Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Fans Debate Controversial Gina Carano After Lucasfilm Announcement

gina carano as cara dune

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  1. Jahmus

    When Disney can learn to “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson
    They can end this pointless debate of pride and get back to the creative magic we fans love to adore.

    1. Grant

      Well said!

      1. Jeromy k Smith

        Less than 10% of Americans are actively engaged on Twitter….

        “Fans” are not divided. Twitter is divided. Fans neither know, nor care, what anyone posts on Twitter.

        1. Jeromy k Smith

          This was meant as a general response to the article. Stupid tiny phone.

        2. Remember when Americans had the right of free speech? I miss the USA.

          1. cameron j sund

            Its okay. Here family now owns Ceasars. They’re always screwing you anyways

            1. You're Fired

              LOL, really? Well that works out perfect – I’ve got an old college buddy of mine who’s super liberal and LOVES going to Caesar’s. I can’t wait to tell where his last 10 bricks went because he’s going poop a brick when he finds out!! 😀

          2. Americans still do have free speech, but the court of public opinion still exists. Freedom of speech only protects you from the government you retard.

            1. Mack

              Thank you. Many people really have no idea what “freedom of speech” means. They think they can spout any BS with no consequences.

            2. JayArnold

              But the court of public opinion had nothing to do with this. Only a tiny fraction of twitter trolls were upset with Gina Carano who did nothing wrong. Unfortunately some of the trolls work for Lucasfilm. Also nobody talking about constitutional law here. Freedom is speech is also the most highly valued principle in the USA, you retard. A giant corporation that attempts to mute of stifle it is facism at it’s finest – and the court of public opinion is imposing judgement on Lucasfilm.

      2. Deedee

        Well said in what country? It isnt even a complete though or proper sentence and makes no sense. Why are people defending bigots so bad at the very basic aspects of the English language?

      3. Jonathan Redding

        Are you BOTH high?! How was that gibberish well said??

    2. Sarah N Beaulieu

      You do have a right to free speech , but you also have to deal with the consequences of free speech including your employer letting you go because you are not reflecting thier bran

      1. Sue

        Off the job, anyone can has the right to say what they want
        Freedom of speech is your right to speak out against the government or your employer without the fear of retaliation.
        Disney needs to get a grip and get over themselves.

        1. Devin

          That is wrong, freedom of speech only applies to the government, they cannot restrict what people say. But a company has a right to let go someone that doesn’t represents their ethics and values

        2. ChipBoundary

          No, you are 100% incorrect. The First Amendment has never, nor will it ever protect you from non-governmental entities. Whether they be individuals l, organizations, or corporations.

          The First Amendment SOLELY protects you from government censorship and that is it, end of list.

          Do I think it is stupid to get fired for voicing your opinions outside of work hours? Most definitely, but the First Amendment ain’t it chief.

      2. Nate

        So that would include Collin kaepernick.

    3. The existence of a group of people isn’t an opinion of political. I don’t think she should have been fired, but what she said was clearly wrong.

      1. Ed

        It wasn’t wrong, it was her opinion. No different than if you or I said the same thing. The difference being is that as a celebrity, the comments reach far and wide. Imagine if there was no social media, would there be so much hate and discontent?

        1. gniddeR nahtaonJgnioddeR nahtanoJJonathan Redding

          Being racist isn’t wrong? Using hate speech isn’t wrong?? In what delusional world are you living in, bucko, because in this Reality racism & hate speech are to of the wrongest things there are!

          1. JayArnold

            Please. In what way shape or form was she ever racist? Or bigoted in any way? If you were paying any attention or could even read a little bit it would be clear to you that her opinions, which are only opinions are pretty tame, but they didn’t align with Lucasfilms woke agenda. If they wanted to fire her over that they should have had the balls to say so. What they had no right to do was smear her in the process so idiots like you who don’t fact check came away thinking she is some sort of bigot.

    4. Will Raye

      Also, follow the money.

      1. Will Raye

        People will subscribe.

    5. JayArnold

      The wisdom of this is lost on the woke.

  2. Justin

    Bring her back. We all make mistakes. Let her live. She bossed that character!

    1. SomeOneSpecial

      First time is a mistake. Second time is intentional. Third time you’re just begging to be fired.

      When your boss tells you, “Stop being a knucklehead or we’re firing you” and you continue to be a knucklehead, you can’t act surprised at the results.

