-show room on the way to the rest of the line in the boiler room. Most of the pre-show rooms across all rides were not in use.

    1. Kim

      I assume the pre-show isn’t running as a covid precaution. Generally, you are squashed in the room like a can of sardines. I’m sure they could limit the number of people in the room but that would also add a lot more time to the queue.

  4. Mandi

    Hello : this is in place since reopening due to Covid procedures
    This is not a cut by itself it’s just to not let people stack in a room all together

    This is part of the social distancing measures..

  5. BJ

    Pre show was definitely in place at the end of August when I was there…

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