Grab the Tissues! Disney Releases “The Stepdad” Christmas Advert

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Grab the tissues Disney fans! Disney has done it again. As the holidays are fast approaching, Disney has released a new advert story for the Christmas season. If you remember last year, Disney released “From Our Family To Yours” and we were puddles after that video. This year, Disney has released “The Stepdad” which is another sweet and meaningful video to get us in the holiday spirit. Check out the 2020 and 2021 videos below and let us know which one you enjoy the most.

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2020 “From Our Family To Yours”

In case you missed it, here’s last year’s 2020 “From Our Family To Yours” clip that featured a grandmother and granddaughter’s love for one another. This sweet story with “Lola” continues into the new video.

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2021 “The Stepdad”

If you think the 2020 clip was magical, check out “The Stepdad”! Disney Channel Africa shares, “We are proud to reveal our Christmas advert, a heart-warming new story; #TheStepdad. This year’s story follows Nicole, the granddaughter from last year’s ad, who is now all grown up with a family to make Christmas traditions with. We follow her and her two adorable children, Max and Ella, as their new stepdad Mike moves into their family home. At the heart of the story is a very special storybook – a precious item belonging to Max from his birth father. The book celebrates the power of storytelling and how it can deepen family bonds; as the family is shown delighting in the magic of Disney storytelling, beautiful animation springs off the pages, igniting the true spirit of Christmas. Follow their emotional journey as we see them combine existing festive traditions with wonderful new ones. We hope you enjoy this special Christmas ad, celebrating the joy that the stepdads of the world bring us. Song: Love Runs Deeper | Performed by: Lloyiso | Music written by Austin Zudeck, Justin Thunstrom, and Dewain Whitmore”.

Have the tissues ready? Check out “The Stepdad” video below:

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Such a heartfelt story! Surely we aren’t the only ones that needed tissues.

Which Disney Christmas advert did you enjoy the most? 2020’s From Our Family To Yours or 2021’s The Stepdad?

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