      1. Sue

        Sorry, but you are wrong. An employer has zero right to dictate what you can and cannot say, post or believe. Disney is 100% in the wrong here.

        1. Rodney Montgomery

          Lol. You think freedom of speech protects you from your employer from firing you?

        2. Rodney Montgomery

          Sorry but you’re wrong. Employer can mist definitely fire you

        3. Ben J Davidson

          And yet, it is pretty clear that they do have the right to fire you. So, obey or leave is the real choice.

        4. gniddeR nahtanoJgniddeR nahtaonJgnioddeR nahtanoJJonathan Redding

          Sorry, Sue, but YOU are the one who is 100% wrong! Employers have ALWAYS had the right to hold their employees accountable for what they say & do both on the job & off. What you say & do reflects not only on you but on everyone clise to you from your family & friends to your job & coworkers & bosses as well. Act like a racist or homophobe & people automatically assume you come from a family of racist homophobes, that your friends on & off the job are nothing but racist homophobes & – since you’re so out & public about your racist homophobia – that your bosses are all racist homophobes too! And you bloody well better believe your job has every freaking right & absolutelyvwill fire your arse for any racist homophobic tweets, post, textsz emails, watercooler comments, etc. that you make to protect their public image! The only thing our Constitutional Freedom of Speech protects us from is from THE GOVERNMENT trying to censor what we say or punish or oppess us for what we are saying. The Constitution cannot infringe on ANY individual’s as spelled out within it & that includes the right of an employer to hire or fire people based on their actions & words especially as such actions & wirds may damage the business’ or employer’s rights not to be unduly infringed upon. Disney was 100% in their right to fire gina for her repeated use of racist & hate speech & there are literally dozens of court cases that prove that is true.

      2. JayArnold

        Yeah but that is not what happened. She never received any “warnings”. Once Lucasfilm realized she did not align with their woke agenda she was a good as fired. Rather than warn her or work with her they cut off all communication and eventually were able to find a post she made that they into being bigoted and then fired her. That is what people are upset about – the way she was fired and unfairly smeared all over pretty much nothing.

        1. Jamie Coughlin

          Thank you! It was NEVER about her posts. She was just a pawn in backstage politics. If she was a Leftist she would still be there because those employees can post any abhorrent thing they want.

          1. Max

            Both of you really drank the “woke” “leftist” koolaid bs from your QAnon Trumpublican overlords.
            Gina had been warned about her social media presence. She chose to ignore it and paid the price. So shorty actress gets fired. Actors are not normal employees, and relating them to your typical employer /employee relations ship is stupid. Your tired arguments are stupid and lame, come up with something new.

            1. JayArnold

              Provide one piece of evidence that she was ever “warned”. There was never any sort of “warning” or dialogue. She stated very clearly that that they cut her off abruptly and a campaign to smear her was orchestrated from within Lucasfilm. They do not deny or refute anything she told Shapiro… they are probably proud of it. It is all fact. It is and has been for a long time very clear that Lucasfilm is pushing a woke agenda. If you are on board with that you can get away with murder. But if you don’t align look out they will instigate smear campaign. Luckily for us all Gina Carano hit back. Normal people will not tolerate their antics…. GC speaks for us all.

        2. gniddeR nahtanoJgniddeR nahtanoJgniddeR nahtaonJgnioddeR nahtanoJJonathan Redding

          She made multiple posts, some of which were racists some of which were homophobic, some that were bigotted in other ways. No employer has to warm an employee to stop posts hate speech or racist comments, normally it is one & you ate done as literally dozens of court cases have proven are totally legal.

    2. Robert Busek

      Her beliefs (political or otherwise) are not “mistakes,” nor are they a legitimate cause for her termination at least in a free country like our own. I believe she should come back, but on her own terms. LucasFilm should offer her an apology of some sort and a new contract, which should include the right to develop other projects such as the ones she’s doing with the Daily Wire.

      1. Ezra Nelson

        LMAO, that’s hilarious. “Sorry we didn’t like you being a bigot, come back please?” You’re delusional. The trash took itself out, nothing of value was lost in her removal.

