Comments for Marvel’s New Wolverine Series Trailer Teases “All the Wolverines”

Logan, Hugh Jackman

Credit: 20th Century Fox


  1. James Talkington

    Making ANYTHING else on wolverine is to beat a long dead horse, why not the xmen character we’ve all wanted but never got- gambit. Or jubilee, or psylocke,

  2. Robin farmer

    Gambit should be next

  3. Jack

    Marvel sucks so much that they don’t even remember that Wolverine gained all of his memories after House of M and went in search of his past in Wolverine Origins. This comic series is an irrelevant retread.

    1. Harley Silva

      House if x and power of X restarted the entire X-Men continuity and cannon when marvel gave the reins to him to write X-Men he told them they had to stop all of the X-Men books every damn one of them and let him start the entire line over this x- world is based on those 12 issues

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