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  1. Kayla

    It would be an absolute disgrace to Chadwick’s memory to recast T’Challa and nobody could ever play the role like he did. I sincerely hope Marvel sticks to their decision not to recast. I won’t go see another Black Panther if they do. I’m sorry but for me, T’Challa died with Chadwick Boseman.

    1. Emery Preston Reed

      I don’t think that T’Challa should be recast.It would never be the same without Chadwick Bosman

    2. JES

      So a recast is a disgrace but not a replacement or trade character..wtf regardless either way the man is gone and Marvel will have a new black panther.

      1. Joe

        Of course they should re-cast. T’Challa was not created just for Boseman, he is a longtime, major character in the comics and his story should continue. It is not disrespectful to Boseman in any way to re-cast. The story of T’Challa needs to continue. (btw: my vote goes to John David Washington).

    3. Jay

      No it would be a disgrace to use the real life passing of Chadwick and do that too t’challa when you know he wasn’t meant to die and has already died on screen twice..
      T’CHALLA and Dr strange was clearly the new flagship character’s going forward in the mcu taking the place from iron man & captain America *steve*..

      To erase T’CHALLA is so disrespectful to Chadwick that literally put his life on the line to make sure this character was brought to light..
      Everything about Chadwick as a person shows that he would be against them retiring his character completely knowing lil black boy’s no longer would have there main black super hero in the MCU…

      It’s completely disrespectful to Chad and those kids around the world.

      In 3,4 years Chadwick death is gonna be a distant memory.
      And in 3,4 year’s in regards to everything that happening in the mcu multiverse T’CHALLA will be completely forgotten and whoever is black panther will be reduced to a side character in the mist all the new characters that is coming like fantastic four and biggest introduction of all the MCU’s Xmen .. which may I remind you T’CHALLA Wife was storm.

      T’challa arch enemy Namor is being introduced without black panther being there,, fantastic four being introduced and black panther/ t’challa isn’t there he 1st made his appearance in there comic,,, there bringing in xmen which has t’challa main love interest & Wife Storm ,, and t’challa won’t be there
      How can the mcu retire this character knowing he wasn’t meant to die & try profiting off Chadwick real life death by killing hi beloved character he brought to life who should be now the flagship character amongst all those new heroes coming in

  2. Darrell Murrey

    Instead of recasting they’re better off going by the comic book and letting his sister take over as the comic book States because as of right now you would probably be dishonoring his memory and maybe his wishes.

    1. JES

      You know what Chadwhick wished for? It was rumors that since Chadwick became BP they pushed for Leticia to take over his thrown. Because a Black king talking over the box office..to much power and influence…The plan was to cut his movie deal short unlike Iron man and Captain America and Thor and make him share it. It was quite disrespectful. So for you all to push for Shuri to preserve his legacy of the imaginary thrown is hilarious because that apparently was what he was fighting against and rightfully so. Chadwick fought and definitely had plans to push out BP 2 but they kept pushing his movie back because they just assumed.. they would have “time” Now we have to BP cast members dead. Also remember Chadwick may have portrayed BP but he didn’t “make black panther”. So honestly if the creators disagreed with BP being continued maybe then we would say Ok..but the fact we now have BP on Fortnite, BP on the Avengers game, BP comic books proceeding…Everyone is continuing to push forward because the actor is dead BP is not.

  3. Chris

    And millions don’t want to so stop whining about it.

    1. Rashiyd

      If course there are some who don’t care and prob neverb liked the Black Panther anyway. :/

  4. Brandon

    So interesting how people are against recasting T’Challa but no one says a thing when when Superman or Batman is constantly recast. How many times has James Bond been recast now?
    The character of T’Challa should be recasted simply for the fact that the character needs to continue to be developed. Chadwick’s legacy wouldn’t be tarnished as Black Panther, it would be celebrated the same way Christopher Reeves is celebrated for his contributions to the role of Superman or the countless people that played Batman. I’ve have yet to read or hear a valid argument for recasting T’Challa and I truly believe that Chadwick would be on support of recasting the role only to see the character continue to grow.

