Comments for MCU Fans Blast ‘Hawkeye’ With Anti-Semitic Criticism

hailee steinfeld (left) and jeremy renner (right) in hawkeye

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Kristina Valcarce

    Let’s not forget that the season 2 finale of Daredevil included a shot of a Jewish family lighting a menorah. This in show where the protagonist is devoutly Catholic.

  2. Jack

    Who cares? Jewish people run the entertainment studios, they don’t need more representation.

    1. oh good an obvious antisemite

    2. Manny

      Troll much?

  3. Hi! Wow thank you for this. Thank you for listening and taking it seriously!

    I’d love to talk to you about this more if you’d like. Jewish Creator’s Day is coming up soon for Hanukkah and a lot of Jewish creators are working on things.

    1. James

      So one moron complains and we’re supposed to listen. Oh please. Just because the show is set during Christmas time means nothing. It’s not taking on religious issues or anything like that. Get a life snowflake.

      1. Danielle silverstone

        It’s not. Hanukkah starts the 25th the year it is set. Nice try goy

        1. Oliver Sirback

          My God, you people seriously aren’t happy unless you’re miserable and complaining about something. Not everything coming out of Hollywoodberg needs to be Woke. Christians can be represented too. Die mad about it. Can’t wait for Silverstone to comment some anti-white slurs at me like she did others. Get a life.

        2. Susan Steele

          Except that it’s set in 2021, unless you somehow think this is set in 2016, which the most recent time that Hanukkah was celebrated on the 25th of December.

      2. Mary

        Wow! I loved the first two episodes. Get off you devices and get a life. You people complain about everything so you will not be happy with anything. If it offends your simple mind , don’t watch. My family and I will.

    2. Anne

      Tik Tok is a cancer on society. Can we be done with this sh*t already? Gen Z will all have heart attacks before the age of 30 because they get so worked up about everything. Put your phone down, and read a book. Go outside. Actually SPEAK to another human being instead of texting or pretending your a video game character, lol. These kids are so lame.

      1. Dland Jesus Freak 🙂👍🏼

        Bravo 😆👏🏼😆👏🏼😆👏🏼😆👏🏼 here here and we’ll said Anne 🙂👍🏼

    3. Kevin Lee Myers

      No one cares about the opinions of 0.000043% of the world’s population. If you’re offend over fictional characters in a fictional universe on TV, you have mental problems and need help. I don’t see Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld giving a crap. I remember Christmas in Seinfeld. Better call 1994 and tell them how problematic that year was for offending your future crybaby sensitivities.

  4. Danny Boy

    Seriously? You people complain about everything. So it’s a Christmas series…..it IS the Christmas season. Just enjoy the series or don’t. Stop complaining about everything.

    1. Lenette

      Two of the episodes are airing during Chanukah which airs on Sunday. A whole month before Christmas. Also have you heard of Kwanzaa and Diwali? Marvel and the superhero genre was created by Jews. “You people” is antisemitic, sounds like some learning about antisemitism would be beneficial.

      1. Seren

        I adore how any criticism is defined as ‘antisemitism’. I mean it isn’t as if you, and complainers like you, Jewish or otherwise, aren’t simply keyboard warriors, crying and whining over first world problems. “Oh no!. I watched Hawkeye, and it was set over Christmas, and, and, and now I’m really offended thus mortally wounded”.
        Get over yourself
        Really. Most of us lose this nonsensical, entitled, whining-filled narcissism before the end of puberty.

      2. James

        When they say “You People” they are talking about the social media morons and the cancel culture idiots. Not about people of the Jewish faith. Stop trying to make it sound racial, the rest of us with a brain knew what they were referring to.

      3. Candace

        You are totally right, Silverstone and Lenette. Black Panther premiered during the random month of February, which is also Black History Month. Ticket sales skyrocketed there. The very least Disney+ could do was make sure the marketing targeted both Christians and Jewish people since it started during Hanukkah. How much of a difference would that have made during those Jewish families viewings? I am not Jewish, but many of my friends are, and I screamed with delight when I saw that mezuzah on Kate’s aunt’s door. It was something I’m sure meant so much more for people who don’t get to see themselves reflected as much (or as positively) in pop culture. Don’t listen to these idiots who want to condemn you for your valid criticism while ignoring that they never feel erased by comics, video games, music or movies. They’re embarrassing themselves.

