Comments for Marvel Fans Irate After Massive Filmmaker Vulgarly Trashes and Verbally Destroys Films


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  1. Jonathan Adams

    Nobody cares about these guys. When was his last quality film? Tell me.

    1. Ryan

      The Last Duel. Which came out this year. And was excellent.

      I disagree with his opinion here, but it’s just that, an opinion. Film is subjective. You don’t have to get bitter that he doesn’t share yours.

      1. Sarah Hutton

        Sounds a LOT bitter from what I have read.
        It’s a good job we don’t ALL love the same things as life would be boring.
        Also, it’s light entertainment .
        I liked Alien, all of them, but I don’t want horror every night, I’d like a giggle. MCU affords me that!

    2. Billy

      More people care about his opinion on film then actually watch those trash MCU flicks

      1. Brian Carr

        The billions disney made off these movies beg to differ. I dont billions of dollars worth of people asking for his opinion.

    3. Rob McCready

      Honestly, with those comments he lost most of the remaining respect I had left for him as a filmmaker (and I assume there will be many out there who will agree, though not everyone). He lost the bulk of it from the last several films he’s put out. And better yet, he has the gall to say that superhero films are boring??? The Last Duel put me to sleep (credit goes out to the actors, I loved the all-star cast). We have enough ME TOO drama in the world right now, why do we need to see more of it from Medieval times? the worst part for me: when I heard Matt and Ben were going to be in another film together, I got all excited, that is until I saw the preview…

    4. Joshua Sweeney

      Well both scorcese and Scott aren’t wrong 😬 I love how anyone who criticizes marvel has a whole bunch of marvel superman’s on them most super hero movie suck and you just like it because it’s marvel

  2. John

    Seriously? Everyone is over 2 decades of 0 blockbusters other than marvel movies with the same script. Ask anyone. Literally ask anyone and they’ll tell you they are ready for something else. Please almighty God in heaven produce original content again! The 90s was literally teaming with original content and now it’s superhero movie after superhero movie. It’s the dullest time in cinema and this article is retarded for stating otherwise

    1. Bonk

      You sound insane. You can just not watch them. Please, just shut up.

      Not everyone thinks like you (thank god). People can like things that you don’t like. “Ask anyone and they’ll say what I’m saying” is blatantly untrue.

      Whether Marvel is incredible or dull doesn’t matter. This reaction is absurd, and is far worse than a movie not meeting your expectations.

      1. Mike

        Nah they’re right. Superhero movies have outstayed their welcome and I think majority are sick of them now.


          Mike, if they’ve outstayed their welcome, why do people keep watching them and Disney keep making them?

      2. Billy

        He’s right, they suck


        Thank you. Saved me from saying it worse!

    2. Sen

      The article did not say that, did it?

      1. Asabrand

        Scott only had two films worth watching, Alien 2 and Gladiator, the rest were either downright stupid (the rest of the Alien franchise) or an absolute snorefest (Blade Runner). The man has no room calling other films dull or worthless!

        1. Billy

          He never did alien 2( aliens) you don’t know what you are talking about

        2. Vibe

          Actually, Aliens was directed by James Cameron, but besides Gladiator, his filmography overflows with quality work, incl Thelma & Louise, The Martian, Black Hawk Down, Alien, etc, & much more as a producer. Regardless, it’s as silly for him to stomp on the superhero genre as it is for, say, Steinbeck to take Tolkien to task for writing fantasy, or Stan Lee for writing Marvel comics. And perhaps being 84 y/o plays a factor, & might even explain those last two Alien movies which wasted so much cast potential for inexplicable story beats.

  3. Teresa

    Some of the biggest names in Hollywood star in these movies. Not boring.

  4. Doodle

    Let’s see….Ellen Ripley; human, no super powers, Maximus Decimus; human, no super powers, Rick Deckert; human, no super powers…….Does Ridley Scott even understand the concept of a “superhero”?

    1. Ryan

      So are Batman and Daredevil not Superheroes? I’d argue they very much are. Superhero doesn’t mean Superpowers. It’s just a heroic character who is particularly romanticized and selfless. Ellen Ripley and Maximus Decimus could absolutely be considered to be such.

