Comments for Marvel Fans Speak Out Angrily as Tom Holland is NOT Announced as Next Spider-Man

tom holland as peter parker in endgame

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Silly Bunny

    Let’s get Morgan Freeman to voice Spidey!

  2. Can't believe what I'm reading

    This is really weird reporting and the reactions to this news is just as strange. It’s not uncommon for movie actors to reprise their roles on animated versions of their characters even if it is connected to the cinematic universe. It’s most likely a lower budget productions and Tom’s agent advised not to take it on due to potential salary disputes.

  3. Yvonne

    Of course we all dislike change. Yes, I love Tom as spiderman. Although I do understand the demands people put on actors. For goodness sake people, they are only human, let them live a normal life. This being said, I don’t understand why the actor has to change every 2nd or 3rd movie. He’s young, he’s talented and he seems committed. If it seems like I’m jumping around, I’m trying to address all being said in the article.

  4. Cole

    Everyone is just freaking out, if marvel has any clue at all what they’re doing Spidey will be around for a few more years at least, fantastic 4 is years away and peter parker is close friends with Reed Richards and the human torch, also Spidey is suppose to take iron man’s spot as the leader of the avengers it’s all in due time, also caugh* silver surfer caugh* Galactus ;P

  5. T. Rob

    This article shows a total lack of understanding in the situation and just lends itself to sensational reporting that even J. Jonah Jameson would raise an eyebrow over.

    You fail to understand that Marvel doesn’t need to “buy Spider-Man.” Marvel OWNS Spider-Man. He is a copyright (ownership) of Marvel Comics, a division of Walt Disney corporation. Your wording is not how licensing works. Sony doesn’t “own” Spider-Man; they have an exclusive rights agreement for films and video games to Spider-Man and all Spider-Verse properties. Licensing is NOT ownership. That license agreement used to include TV shows as well but doesn’t anymore. So, Marvel can make its own Spider-Man TV shows and animated TV shows.

    Holland’s contract is exclusively with Sony, not with Marvel Studios. He can only act in the MCU under release from Sony. He is not signed up for the animated shows since they’re not by Sony. This is not surprising at all and is a commonplace thing. The ONLY animated recast for the MCU that made no sense was Dave Bautista’s absence as Drax from “What if… ?” All of the others are easily explained by contracts alone and aren’t worth a “news” article.

    Please study copyright. This is required learning for freshmen journalists in college.

  6. André B. Thomas

    Stan Lee was NOT the sole creator of Spiderman!!!


    I grew up reading, writing and most of all drawing Marvel artists, ESPECIALLY Jim Steranko and JACK KIRBY!!!

    GET IT RIGHT!!!!


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