    2. Adam

      Lost me at “you people”. Having said that, the “Christmas” represented on TV shows is a long way from the Christian celebration. It’s about buying things and eating. Mary and Joseph were basically homeless – the “Christmas” in Hawkeye / Home Alone / Grinch doesn’t really touch on the reason Christians celebrate Christmas. Many Christians find those equally offensive.

      1. Daniel C Hartman

        Can we for once just stop reading something negative into EVERYTHING! Yes, there could have been been more representation of Hanukkah, but I do not think it was a deliberate spite against the creators of the characters many, including this writer have come to know and love. Can you not just sit back and enjoy the story THESE creators are going to tell? One more thing, in the comics, it was found out a few years ago that Wanda (the Scarlet Witch) and Pietro (Quicksilver) were NOT the children of Magneto….

  5. Adrian

    Marvel has no obligation to represent any religion or group. Having alot of Christmas imagery in a show that takes place during the Christmas season should be expected. To whine about Jews or Jewish holidays not being represented is oversensitive bs. I care if it’s good or not. Not about virtue signaling.

    1. It’s not during Christmas. The first 2 episodes aired on Thanksgiving, the next two are Hanukkah, and then still 2 BEFORE Christmas. And Hanukkah is December 25, 2024 which is the year this takes place. Get over yourself

      1. James

        Actually it takes place in 2025, and it’s notreal-time. You really need a life

        1. Danielle silverstone

          Nope. 2024 holiday season cuz it’s for 2025 Chinese New Year which is in January.

          1. James

            What does the Chinese New Year have to do with it? Are you culturally appropriating Chinese New Year? Because you sure don’t celebrate it nor understand what it means.
            As well Barton even says to his kids in the restaurant scene “It’s six days before Christmas” so your whole timeline about the Jewish holiday goes out the window. And Hanukkah in as you say 2024, isn’t till sundown on Dec 25th that year, so all of this takes place before the Jewish holidays. You truly are a buffoon and loser.

      2. Thomas E Manning

        I get you’re a famous tik toker and all, so somehow that seems to maker in expert in all things called life, however, just enjoy the show. I mean I just watched the series premiere, its okay the action seems to be bit clunky, but the character interaction between Bishop and Barton is fun, especially with her getting on his nerves. As far as everything concerning whether one thing is represented over the other, well if that is what you choose to focus on, you must be real fun watching a tv series or a movie with. Stop trying to interject real life issues into a fictionalized setting based in a fictionalized superhero genre where you should be enjoying the special effects, the action squensences, the comic relief. My point is stop trying to find reasons to complain and just either enjoy the show for what it is, and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But if you want to find reasons to complain, you don’t need to watch a fictionalized tv series to do that. You can put your phone down, and go outside and see all the things you think is wrong in the world. I get it the world sucks, I mean its not really getting better, and it never will be. Its just sprinkled with a lil bit unicorn glitter, but don’t worry because I can promise you’ll find something else to complain about.

        1. Anne

          I’m sure she will find something else to complain about in another movie soon enough. Like, “OH MY GOD A STRAIGHT ACTOR IS PLAYING A GAY MAN IN A MOVIE!” or “THAT ACTRESS IS NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY A PERSON IN A WHEELCHAIR BECAUSE SHE ISN’T DISABLED IN REAL LIFE…ABLISM, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAblerp”. What a fool.

          1. Joanna Coors

            I am so sick of these self important “influencers”.

        2. Jamie Coughlin

          Best answer yet!

      3. Bill McCormick

        No, you’re just finding things to whine about.

      4. Brian Steib

        The first episode takes place 6 days before Christmas. Hawkeye specifically says this & part of his motivation is to get home to spend as much of the holiday season with his family. Kinda hard to miss that….

        1. Tina Geiger

          The Christmas imagery is not Christian in the least. Unlesit shows Mary or baby jesus it’s Pagan. So just stop.

      5. Will

        You’re a fascist in free country.
        No one is sorry that you feel left out.
        Stop throwing Jewish people under the bus to feel more included as an individual.