  3. Alex

    It’s hard to defend what she said. A hateful divide growing between political parties in present day America v. Jewish people being turned on by hateful
    neighbors, isn’t anywhere near the same thing, because for Jewish people it resulted in torture and death. For the people in present day that she’s referencing it may mean losing a job at most. So she did/does sound like an ignorant d-@$$ for that comment. However, I don’t see how it’s inherently an anti-Semitic comment. It’s just an ignorant and disgustingly insensitive, false equivalence. If Disney got her to do some education and she got out of her own d@mn way, made a really good apology, I’d be ok with her return. The whole thing is unfortunate because I like her character. It was nice to see a built, strong woman on tv instead of all the waifs that have forever been the standard. I also just like her place within the story of that universe and seeing a strong woman kicking @55.

    1. Mark M

      What she was was undeniably accurate.

      1. Michael o.

        Her message was dont dehumanize people with your politics… and then she showed a holocaust picture… from a time where germans dehumanized people for politics.. her post was a warning that if you take a position like that too far we know what happens.

        They didnt fire her because what she said was wrong they just wanted to please the blue check marks.

        Remember pedro posted about kids in cages on the border in 2018 with a pic from a water shortage in 2010 from another country and a holocaust pic.. and because he was the correct tribe he got a pass for it.

    2. Dav_Daddy

      Dude she compared fascists being held accountable for the awful stuff they say to being a Jew during the holocaust. I can’t think of a more antisemitic thing so say.

      It would have been less offensive if she had the N word tattooed on her forehead backward so she could read it in the mirror.

      From her spreading misinformation during a pandemic, to her support for coup plotters and traitors it’s a real black eye for Disney that they took so long to can her and there is no way she is coming back.

      Good riddance!

      1. Bob

        This is another polarised view: you mention something non-PC about another race = racist. She mentioned something ignorant about the Holocaust = anti-Semetic. These views are ignorant in themselves to ascertain anything non-loving/caring as the evil opposite. There is a grey area, you know..

      2. Jeff Guertin

        You need to stop being so sensitive. People can say whatever they want. It’s a sad day that people who have time to troll social media because they don’t have jobs dictate people’s careers. Get a life

        1. TheGhostwriter

          Yes, genius, she can say whatever she wants. And so can her employers.

      3. Sue

        Then you did not understand her statement. What is happening in America right now is exactly how it happened in Germany. Gina was spot on.

        1. TheGhostwriter

          You’re sick in the head. Seriously. There is NO equivalency between dealing with a pandemic and rounding up and murdering millions of people. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you’re too ignorant to understand that

          1. Sue

            You are the one that is turning a blind eye to what is actually happening. It is a plandemic.

    3. Jo Momma

      So your job is to write “articles” about rando tweets? Your parents must be so proud

    4. Julian Herring

      Bring her back, stop the cancel culture. People have choices if you do not like her tweet don’t read it. What plonkers people are. No nanny state for me I’m not a whiney child. Gina you rock.

      1. SomeOneSpecial

        And yet here you are whining 🤷🏽‍♂️
        And there’s a difference between being cancelled and being fired/let go. Fyi, she wasn’t fired/cancelled as this author described. Her contract simply wasn’t renewed.

        Imagine being a probationary employee and then breaking every code of conduct rule and then expecting a contract extension. Yea, I didn’t think so either.

        1. Sue

          Wrong! Read the previous articles. Gina was fired for her personal accurate beliefs and statements. Gina was in contract for another Star Wars series.

      2. TheGhostwriter

        What does a private corporation firing someone have to do with the “nanny state “? (Hint: the answer is “nothing”). Yes, people have choices. And the people that employed her decided she was bad for business, so they made the choice to fire her. Because THEY have the right to free expression too. Your nonsense about the “nanny state” just reveals how ignorant and programmed you are. This has nothing to do with government or the “state.” This is the free market at work. Grow up and deal with it

    5. JayArnold

      “A hateful divide” was the the whole point of her meme and the only point”. And it is coming more and more true. When she posted I thought OH COME ON that is a bad comparison….. but from what I see now she is exactly right. If she ever walks back and apologizes for anything I hope she realizes people are not wired the same way and if you are going to be famous you can’t pick a side you need to be neutral (yes that is directed at Pascal as well). So I hope they clear the air and get her back because she killed her role… Her physicality was a serious and unique talent she brought to the game. No other actress (especially waifs) have ever been as believable in action scenes as Gina Carano.

  4. Kevin Evans

    While I strongly take issue with Carano’s politics and messages I did enjoy her character and would like to see her again.

