Comments for Marvel’s New Wolverine Series Trailer Teases “All the Wolverines”

Logan, Hugh Jackman

Credit: 20th Century Fox


  1. James Talkington

    Making ANYTHING else on wolverine is to beat a long dead horse, why not the xmen character we’ve all wanted but never got- gambit. Or jubilee, or psylocke,

  2. Robin farmer

    Gambit should be next

  3. Jack

    Marvel sucks so much that they don’t even remember that Wolverine gained all of his memories after House of M and went in search of his past in Wolverine Origins. This comic series is an irrelevant retread.

    1. Harley Silva

      House if x and power of X restarted the entire X-Men continuity and cannon when marvel gave the reins to him to write X-Men he told them they had to stop all of the X-Men books every damn one of them and let him start the entire line over this x- world is based on those 12 issues

    2. What if they told the story of old man Logan and started doing flashbacks of his early life and younger years using the new guy to give him the younger new appearance and go forward to X-men through him… anybody else have a better idea. I mean look at all the lives he has saved/ changed forever and people he has helped up through the ranks in every team he has been on. Make Stan lee Proud Excelsior!!!

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