      6. Seren

        You know, throughout the entirety of the MCU I’ve never seen a pasty, middle-aged Welshman with a receding hairline and a slight paunch portray a superhero. My particular demographic is never represented on screen. Instead heroes are buff,chisselled, and good looking or, in the case of female heros, beautiful and athletic. Fortunately, as an adult possessing the capacity for objectivity and critical thought, skin thicker than rice paper, and lacking any particular need for validation through asinine histrionics, I’m not really bothered. Tell me, are you going to start a hashtag for more repress for people like me? Thought not. You truly are less interesting than you have convinced yourself you are.

      7. Larry Gopnik

        Hanukkah isn’t a major holiday in the Jewish liturgy, contrary to Rosh Hashanah, Passover or Shavuot. As it’s a late addition to the calendar, it isn’t yom tov. It was, like Purim, some minor celebration, this one involving dreidels, donuts and candles plus one hymn you tell every night during eight nights, and all about the Maccabi regaining control of the Temple from Seleucid occupation.
        It’s only because of the proximity of Christmas that Hanukkah became a time where people offered presents, a totally secular tradition. So, the modern-day idea of Hanukkah in Jewish households mostly exists because of the influence of Christmas.
        It’s nice to acknowledge that not all people, even in the MCU, are Christians, that there are Jewish people, Muslims, agnostic or atheists. I have doubts that Thor would be Christian, anyway. Still, the mezuza at the entrance of the apartment is a nice touch, for instance. But it would be a complete train wreck to shoehorn Hanukkah into a TV show because, in the year it would take place, there would be some overlap between Hanukkah and Christmas. Few Jewish people even care about the year these events take place, as it’s an alternate universe in the future anyway.
        So, you’re deliberately trying to stir some controversy about something that was about as uncontroversial as it gets. Sure, you have a right to express your opinion, but please don’t act as if you were being representative of all of or most of the Jewish community. I’d say that most Jewish people are rightfully not offended by the show.

      8. (((Dovid L)))

        Wait Danielle, so you’re aware that it isn’t even chanukah yet in the show, and yet you still uploaded that drivel?

    2. TovahChaya

      How do you start off by saying that Marvel has no obligation to represent any religion and then turn around and say having Christmas imagery is to be expected? That represents a specific religion. And it didn’t have to happen. The unnecessary presence of the imagery makes the show less inclusive and less enjoyable for all of the people who constantly have Christmas and its trappings crammed down our throats and told that it’s no big deal that it is by people like you, who apparently don’t even recognize that it’s a religious holiday. The show could’ve been a refuge for us away from the hegemony of this season. It was a lost opportunity and it’s disappointing.

      1. Kevin Lee Myers

        Yeah, well, I and millions of other people don’t share your opinion. Instead of giving you some thought they should focus on the opinions of the majority not the 0.0000043% who can’t handle normal everyday life. Especially those who can’t handle fictional characters in fictional worlds on TV. You’re literally a mental case.

      2. Will

        …. Did you really just complain about having Christmas “crammed down your throat.” …. The holiday where we share gifts with our loved ones. What a soulless comment.

  6. Emily Kimmelman

    This has to be a joke. We have never cared about this kind of thing and trust me not every Jew feels like this. Some of us just enjoy tv and movies and don’t need representation because we know who we are!! Christmas in NYC is always fine by me!

    1. Harold Ruggless

      I doubt the people complaining are complaining due to being Jewish. They’re probably complaining because they’re the type that searches for reasons to complain about everything. If it wasn’t Christmas it’d be that the actress isn’t the lead or why is Hawkeye white, or what about the Romani people where’s their representation, etc. etc.

    2. Danielle silverstone

      Not every jew has to be mad but a lot of us are. Stop generalizing

      1. Kevin Lee Myers

        A lot of us? You mean the 100 or so people from Internet Land? Just because the internet let’s you guys get together as a “group” with a “voice” DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE POWER. There are billions of people in this world who don’t care. You being a minor fraction of a fraction doesn’t hold any weight in the real world. I wish big corporations would realize that and stop cancellations of good people who make small mistakes that offend .00043% of the world’s population. Offended people shouldn’t have a voice. Grow a pair. You’re literally worked up over fictional characters in a fictional universe not representing you. Dude, we don’t have super powers, who cares what holiday is in the background? People like you is why social media is the downfall of society. Once corporations realize the offended ones will never group together in masses, other than on the internet in chat rooms and message boards, they’ll realize they don’t need to cater to them and we can go back to the way things were. Who cares if hurt feelings wanna boycott a movie or TV show, because that .00004% loss in ticket sales worldwide isn’t going to change a thing.