  5. Too Little Too Late DISNEY!

    Cara Dune is just the “Last Straw” for DISNEY in this House!

    And now that Marvel is Owned by DISNEY that too is a “Done Deal”.

    I’m old enough that I really do Not need any woke-sh!& ruining my Entertainment!

    On DISNEY it will ALWAYS be “Hard Pass”!

    1. TheGhostwriter

      My god, you people are such programmed drones. You literally all sound exactly alike, spewing the same buzzwords and lingo. There’s nothing “woke” going on here. Don’t take my word for it: go out and publicly embarrass your employer and see how long you still have a job

  6. Bob

    While I disagree with her manner of speaking, she could be somewhat more sensitive, I agree with certain points she makes. However, that should all be irrelevant – we pay to watch a show in which the actor’s personal views are neither demonstrated nor relevant to the character or show. Cancellation = cowardice from Disney.

    1. TheGhostwriter

      Go publicly embarrass your employer and see how long you still have a job

  7. Surely…..surely not Kathleen Kennedy and a lack of planning? Think I need to copyright “A Lack of Planning” – LucasFilm story groups are scanning this site for ideas for the next Star Wars film, after all.

  8. ChrisTheBruce

    End cancel culture NOW! Cancel IT and NO more artists. We like our artists and their work. Let them work!!!

    1. TheGhostwriter

      Cancel culture isn’t actually a thing. You just watch too much Hannity and Tucker.

      Go online and start publicly embarrassing your employer and see how long you still have a job. It’s called the free market. No one “canceled” this woman. She’s free to say whatever she wants, and her former employers were free to say “your services are no longer required.” That’s how the real world works, and that’s how the real world has always worked.

      1. Jeff

        NFL NBA etc players publicly embarrass their employers all the time it’s just propaganda machine protects their jobs vs Gina’s job. Let’s Go Brandon!

      2. ChipBoundary

        Cancel culture is most definitely a thing. And I say this without any political affiliation whatsoever. I’m not liberal, conservative, libertarian, communist, socialist or centrist.

        Your employer should never, under any circumstances (unless you are breaking the law), be allowed to fire you for things you say when you are not actively working.

        Is it their legal right to do that now? Yes. Should it be? No. Your ability to retain employment should be based solely on the quality of your performance and your conduct while on the clock.

        1. Bigbellydude

          Note that in California it is illegal to fire someone based on their political affiliation…

  9. I liked the article, it was very neutral on the actual issue. The bulk of the article just provided facts and background like journalism should be. You are to be commended. However, you may want to employ a better editor because there are some grammatical, vocabulary, and punctuation issues. It doesn’t look good for a news agency or even a P.R. agency to put out product that has not been proofread.

  10. R3

    It’s too late. I don’t want her back anymore because it will just cause more problems. I like her and her character and disagreed with her firing, but what’s done is done.

    Plus, I don’t think she wants to come back. Fans have no justification for forcing her back into a role she doesn’t want.

  11. Michael

    It’s obvious to anyone who has any common sense or even intelligence that Gina isn’t racist. It’s just another excuse for the leftist woke whatever they I guess people to look for a scapegoat.

    1. Bruce R

      This was purely politically motivated…if I remember correctly Pedro had tweeted worse statements but was not taken to task because he is a liberal just like the leadership in Disney is. Gina was made an example of because she has conservative views, and conservatism is under attack by the woke mob. I do not believe she is a racist in the least bit, but apparently believing in individual freedoms is a terrible thing nowadays.

      1. TheGhostwriter

        Such whiny victims

        1. You're Fired

          I’m doing more than whining. I terminated six employees last week because I discovered that they were rabid leftist.

          I have four more employees to terminate on Monday. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Louis

    Get woke, go broke. You have a rebellion on your hands in a neighborhood near, near you.

    Employment, Terms of Service, and Progressives need to understand ALL speech is FREE speech. If you have the right to force people to abide an insidious abuse of science regarding gender, you also have to put up with people disagreeing with your perverse sexual fantasy.

    1. TheGhostwriter

      No one infringed her “free speech,” genius. She’s free to say what she wants. Her employers are free to say “you’re fired.” That’s how free speech works.

      Go embarrass your employer in public and see how long you still have a job. This is show BUSINESS. If she was good for business, she’d still have a job.

