Comments for Little Boy Left “In Tears” After Being Bullied For Tony Stark Costume Goes Viral

robert downey jr as tony stark (left) and evan struckman as tony stark (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios/Jill Struckman


  1. Jan

    PERFECT costume…. all Evan needed was a cheeseburger and a Dora the Explorer COLLECTIBLE watch! No dirty martini for him though! No strawberries for Pepper. And good for you, Evan. You effectively made those bullies stand down and made yourself shine!!! You’re a great Tony Stark!

    1. Ahn

      This breaks my heart! He looked adorable and make a Great Tony Stark! The real Tony Stark should reach out to him….this would be the right thing to do!

      1. Donna

        As much as I might want to take those bullies over my knee. I think they really need a good talk with someone over the effects that bullying can. That they can seriously hurt someone & how would they feel if it was them or their friends/siblings.
        But if the blow it all off & continue bullying. Well my knee is still available.

        Also that is the absolutely cutest Tony Stark I have ever seen! He could be in the movies he looks so good. Wonderful & unique costume idea! Love it!!!😁😊
        Especially with his Starbucks!

  2. Evan, I think you look AWESOME as Tony Stark! YOU are the truest hero, because you decided to face your fears (and your foes!). Those who make mean comments just don’t get it at ALL! When I was a little girl, I was bullied too, but I did not have the courage to stand up for myself or my dreams. But when I get up, I was able to use my compassion and creativity to become a Walt Disney World Cast Member, a successful mom of two grown sons, and a long-time Boy Scout leader -try Scouts, Evan…you’ll find great friends and experiences there and learn lots of things that will prepare you for great things – like Tony! I’d say you are well on your way to being a better person than those who bullied you and doing things they’ll never even come CLOSE to doing…because you believe you can! Your Mom must be VERY PROUD of you – I know I am, too!

  3. Bxmamipr

    Growing up in the 90s kids were mercilessly bullied, and no one ever said anything. That was bad. But now on the other hand, I think people make “bullying” into something way too much. Kids said his costume “looked dumb” so he basically has a mental breakdown, then mom enables it and has one too? How is this child ever going to survive the real world? People make comments and everyone is a critic, you keep moving, that’s life.

    1. CJA

      He did survive. You are allowed to become upset at meanness; but he went back and faced those bullies instead of letting them ruin his day.

  4. He looks exactly like the real iron man great job Evan

    1. White privilege

      Lol yeah so a rich kid dresses up as a rich superhero, while his rich parents take him to Starbucks and drop him back off in their swanky little car. He looks like he has it SO hard

      1. Tim

        I knew someone would make this comment, I thought similar.

      2. Cory

        Rich kids are still just kids. Sorry he didn’t live up to your lofty standards.

        1. SG

          Agreed! Some bullies NEVER grow up!

  5. Jeff Barker

    I think the bullies need their asses beat and beat some more.

    1. haile


  6. M. Jandt

    Evan is a student in the district I work for. So proud of him for showing resilience and ultimately not letting the bullies get him down. Great costume; looks AWESOME!

  7. Bobby Johns

    Jesus take the wheel

  8. haile

    i mean who doesn’t love little kids dressing up as famous people especially tony starks

  9. SG

    Evan you look awesome! That was a brave thing you did, standing up to bullies.

  10. Jake king

    Oh boohoo, poor little baby cried for being made fun of. Go cry in mommy’s Mercedes and sip your Starbucks. When I was bullied I didn’t get a news article printed about me.

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