      2. Will

        Doubt it

        I know you think you speak for the Jewish race here, but you don’t. You speak for yourself. Your opinion is no more important than anyone else’s Danielle, and it most definitely is not a representation of the Jewish people

    3. Will

      It ain’t a joke but I am dead serious what it may be is a Russian troll.

      She’s sewing division😐

      What’s inexcusable is that a jerkoff (Caitlyn) with a keyboard perpetuates it for a chance to be a pseudo-journalist

  7. Fox

    Danielle Silverstone needs to get over herself (or themselves, [she’s not a girl according to her tiktok]).

    The article literally states there are Jewish elements in the show and the actress of Kate Bishop is Jewish herself. “eRaSing JeWiSh elEmEnts”, actual survivors are more resilient than that tiktok softy, get real.

  8. Nena

    It doesn’t take much to offend these days. Your reasons for this being seen as anti-Semitic is laughable. Christmas is not just celebrated by Christians. As a Christian, I don’t even view Christmas as a Christian holiday, as Santa takes center stage. Even atheists celebrate Christmas. As far as Scarlet witch and magneto is concerned, Eric isn’t even recognized in the MCU, which should be more of an insult than her Jewish heritage being forgotten. We haven’t even gotten into the X-Men yet. This version of Wanda may not even be his daughter, now that they have introduced variants and alternate universes. Besides that, with the exception of Steve Rogers probably being a Christian, religion hasn’t even been a part of the MCU. You are concerned with a lack of Jewish representation, but we don’t know the religions of any of the characters. It’s never been discussed. Furthermore, you have Thor god of Thunder, Loki god of Mischief, Hella goddess of death. Last I checked, God was the only God, so why aren’t you offended that these pagan gods are playing big roles in the MCU?

    1. Buss

      I couldnt agree more…especially about the magneto part. Did this writer forget that people alrrady put lights and stuff up after halloween?? Its christmas season for many weeks. Im sorry people of the jewish faith only gave themselves 8 nights…

    2. Katy

      I grew up living down the street from Holocaust survivors. They put up a Christmas tree and lights on the house. Christmas has become and possibly always has been a secular celebration. Having something take place during the Christmas season doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Christian. What about the Die Hard movies. Took place during Christmas, but I never once heard it referred to as anti-Semetic. Just enjoy the MCU for what it is. Fantasy. I doubt the creators even thought of it in any religious aspect.

      1. (((Dovid L)))

        Agree with most of what you said, but please don’t use anecdotes from a random Jewish neighbor or conflate the Holocaust with the entirety of Jewish culture and experience.

        Jewish culture is not a monolith, and a Jew putting up a Christmas tree speaks more to the individual than the entire culture, not much different than someone with Muslim heritage drinking a beer.

        Should probably also note well-documented phenomenon of Holocaust survivors (and of any institutionalized violent antisemtism, with data going back to the 1400s) are significantly more likely to forgo their own cultural/religious practices and adopt those of their host country (aka ‘Goy-passing), in hopes that our neighbors won’t turn a blind eye when someone tries to cart us off to our deaths again.

        (Sure this wasn’t your intent, but now you know)

  9. Rob

    The reason Wanda and Pietro weren’t related to Magneto in the MCU had nothing to do with erasing their Jewish heritage. Fox owned X-Men, mutants, and Magneto. Marvel Studios had Avengers. Wanda and Pietro existed in both X-Men and Avengers, so they could be used by both studios (Quicksilver/Pietro was, with different actors.) When Wanda and Pietro were used in the MCU, Magneto could not be mentioned. In Age of Ultron, it was revealed their powers came from HYDRA experiments in their Miracles program.

    1. (((Dovid L)))

      Totally side point, but the results of this is that the only character to make
      it to the big screen who Jewish identity is highlighted, is a villain who uses that identity as justification to harm others.

      Not saying that’s MCUs fault, but it is curious that they’ve actively worked to offset the token villanization of all other marginalized groups but Jews.