      1. You're Fired

        Exactly! Which is why I terminate any employees I find who have leftist viewpoints. If you work for me and you’re a liberal, you’re out of a job, you won’t be getting a check from me.

        1. Bren

          Hmmmm….and who’s the cancel culture here???? So okay for a “star” to be conservative, express her views, but not okay for your employees to have their views????? KK. Hope they sue the pants off of you, and you lose everything. That is if you’re really even a real business owner. Chances are you aren’t, and you’re just trying to make yourself sound all big and bad, when chances are you are nothing but a little peon. LOL!

          1. You're Fired

            I completely agree with your sentiment that every American has the right to political opinion/debate without fear of being stripped of their livelihoods.

            For example, it’s okay for Gina Carano to express her views OFF-SET. It’s okay for Colin Kapernick to express his views OFF THE FIELD aka off the job. But that is no longer the case with today’s political climate. The difference between Gina and Colin is that she was fired for comments made OFF-SET (off-the-job) while Colin made all of his statements ON THE FIELD. (on-the-job)

            Regardless, a war has begun, and in times of war it’s kill or be killed. If Gina can be fired for expressing her viewpoints off the job, THEN SO CAN YOU.

            Write some nasty stuff on Twitter about RIttenhouse? YOU’RE FIRED. Constantly denigrating former President Trump? YOU’RE FIRED. Advocating for socialism/Communism?? YOU’RE DEFINITELY FIRED.

            I can’t be sued for unlawful termination. I employ what is knows as “at-will” employees, which means I can let them go “at-will” for almost any reason I choose, including social media posts. Also, in all states except (ironically) California, it’s NOT illegal to fire an employee for their political beliefs. So no recourse there. I thought this out before I did it, duh.

            Tomorrow, there will be four more libtards desperately hunting for work, and don’t think it stops with just me. There are PLENTY more business owners with my EXACT attitude – and boy do we talk. This has been building up for YEARS and it feels good to finally strike back.

            Watch what you say at work, libtards! 😀

  13. Mb

    These “fans” don’t speak for the rest of us. These “fans” are nothing more than Twitter hoppers who completely missed the point of Gina’s comment. And the reason why did they can never tell the difference is because their company is full Twitter obsessed nut bags

    1. TheGhostwriter

      No, genius, it’s YOU who doesn’t speak for most fans. Most people don’t care about your sensitive feefees. If Carano was good for business, she’d still have a job. But she’s not, so she doesn’t

      1. Jeff

        Your ignorance is breathtaking in a horrid way

    2. M

      Indeed, as Chappelle said Twitter is not real life. These “fans” are nothing more than parasite ruining everything for the rest of us.

    3. JayArnold

      Exactly. 90% of fans don’t have time to screw around on Twitter, and just enjoyed the character. A small fraction of nut jobs who probably never watched the show got upset with her social media because it did not align with their woke agendas. Twitter is not reality.

  14. Tony

    Carano was one of the very few truly believable women fighting heroes in the Star Wars universe. With the exception of Jen Urso, No one can accept the 98 pound Rey, within weeks of picking up a light saber, saving the day or winning against experienced warriors. Cara Dune was played by an experienced fighter who executed moves from a professional background, thus adding to the story line.

  15. Rodney Montgomery

    Sorry but you’re wrong. Employer can most definitely fire you

    1. You're Fired

      You’re absolutely right!

      I run my own business and I fired six employees last week because I discovered (through Twitter, ironically) that they’re rabid Leftists. I refuse to write checks to communists, so I fired
      terminated them.

      I have four more employees to terminate on Monday and I will do it with a smile on my face. They are easily replaceable, at least in the state I live in.

      You started a war, good luck. 🙂

      1. Me

        You ROCK!

  16. TheGhostwriter

    I love when people whine about her “freedom of speech,” as if the people who produce these shows don’t have freedom of speech too. No one infringed on her freedom of speech. She wasn’t jailed for what she said, was she? Of course not.

    This is a business. Feel free to embarrass your employer in public and see how long you still have a job.

    1. Jeff

      Now I get it you’re a propagandist for the regime! Sold out your soul I feel sorry for you 🙁

    2. JayArnold

      No she was not jailed over it but Lucasfilm did not even have the balls to stand behind the reason they fired her …. which in truth was because KK and her inner circle were offended by her lack of wokeness. What they did not have the right to do was to issue an anonymous statement (nobody had the ball to put their name on it) implying she was fired for being some sort of bigot – now idiots like you who don’t fact check are walking around repeating it. That is why people are pissed. The way she was treated is completely unacceptable in this country – which is why she was quickly picked up and is now more popular than ever.