      Deckard though? God no. Deckard is a film noir-style terrible person protagonist. That’s the part where Scott sounds bonkers.

      1. Joshua R Dennis

        I’d say that makes those characters merely heroes. It’s the “super” part that matters and this is differentiated by going to extraordinary lengths or solving issues via extraordinary means. Batman may not have superpowers but going through super intense, years long training, and then dressing like a bat to fight crime definitely falls under “extraordinary means.” Also, Daredevil has superpowers. They primarily compensate for his disability, but he still has them. So there’s that.

      2. Brian Carr

        Batman is just simply a hero. Daredevil would be a superhero as he can see using some kind of sonar, otherwise he’d just be some insane lawyer swinging around a cane.

    2. Me

      Deckard was a replicant, for the record.

    3. Billy

      I guess he understand good character development and story over pre packaged entertainment, yes

    4. Contra0mnia

      Deckard isn’t human.

  5. Sen

    I don’t have a problem with what he’s saying even though I’m a marvel fan. It’s his opinion.
    I just wanna know one thing: why is he so angry?😅. So many unprovoked expletives

    1. Billy

      He isn’t alone. Most people who dedicated there lives to art get “angry” when major studios decide to just make money and pander to the audience.

      1. Jake

        Lol customer comes first…. the audience kinda calls the shots bud.

  6. B

    First, Martin Scorsese. Now, Ridley Scott. I don’t get why these two well-respected directors are taking Marvel to task.

    Gentlemen, you’ve both cemented your legacy as directors. Nothing will take that away nor tarnish that, but you’re both sounding very crotchety. Be happy for someone else’s success!!

  7. Angel Velazquez

    He’s write I am a retired Roadie/stagehand there are a few exceptions like the 1st Captain America,and the 1st Wonder Woman everything else is crappy work like for those who don’t realize fir example 90%of the movies were shot in a theater if you watch closely you can totally make out where the stage starts and where it ends the special effects can be better the acting can be better, and why before we have a marvel romance between a man and a woman do we have to do a gay couple romance 1st hell last I read comics there were no gay characters WTF

    1. Jake

      Yeah what’s up with the gays. It’s bs and not how super heroes should be

  8. Only the T

    Marvel movies are for idiots and manboys but luckily for Disney that’s a huge amount of the population so what will be will be unfortunately….

  9. Pete

    I don’t know why people have to trash other peoples property’s to make theirs seem better ?? That’s all he’s doing .. these filmmakers use to be on top of the industry .. now their movies are not making as much money as they used too, and they have to blame someone.. But guess what ?? Suck it up !! Because these movies are not going anywhere for awhile !! Just continue to make your movies and let marvel make theirs .. there’s room to coexist.. I’m sure your bank account is just fine .. and the critical Acclaim can still come . The movies that critics like don’t make any money anyway and that will never change ..

  10. Cirius Moonlite

    He has made some good movies. He also made Prometheus and Covenant. Oh dear.

  11. K

    Not very professional to talk that way about fellow filmmakers.

  12. Bats

    Hollywood is tied to the.money, and the.money is in adolescent garbage consumed by the 14 year-old brain, whether it’s a 14 year-old or a 40 year-old.

  13. Oak

    🤷🏻 Isn’t Ridley Scott’s comments kind of expetcted? A really, really old guy not liking the current generation of what’s popular.

  14. Kohdi Mahboub


  15. Steve

    Mr. Scott. Please elaborate on how Alien and Bladerunner had such amazing “stories”? Aliens killing everyone and everyone killing each other in the future. Not too complex. And if I remember corrctly, both movies relied very heavily on special effects. What was that saying about stones and glass houses? Tell me who remebers White Squall. G I Jane or All the Money in the World? You have done some great work, but you may just alienate your audience with those stones you are throwing!

  16. Stephanie

    Since the point of making movies is to entertain the public, box office receipts are the real measure of what is a good movie. Who cares what other directors think. They should applaud movies that please the public. I think they’ve forgotten that their job is to please us — not to dictate what they think the public should like.

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