  10. Randy Brownlee

    So if elements “aren’t” there it’s antisemetic? I’m confused, because I thought the word meant it showed hatred toward the Jews? I don’t see hate in the show. I’ve never been to New York but do you see a lot of Jewish symbolism in Times Square during the holidays? Maybe the MCU should take place in a totally left wing butt hurt universe?

  11. James

    I don’t care if this is labeled a Christmas Movie, as a Christian it doesn’t bother me. Also, once Ms. Marvel Premiers, it will not bother if Kamila observes Ramadan, as she is Muslim.
    Point is, just because Hawkeye focuses on a Christian religious holiday as a plot in the background. Doesn’t mean Marvel, their staff, the cast, and crew of this show are anti anyone of different faiths. Enjoy the story.

  12. David K

    I’m Jewish and I find this accusation ridiculous. All of a sudden we’re offended by Christmas? It’s not “fans” either, it’s one person looking for attention and you gave it to them. You both should be ashamed.

  13. Matt

    First time posting on stuff like this but felt had to add, who the hell cares what 1 random ass person on tiktok thinks? Stop giving them attention. Their opinion is no more important than mine or anyone else’s.

    And people need to stop looking for reasons to be offended. You might think you’re cool cause you have a few random people agree with you but trust me, the majority of the world is either laughing at you, wants you to shut up and get over yourself, or literally does not care about you. Most likely all 3.

    Either watch the damn show or don’t.

  14. Paul

    Glad to see the comments blowing this up already, what a bunch of nonsense. Find something worthwhile to complain about.

  15. These cancel culture jerk offs need to take up a better cause than attacking things out of their boredom. Imagine if they spent their time helping the homeless or picking up trash. Instead they dig into anything for something that could be misconstrued as racism then use it to get themselves attention. Stop being little attention whores and go do something useful.

  16. Earl Knowles

    Don’t like it, don’t watch it! Your opinion matters to you and you alone. It carries no more and no less weight than anyone else’s. The rest of us will enjoy the show for what it is, an escape from the over sensitive, hyper-critical world we live in today.

  17. Al

    If they are marketing this as a Christmas show, what inherently makes that so bad? In the article, you already say that they reference Jewish culture! So there are some Christmas trees? Big deal! Is there a scene where Clint goes to midnight mass? Or goes to
    Church? Maybe they are gonna address more of Kate bishop’s jewish background going forward. Who knows? They have only put out TWO EPISODES.

    The MCU is starting to get better with inclusion. Can they do a better job? Sure. But they are working towards it with the inclusion of a gay couple in eternals, have already given us a tremendous black protagonist in black panther, an awesome asian lead in Shang chi, Norse mythology in Thor, zendaya as Mary Jane. If it wasn’t thanksgiving I would think of multiple other examples.

  18. Victor Nazarian

    I’m curious,
    Did anyone notice the primary characters based on Norse religious figures with magical spiritual powers or Buddhist magicians? Is there something actually wrong with a character being spiritually Christian? Is it wrong for the production company (Disney/Marvel) marketing Christmas themes during a time when many of their customers are in a Christmas oriented frame of mind? Is it really appropriate for people to attack anything that might be supportive of something or someone simply because it’s not also supportive of someone else? That would seem to be a nearly impossible requirement of a particularly oppressive form of political correctness.

    1. Will

      It’s fascism unfortunately and it’s seeping into our country from the disenfranchised. The creator of this TikTok account has received an inordinate amount of personal hatred. But this isn’t about Marvel and it’s def not about Judaism. This is about people who feel alienated and oppressed using a fascist political movement disguised as correctness to try and re-engineer the oppressed , oppressor dynamic.

      Everybody love everybody, don’t focus on this sore losers hatred guises as defense of the Jewish people. It’s hate mongering.

  19. Clint Norwood

    Im an atheist so if it was Hanukhah, Christmas, or whatever then I should feel alienated or offended but Im not cause I’m not a baby. There are more important things to be worried about in this world than “This comic based TV show is being marketed as a Christmas show but I’m not Christian!” Also why is this considered antisemtic? There are other religions that don’t celebrate Christmas so why isn’t “anti”- them? Who are these people complaining? Was it an actual organized complaint or did you just read a couple negative tweets?