  17. Will

    Lot of ppl defending gina saying it was free speech. Wonder how they feel about Kaepernick? 🤔🤔🤔

  18. jal11180

    The polititards that are on the left, right, middle, and fringe are all parts of the same Luciferian globalist elite, regardless of their claims otherwise on the matter, and what Carano, Kennedy, and the lot of you commenters that are on here all prove is that not a single one of you are smart enough to think differently in your lives, let alone are smart enough to permanently fix these problems for humankind forever.

    1. TheGhostwriter

      Grow up and stop believing in fairy tales

  19. Mr S Watson

    Why does Kennedy have a say in anything at all?
    She singlehandedly destroyed the Star Wars franchise with that Emporer BS.
    It wasn’t even a twist at the end of the movie, it was in the opening credits with zero mention of him until right now!

    The alphabet brigade shouldn’t get a say in who does and doesn’t appear in shows.
    Her tweets were far from controversial. If you read them that way, then you’re part of the problem.

    This all comes down to politics and her being bullied by the radical left because she wouldn’t bow before them.
    Isn’t that ironic?
    A post about nazis,,and she was treated like one of the “less than” from that war.
    It was disgusting and should never have been allowed to happen.

    Give them an inch, they want your life.
    They have the sane rights as everyone else, but because she wouldn’t put in her bio that she was a she was the reason they attacked her.

    Gina was never the problem.
    The alphabet brigade were and are!

  20. Sierra

    I think they lost a brilliant star. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Why should a persons personal beliefs factor into whether they can work. I get gay and trans agenda forced on me every time I turn on the tube. Why is she not allowed her voice? Oh wait only some approved options are allowed. News flash: you can live on when people disagree with you

    1. JayArnold

      Most people can. She seemed to get along very well with her castrates who don’t all share the same opinions. That’s why it’s so maddening that she was run out by Kathleen Kennedy and her radical faction at Lucasfilm. But everyone she worked directly with had very high praise for her….. and she made a point to say she “adores” Pedro Pascal despite their political differences. Too bad the management at Lucasfilm could not leave well enough alone. They sure shot themself in the foot this time!

  21. Kay

    Due to the disgusting and corrupt behavior of Disney they are experiencing a drop in their viewership. It’s obvious. Sane people are done with the far left and their horrible bullying. Good on Gina for standing her ground and finding her own way in her career. A REAL feminist.

    1. Wiziwiz

      Their viewership is on record high what ARE you on about?

  22. Wiziwiz

    Bad casting, turned out she was on the dark side.

  23. Michelle

    Because Mark Ruffalo and Pedro Pascal aren’t controversial at all. In tweets both men mourned the loss of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. It’s never right to rejoice when someone dies, but should these vile men be lauded? Joseph Rosenbaum – 11 counts of child molestation, used a racial slur and urged people to shoot Kyle Rittenhouse. Anthony Huber – “Huber was arrested in 2012 for charges including domestic violence, “Use of Dangerous Weapon,” “Strangulation & Suffocation,” “False Imprisonment,” and battery. He was ultimately convicted of strangling and falsely imprisoning a person.” Also hit Kyle Rittenhouse in the head and neck with a skateboard.

  24. James

    It’s called being human and having different opinions. That’s what makes the world what it is. Disney does realize that if they have cast members that lean left or lean right their fans will watch that show because of the actors and that will generate revenue for them. Which after all, that is what they’re looking for. By alienating a section of fans it cuts into that revenue.

  25. ACansino

    I have just cancelled my disney subscription. I will not support anything that idiot kathleen kennedy is a part of.

    1. CalvulusThief

      I don’t care about what she said. I thought she was a horrible “actress” back in her Haywire days. I was excited to see that movie and after about ten minutes turned it off, her wooden inflection made it unwatchable. I was disappointed when I found out that she was going to have a big part in The Mandalorian, but I hoped the material and better direction would bring out a better performance in her. Nope. I liked the character, but wouldn’t mind a bit if it was just recast- she can’t act. I don’t care about her personal beliefs, but her wooden performance really stands out next to talented actors on the show. She was better suited to a role like in Deadpool where she just had to punch Ryan Reynolds a lot.

