Do You Know How to Ride Cinderella’s Horse at Disney World?

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Prince Charming Carrousel

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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes… and if your wish is to ride upon Cinderella’s Horse, we’re sure Fairy Godmother can help you!

When you’re visiting Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, be sure to look for a few specific details when arriving at Prince Charming’s Carousel to find the right horse!

Do You Know How to Ride Cinderella’s Horse at Disney World?

cinderella horse
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Magic Kingdom Carousel History

Originally created by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company for the Belle Isle Park in Detroit, Michigan in 1917, the carousel is number 46 of the 89 manufactured by this company. It has changed somewhat since it was originally created.

When it was moved to Florida prior to Magic Kingdom’s opening in 1971, the carousel had 72 horses. In order to maximize the riders, the company removed some chariots (benches that don’t move) and added more carved horses purchased from carousel manufacturers Dentzel Carousel Company and CW Parker Company. It now holds 90 horses, and each one of them jumps, as some were modified from their stationary positions.

The Prince Charming Regal Carrousel in Magic Kingdom Park is a staple to the most visited Theme Park in the world, and for good reason. A duplicated idea from its sister Park, Disneyland Park , Walt Disney was inspired to build theme parks after watching his daughters play on a merry-go-round at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. It is only fitting that each Disney park offers a carousel!

carousel with cinderella castle
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Originally Cinderellas Golden Carousel, it was renamed in June of 2010 as part of the Fantasyland Expansion. To go with the new name, a new backstory was given to the attraction. According to the backstory, after Cinderella married her prince, peace reigned in the kingdom. With no need to host a jousting tournament, “the prince created a carousel to practice ring spearing instead. The village people loved it so much, he had one created for them.” –

Ride Cinderella’s Horse at Disney World

So how does one find and ride this special carousel horse? When you’re waiting in the queue to board this magnificent carousel, watch the ornately decorated prancing steeds pass by carefully. You may notice the large bench adorned with an eagle that Disney Guests ride on in a stationary manner. Just three rows of horses ahead of this bench, look at the second horse from the outside (typically there are four in a row).

Cinderella’s Horse has a special detail you should look for! On the second row from the outside, a gold ribbon identifies this special horse! The bridle and harness are a myriad of colors, with purple feathers and red and yellow ribbons. The neck of the beautiful white horse is adorned with roses and flower garlands! This is the only Disney horse on the carousel with a golden ribbon around its tail, and it’s Cinderella’s horse!

cinderella horse tail
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If you’re courageous, patient, and kind (just like Cinderella) you might be able to board this horse for your spin around Fantasyland! Remember to commemorate the special ride with a photo!

ride cinderella's horse at disney world
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Prince Charming Royal Carrousel Fun Facts

The limited-edition carousel’s original name was “Liberty.” That may account for the eagles and nationalistic emblems present on the attraction. Housed at Detroit’s Palace Gardens in Electric Park, the owner of Palace Gardens paid $30,000 for Liberty when it was ordered 100 years ago.

Around 1929, Olympic Park in New Jersey acquired Liberty, where it remained until 1967. At this time, it was purchased by Walt Disney himself, who was looking for a carrousel device for his new Theme Park.

When Magic Kingdom was being built, Roy Disney, supervising the construction, realized that a Guest walking through the breezeway of Cinderella Castle would see the carousel first walking into Fantasyland. It was then that he ordered the carousel moved 8 inches towards the center mark, where it sits today, giving a perfectly centered icon behind the castle.

Much of the gold paint adorning the horses is actually gold leaf paint! But you will also find real bronze leaf on several equines, as well.

Prince Charming Carrousel
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All of Prince Charming and Cinderella’s horses are white because storybooks and movies identify the white steed as the hero’s horse. Originally, this carousel had many colors of horses.

All the Horses on the Prince Charming Royal Carrousel are refurbished every two years. That means each calendar year, approximately 50 horses are refurbished by Disney Imagineers. While the antique wooden horses are being repainted and repaired, fiberglass duplicates take their place.

Above your head, you will see 18 different movie scenes depicting the story of Cinderella. Below, you can see the Prince chasing Cindy out of the palace during the ball. While they look just like movie cels, they are actually hand-painted by The Walt Disney Company.

Carousel Cinderella movie scene
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Why is it spelled carRousel? With two Rs? Well, that’s because Disney’s version of Cinderella is based upon the French version of the fairy tale, and carrousel is spelled with two “Rs” in French.

The antique carousel is not only valuable because of its age and size, but also because of the intrinsic value of the horses and its history. Each horse has been valued at $100,000- $120,000, not to mention the gold leaf paint, painstaking yearly refurbishment, and Disney connection.

Have you ridden Cinderella’s Horse on Prince Charming Royal Carrousel? Leave us a comment below about your ride!

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