  20. harvey

    When did our society become so sensitive? Nothing can be done without someone nit picking, and complaing.
    As a comic book reader, since the X-Men movies, I’ve learned not to take movies seriously, because they change almost everything related to the reading material. Sabretooth being Logans brother? The Phoenix killing Cyclops? McGuires webs coming out of his wrist and not a shooter? I can do this all day! BTW: Wanda is not Magneto’s daughter. Comic readers should know this. So no. She isn’t Jewish.

  21. Larry Gopnik

    Once again, it’s a tempest in a tea pot, some controversy that a very small fraction of Twitter users have tried to ignite, until it gets covered in the press in some hacky article.
    I’m Jewish, and I’ve never been offended by some Christmas-themed film or TV show, unless it’s one of those Evangelical things with an obvious agenda against non-believers and other religions. Who’s written nearly every famous Christmas song? Jews. So, if they aren’t offended with the idea of celebrating Christmas, why should you?
    Who’s created Superman, Batman, Captain America, the X-Men, the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and half the other superheroes? Jews. Even when the characters aren’t supposed to be Jewish, they carry themes Jewish people can relate to. Superman is in exile from his home planet, he assumes the identity of Clark Kent, some bespectacled nerd that people regard as a coward, while as Superman/Kal-El, he wants to carry the noble values from his lineage.
    Regarding Wanda (Red Witch) and Pietro (Quicksilver) Maximoff, they are Romani. At some point in the comics, they were supposed to be Magneto’s secret children, and as Magneto is Jewish himself, that would make them Jewish or half-Jewish. Still, they were never raised in the Jewish faith, and they weren’t aware of these Jewish roots.

    1. EricJ

      And the fact that Kitty (Shadowcat) Pryde was Jewish was one story factor that briefly made Magneto question his race-war tactics and reform during the late 80’s/early 90’s.

      Here, the complaint isn’t that Marvel did or said anything anti-Semitic, it’s that MCU is including Christmas in a print-comic story that took place at Christmas, and someone felt left out of big Disney/MCU marketing…
      If Disney+ shows “Miracle on 34th St.”, do we picket THAT for cultural insensitivity too?

  22. Stan Lee and all of those Jewish creators mentioned didn’t have a problem with marketing Christmas-themed issues of comics. She can’t appropriate them for this, but I doubt she has the actual historical perspective to recognize her mistake. Woke sells in the realm of social media street cred. Even when it’s meaningless drivel like this.

  23. Eli Levine

    What a shocker, this child (wearing a tiara) is offended.
    The marketing was a play on Christmas movie/show marketing.
    This is as much of a Christmas Show as Leathal Weapon is a Christmas movie.
    It takes place during the week of Christmas and Clint just wants to get home to celebrate with his family (something he couldn’t do when they were blipped).

    Princess, stick to staying locked in your room and avoid the outside world where not everyone will cater to only the things you like.

    1. Will

      Boom roasted

      Snowflakes are the worst of us

  24. Gene DiNapoli

    Why does everything have to be about everything. It’s called entertainment, just go along with it. If she wants to not watch it for that reason then thats her right.

  25. Mark

    hardly any jewish person is going to be put off by a show just because its set at christmas. thats like me, as a disabled person, being put off a show because there are no disabled people in it, which just wouldnt happen. this is just a minority of sad sacks looking for something to moan about, again.

  26. iggy

    I dunno. I celebrate Christmas but to me the use of Christmas here feels more Hallmark than anything. Or maybe Die Hard? I’m sorry if someone is truly offended. Or is this a case of people being offended theoretically on behalf of other people?

  27. Oliver Sirback

    My God, you people seriously aren’t happy unless you’re miserable and complaining about something. Not everything coming out of Hollywoodberg needs to be Woke. Christians can be represented too. Die mad about it. Can’t wait for Silverstone to comment some anti-white slurs at me like she did others. Get a life

  28. Seren

    Wasn’t it racist how the Barton family were in a Chinese restaurant?#otherpeoplecookyouknow. I am entirely offended other cuisines were not represented in a premier Marvel show. Other types of restaurants have featured in the comics. Such exclusion is morally reprehensible. Even more so, the fact that every belief, from atheism to Pastafarianism wasn’t granted equal screen time. Don’t the producers know that the whole purpose of television shows is not to provide simple ntertainment, but to represent every facet of society, ensuring none are offended? Instead they foolishly opted to include, dialogue and character. On a side note, I have spent today being offended about the general lack of anything sufficiently substantial to be offended about. Instead, today, I had to be offended that grass is green. My truth is that’s it’s turquoise, and my truth is as valid as yours.