  26. W

    Who are these “fans” exactly? People who like a character and like the person playing the character regardless of their person’s personal beliefs? Or the people impossible to satisfy(aka Twitter) and Disney seems to cater to?

  27. Dalriaden

    Was it truly Star wars fans? Or was it activists who seek to censor anyone who disagrees with them? No wonder democracies are turning more authoritarian over the past decade despite all the history we’ve seen showing censorship never ends well.

    It’s funny how they scream equality while seeking to get anyone who disagrees with them removed from having a voice.

  28. Pccansuckit

    I’m just sick of a small number of people making decisions for the rest of us. Does anyone actually believe that the majority of fans really care about anything an actor or actress tweets. No we don’t. People need to stop catering to small groups that have nothing better to do than be offended by everything.

  29. You're Fired

    To all those saying Gina’s employer had every right to fire her for political beliefs – you’re absolutely right!

    I run my own business and I fired six employees last week because I discovered (through Twitter, ironically) that they’re rabid Leftists. I refuse to write checks to communists so I fired them.

    I have four more employees to fire on Monday and I will do it with a smile on my face. They are easily replaceable, at least in the state I live.

    You started a war, good luck. 🙂

    1. JayArnold

      They did have a right to fire her but they did not have balls to say why. They DID NOT have the right to fabricate a false reason and orchestrate a smear campaign against her which implied she was fired over some sort of bigotry on her part. I

  30. Michael Cantrell

    She should come back. I understand the brand but everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s not fair to only let one side be heard. Whether you like it or not she is an American and it is right an freedom.

  31. Jen

    She was absolutely bullied, so wrong that an individual can’t have and calmly express an opinion unless it is in agreement with their employer! Is this the climate we want for our nation? Not even going to watch

  32. Bren

    Same old arguments here. Not sure when so many of you lost it, or forgot what you learned in high school regarding the First Amendment. Next, worrying about the so called “socialists” or the “woke” but ignoring everything else, except for your beliefs is why we are in such a divide. Look, she is a star who people looked up to. She does have an obligation to be a role model. She got fired, they didn’t approve. But I don’t see any of you who are saying she shouldn’t have been fired, also standing up for others who stood up for their beliefs and got fired. I bet you are the same ones who said you’d boycott Nike after they stood by Capernik. Oh, I went there. Yep, you were fine with him being fired for him standing up for his rights, but it’s not okay that this actress stood up for hers and got fired. Here’s an idea. Quit watching CNN and FOX and letting them spew hatred and divide. Either all get the same rights, or none. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Think about it. Then you let some fluff article spread more divide. Grow up, learn, make our country better if you really care about America. STOP THE HATE!

    1. You're Fired

      Too late to be nice, sorry.

      I run my own business and I fired six employees last week because I discovered (through Twitter, ironically) that they’re rabid Leftists. I refuse to write checks to communists so I fired them.

      I have four more libtards to fire on Monday and I will do it with a smile on my face. They are easily replaceable, at least in the state I live. Man this feels good.

      You started a war, good luck. 🙂

  33. JayArnold

    Might be one of the greatest rants of all time!

  34. The World of Reality

    Looking through all of these comments is as bizarre as watching YouTube videos but Star Wars wannabee insiders like Mike Zeroh, Justin is Lost and that complete fool Overlord. Not one thing that any these clowns predict or post about actually ever happens. So let’s set the record straight. First, free speech is not a thing in the real corporate world. In virtually every entertainment business contract there is a “morality clause”. It usually reads something like:
    “prohibits an artist from engaging in conduct (and sometimes speech) that will bring either the artist or the other party to the contract (generally, a studio, production company, or network) into “public disrepute, scandal, embarrassment,” or generally cast a bad light on the company’s reputation” Carano was warned by her employers several to tone her social media activity. On each occasion, Carano and her agents assured the company that she would. She didn’t and her re-posting a post comparing the plight of conservatives in the US to that of the Jews in the Holocaust was so offensive that it was the final straw for Lucasfilm and they fired her. Legally, they were perfectly justified in that action although it probably could have been handled with more sensitivity. Subsequent to her dismissal she has shot her mouth off about the company and is involved in a movie that is a politically motivated tawdry hit piece on the Biden family. Does anyone really think that Disney/Lucasfilm would welcome her back with open arms at this point ? I think not.

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