Comments for Marvel Now Using Hallmark Christmas Movies as Inspiration

Tony put up a stocking for Jarvis, Iron Man 3

But if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Tony and Pepper were awesome for giving Jarvis his own stocking. Credit: Marvel/Reddit


  1. EricJ

    “Wanda hit her head while ice skating, and woke up in an alternate multiverse where it’s Christmas EVERY DAY!
    But she doesn’t realize that her handsome skating teacher is really a prince of Wakanda in disguise!

    Meanwhile, overworked CEO career gal Pepper finds her car stranded in a small town near Westchester, NY, and rediscovers her own meaning of Christmas when she helps the schoolchildren put on their annual holiday play!”

    1. Harry

      😂 that’s a hallmark movie if I’ve ever seen one….
      I have

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