Comments for Spider-Man Actor Disappointed By ‘No Way Home’ Snub

spider-man tom holland

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Jeremiah

    I don’t really understand the whole concept behind this movie. I also never understood why they always started off every new “series” of comic movies all over again with Peter Parker being bitten as a teen, Superman being a baby and launched from his home planet etc. etc. Just start where the last one ended and move on already.

    1. NY Tony

      Apparently you haven’t watched Spiderman Homecoming – the first one in this new series. Spoiler Alert- He already has his powers when the movie starts, Uncle Ben is already dead, he’s already Spider-man, and there really is NO or few references to how he got his powers.

      Since you aviously didn’t see that, you probably have no idea what the multiverse is from the comics nor how it has been introduced to the MCU.

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