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Gina Carano as Cara Dune

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. Wiziwiz

    Bad casting, turned out she was on the dark side.

  2. James

    It’s called being human and having different opinions. That’s what makes the world what it is. Disney does realize that if they have cast members that lean left or lean right their fans will watch that show because of the actors and that will generate revenue for them. Which after all, that is what they’re looking for. By alienating a section of fans it cuts into that revenue.

  3. ACansino

    I have just cancelled my disney subscription. I will not support anything that idiot kathleen kennedy is a part of.

    1. CalvulusThief

      I don’t care about what she said. I thought she was a horrible “actress” back in her Haywire days. I was excited to see that movie and after about ten minutes turned it off, her wooden inflection made it unwatchable. I was disappointed when I found out that she was going to have a big part in The Mandalorian, but I hoped the material and better direction would bring out a better performance in her. Nope. I liked the character, but wouldn’t mind a bit if it was just recast- she can’t act. I don’t care about her personal beliefs, but her wooden performance really stands out next to talented actors on the show. She was better suited to a role like in Deadpool where she just had to punch Ryan Reynolds a lot.

  4. W

    Who are these “fans” exactly? People who like a character and like the person playing the character regardless of their person’s personal beliefs? Or the people impossible to satisfy(aka Twitter) and Disney seems to cater to?

  5. Dalriaden

    Was it truly Star wars fans? Or was it activists who seek to censor anyone who disagrees with them? No wonder democracies are turning more authoritarian over the past decade despite all the history we’ve seen showing censorship never ends well.

    It’s funny how they scream equality while seeking to get anyone who disagrees with them removed from having a voice.

  6. Pccansuckit

    I’m just sick of a small number of people making decisions for the rest of us. Does anyone actually believe that the majority of fans really care about anything an actor or actress tweets. No we don’t. People need to stop catering to small groups that have nothing better to do than be offended by everything.

  7. You're Fired

    To all those saying Gina’s employer had every right to fire her for political beliefs – you’re absolutely right!

    I run my own business and I fired six employees last week because I discovered (through Twitter, ironically) that they’re rabid Leftists. I refuse to write checks to communists so I fired them.

    I have four more employees to fire on Monday and I will do it with a smile on my face. They are easily replaceable, at least in the state I live.

    You started a war, good luck. 🙂

    1. JayArnold

      They did have a right to fire her but they did not have balls to say why. They DID NOT have the right to fabricate a false reason and orchestrate a smear campaign against her which implied she was fired over some sort of bigotry on her part. I

  8. Michael Cantrell

    She should come back. I understand the brand but everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s not fair to only let one side be heard. Whether you like it or not she is an American and it is right an freedom.

  9. Jen

    She was absolutely bullied, so wrong that an individual can’t have and calmly express an opinion unless it is in agreement with their employer! Is this the climate we want for our nation? Not even going to watch

  10. Bren

    Same old arguments here. Not sure when so many of you lost it, or forgot what you learned in high school regarding the First Amendment. Next, worrying about the so called “socialists” or the “woke” but ignoring everything else, except for your beliefs is why we are in such a divide. Look, she is a star who people looked up to. She does have an obligation to be a role model. She got fired, they didn’t approve. But I don’t see any of you who are saying she shouldn’t have been fired, also standing up for others who stood up for their beliefs and got fired. I bet you are the same ones who said you’d boycott Nike after they stood by Capernik. Oh, I went there. Yep, you were fine with him being fired for him standing up for his rights, but it’s not okay that this actress stood up for hers and got fired. Here’s an idea. Quit watching CNN and FOX and letting them spew hatred and divide. Either all get the same rights, or none. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Think about it. Then you let some fluff article spread more divide. Grow up, learn, make our country better if you really care about America. STOP THE HATE!

    1. You're Fired

      Too late to be nice, sorry.

      I run my own business and I fired six employees last week because I discovered (through Twitter, ironically) that they’re rabid Leftists. I refuse to write checks to communists so I fired them.

      I have four more libtards to fire on Monday and I will do it with a smile on my face. They are easily replaceable, at least in the state I live. Man this feels good.

      You started a war, good luck. 🙂

  11. JayArnold

    Might be one of the greatest rants of all time!

  12. The World of Reality

    Looking through all of these comments is as bizarre as watching YouTube videos but Star Wars wannabee insiders like Mike Zeroh, Justin is Lost and that complete fool Overlord. Not one thing that any these clowns predict or post about actually ever happens. So let’s set the record straight. First, free speech is not a thing in the real corporate world. In virtually every entertainment business contract there is a “morality clause”. It usually reads something like:
    “prohibits an artist from engaging in conduct (and sometimes speech) that will bring either the artist or the other party to the contract (generally, a studio, production company, or network) into “public disrepute, scandal, embarrassment,” or generally cast a bad light on the company’s reputation” Carano was warned by her employers several to tone her social media activity. On each occasion, Carano and her agents assured the company that she would. She didn’t and her re-posting a post comparing the plight of conservatives in the US to that of the Jews in the Holocaust was so offensive that it was the final straw for Lucasfilm and they fired her. Legally, they were perfectly justified in that action although it probably could have been handled with more sensitivity. Subsequent to her dismissal she has shot her mouth off about the company and is involved in a movie that is a politically motivated tawdry hit piece on the Biden family. Does anyone really think that Disney/Lucasfilm would welcome her back with open arms at this point ? I think not.

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