  29. Will


  30. Phil

    It’s not fans, it’s one liberal moron named Danielle Silverstone trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. Her pathetic opinion means nothing and as cancel culture does, she should be canceled. The show takes place during Christmas/Holiday season, get over it loser. Your life must really be sad if this is what you thought when you watched this, so far enjoyable show. GET A LIFE LOSER.

  31. Dland Jesus Freak 😉

    Thank goodness that I’m just a 👑 JESUS 👑 & I Don’t have to worry about all of these “Other Religion’s” because in my life, it’s ALL ABOUT 👑 JESUS 👑 & He’s NOT a Religion. He is a RELATIONSHIP. So keep on Arguing about who didn’t do what or what was not put in. I’d be very concerned about WHERE YOU’RE GOING “AFTER” all of this is gone & the MCU (Jewish or not not) is NOT going to save you, ONLY 👑 JESUS 👑 can. Merry 👑 JESUS 👑 everybody 🙂👋🏼🙂👋🏼🙂👋🏼

  32. Michael

    Sorry Danielle Silverstone but Christmas is NOT a Christian holiday… decorated fir trees and presents has absolutely NOTHING to do with what Christians believe… it is more of a secular holiday like Valentine’s Day, the Easter Bunny and Halloween, all made up for people to celebrate something that has ZERO to do with the Bible and followers of God… get a life and quit whining!!

  33. Grow up u sad sad sad little minded snowflakes.

  34. Tina Geiger

    The Christmas imagery is not Christian in the least. Unlesit shows Mary or baby jesus it’s Pagan. So just stop.

  35. karsten torch

    Awwww….you’re possibly not included in every little aspect of everything. They based it on being release around Christmas, and it takes place at Christmas, and you don’t celebrate it? Because we should make sure that you celebrate anything shown in every movie or show? Question, would you be this upset if it was a Hannukah-themed show, and feel bad for all the Christians because it wasn’t Christmas-themed?

    I feel a bit like this is an example of somebody sitting around looking for things to be offended by.

  36. Unknown

    I believe that if they were celebrating Hanukkah instead of Christmas all of the Christians would feel underrepresented… and there should be more Jewish representation in marvel; however, that is not the route they chose this time around. Many people who celebrate Christmas aren’t even Christians… although Christmas is a Christian holiday in this series it is represented purely as secular. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that people need to decorate gingerbread houses or watch Christmas movies. So get over it people… I would say that Marvel should push to have more Jewish representation, and we haven’t yet seen the last 4 episodes yet so slow your roll people!

  37. Donnie

    Comment Comment, Comment Comment Comment comments. Comment comment, comment comment!! Comment. Comments comment comment comments comment comment. Comment’s comments comment commentary commenting comments. Communion comment comments comment.

  38. (((Dovid L)))

    WTF did I just read.

    First off, antisemitism has an actual definition. This is not it. In a time where antisemitism remains as one of the last forms of discrimination arbitrated by people from outside the group descriminated against, it’s appalling to see you fuel that by crying wolf.

    There’s so many actual examples anti-Jewish descrimination you could have chosen:
    – Jewish roles almost always played by non-Jews,
    – Jewish character backgrounds replaced with Christianity
    – Deeply inaccurate depictions of Jewish rituals.
    – The near-exclusive relegation of religious Jews to antagonists (combined with a refusal to caveat)

    And of course the systemic issue that in 2021, these same things generate an uproar when applied to every minority group _other_ than Jews.

    You know what’s not on the list?
    Taking a generic holiday setting, and making it Christmas centric. Moreso when the Christmas theme is important to the plot (the impetus for Hawkeye missing his family and trying to rush home). Moreso in New York, where Christmas celebrations start day after Thanksgiving.

    PS: Chanukah in 2024 – when Hawkeye is set – only starts the night of December 25th. So if you want to actually claim this as an erasure of Jewish culture, you still have an episode or two to go).

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