    1. Jordan

      The difference between all of those and Black Panther is that Black Panther has pretty much never had a chance to really be played besides in animation and last I checked, none of them died in the middle of doing movies for the character for the first time. It would be one thing if he aged out of it like all those other people did. They more than likely won’t touch the character for a very long time, and if they do, it will be some sort of work around to get him back

      1. Derick Headley

        T’ Challa still has a lot of story left! Who didn’t want to see him married to Storm?

        1. Jordan

          Here’s the problem with that; Storm isn’t even in the MCU yet. We are assuming they want to go down that path with his story. Unfortunately, people will just have to read the comics if they want to get more of his story for the time being

    2. JES

      Agreed. I mourned the loss of Chadwick as a actor but to me his family , friends and people who knew him should be the only ones who should possibly feel some sort of way about the recast but ….the fans… Some of y’all cannot separate real from fiction. I believe nobody including Chadwick who made that type of historical impact would want their character erased because they died. Chadwick was a black advocate and I’m sure he would be hurt to find out that after Marvel made movie goers think tchalla died in the first movie, he was killed in and game, he died in real life and now you translate it to tchalla’s real story would be disgusted. I have seen kids and older fans mourn tchalla each time thinking he was dead. There’s a lot of black men given the opportunity could have been an alternate work t calls or we could have seen tchaka grow up since marvel is a mess right now. There are remakes of movies all the time. I’m sure in years to come there will be a redo like Spider-Man. Kids were literally having funerals for the action figure toy Black Panther. It’s really over kill …Mourn the person not the imaginative hero. Chadwick was not a legend because of “black panther”. He was a legend because of his phenomenal portrayals in films period. Chadwick is still our first black panther but clearly Marvel is moving forward and giving a replacement black panther regardless but for some reason that doesn’t bother the same fans screaming preserve his legendary status a BP. Side note BP spent most of his time in his suit anyways so we didn’t always see his face.

    3. Rashiyd

      Chadwick was clear it was all about T’Challa and the importance of this CHARACTER historically to millions of people. Marvel should not use the death of our Brother Chadwick to profit and manipulate the story and legacy of T’challa. If marvel insists on this direction they will not see any more of my money.

  5. Jo Momma

    I think whoever owns this website lives in a dumpster. I’ve got 5 popups on top of each other for this retarded art

  6. Zak

    To say black panther should be recasted because other characters like Batman, the hulk and war machine have been recast is not a fair comparison. As mentioned by others these actors did not die in between films, and Chadwick Bosman has been the only actor to play a live action version of this character. Not to mention if yo remember even before he unexpectedly died that were talks that eventually the black panther role was going to pass to his sister like in the comics. Also at this point it’s too late to recast the roll since the sequel is in production.. however one way they could recast is through multi-verse storyline of Spider-Man and Dr Strange, then it is not so much a recast but a different version of black panther or t’challa, personally I would love to see a star lord version in live action..

    1. JEs

      The actor for Superman died ZAK. Like you said they are “characters”…So your telling me if we had the end game affect and almost everyone died in real life you would say just cancel marvel right? It’s sad but people die everyday but imaginative characters don’t have too unless the writers chose too. With saying that fans and kids should be able to have action figures, dress up, cosplay, play video games, read comics, amd watch films without hearing someone say..you know they are dead right. The video game and comic industry continues BP story proudly but for some reason the movie industry can’t.

      1. Jordan

        He died after someone else took up the character, not right after being introduced as him. Completely different.

  7. David Scott

    This “fans ” need to know their place and that’s out of the fandom. You’ve no respect t’challa, no respect for chadwick, his co stars, his family. You don’t have to agree with it, but you do have to respect what his Ryan and Kevin are choosing to do to horror their late friend. This may sound snobbish but all these new fans who jump on marvel when it became main stream sicken me at times between hating black panther because it was a black lead movie, hating captain marvel because you didn’t like Brie for addressing racism, homophobia and sexism which you prove her right every day, you lost it with eternal over a wholes same sex marriage and family. You don’t represent marvel, their value, the message. You are very much in the minority.

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