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Lake Bell (L) and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow (R)

Credit: Lake Bell Instagram (L) / Marvel Studios (R)


  1. AllSeeing🦁

    Lake Bell is an alright actress; and after viewing the Black Widow movie realizing that there could be any number of Black Widows, what I didn’t see was another white woman (American) Widow…. so since there is Time Traveling, have Valkyrie shift in time to take Natasha to Valhalla, and between She and Thor perform a resurrection. She died a Hero & it’s definitely within their Powerset… at least within the Comics/Animated-verse.

  2. Kirk

    In my first thought after seeing the movie Black Widow was that they would make Yelena Belova, Natasha’s sister the new Black Widow since Natasha died in Endgame that would make sense as she took up her mantle. In Marvel comics she was the Black Widow at one point or another, taking up the call to be the next Black Widow like Sam Wilson will become the next Captain America.

    1. Sue

      This is the best idea.

  3. Scott Freeman

    God no! Scarlett is Black Widow. Like RDJ is Iron Man. Period

    Either get over all your legal issues, or retire the character. Don’t insult us. You’ve got PLENTY of other MCU material to put on screen. Don’t cheapen this cause you can’t play nice together. Lame

    1. Kae

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

      1. Sav

        Would he to see Scarlett replaced by whoever as Black widow. Just like other original actors characters are not being replaced why is she being targeted?? Boooo MCU…if you did it…won’t watch movies with her replacement

      2. Bernice Caver

        Scarlett is Black WIDOW. Please let her play her role. When you start switching up people to play the lead, that’s when you loss me. She is my favorite hero. Keep her.

    2. Libby Grimes

      YES! THANK YOU! If they make Bell the next black widow I will riot. I can understand having her for What If, but its crossing a big line if they do this

    3. Paul Roberts

      I also agree !!! Replacing Black Widow is also Retaliation for the Original Actress Scarlett Johansson Suing for her Money she wasn’t paid for the Streaming service Release, Marvel Disney + Took advantage of her !!!! Fans should Boycott Marvel Disney everything !!!! Online Petition to keep Original Actress !!!!

      1. Bernice Caver

        I totally agree with you. Leave Scarlet alone. Leave the what if actress where she is on What If. She’s not as pretty or as good as Scarlett.

    4. Marvelfan

      They CAN’T replace her. Sure if it’s Yelena but not a whole new actor. As you said: Scarlett is black widow. Period. The end.

    5. Sammy

      Totally Agree with you. Rather do the character justice and leave her dead. She died in the most peaceful and honorable way so leave it that way.

  4. Kevin

    Yes Lake Bell as the new Black Widow in a new Live action MCU yes make it happen.

    1. R

      If they be throwing her in there as a replacement then it’s one of the top ten stupidest decision they’ve made. They need to make a new character with entirely different story, background, race, ethnicity, or anything. Not another white redhead. OG black widow arc is done, albeit rough, but finished enough that it allows an entirely different character to take on the mantel.

    2. Jordan

      Marvel and Disney y’all know what you did and now because you got caught not wanting to pay Scarlett Johansson what you’re promising contract now you wanna replace her.
      If you were placed her I will not watch the next black widow.
      Like RDJ is Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson is Black Widow.

      The end of the Widow

  5. luke raven

    Scarlett is the only true black widow so just bring her back and clone her like they did in the comics instead…never heard of this Lake Bell person in my life.

    1. Kae

      I agree with you. Never heard of her either. And even if I did, she would NOT be my choice! Scarlett is and will forever be Black Widow. The only alternative is her sister Yelena and all they meed to do is give her a new bad ass name.

    2. Libby Grimes

      No. Scarlett Johansson will forever be the Black Widow. Either get your crap together and bring back Scarlett, or pass off the mantle to Yelena. Simple as that house of mouse

    3. Bruce4u

      Scarlett is always the greatest black widow and it would be really dumb if this new actress replace her and it sounds to me that she’s gonna be another overrated actress in future because I also haven’t heard of her before. I’m glad that Scarlett and Disney shook hands and make up after the whole lawsuit thing which brings hope that Disney will still cast her in the upcoming movie ‘Tower of Terror’ and if that work out well then there is still hope that they might plan something by bringing her back to the MCU after ‘Tower of Terror, I mean Disney is aware that her last role as Natasha didn’t do quite justice for a lot of the fans so they might plan it bigger next time which won’t be a disappointment for the fans, although I thought the black widow movie was fine but it could had been better.

  6. Sarah

    They should get that girl on TikTok that looks exactly like Scarlett

    1. TacoLover

      I like tacos. They are tasty-licious.

  7. Gayle

    I will not be watching anything with the other black Widow in it. Scarlett is the only one that made that character. Disney needs to grow up and play nice. If Disney got paid during covid then the actors should have too. Bring her back!!!!!!

  8. Justaful

    Disney needs to get over their mistake, admit they were wrong and bring Scarlett back. She embodies black widow…. or open the next production and have had the character killed off…her little sister replacing her in the lineup. Just because you are house of mouse…does not make you a god….

  9. Christinia Tims

    No Lake Bell might be a fine actress, I wouldn’t rightly know cause she never stands out in any movie I’ve seen. She not pretty enough. She has a face that’s suited for westerns, mideveal or other period pieces. She got a “Sarah Plain and Tall” sort of look, yet eligant.

  10. John

    No… Either follow either her “sister” from the movie or bring Scarlett back. Can use Steve Rogers returning the stones as a resurrection…

    1. Endersgone

      Disney will continue to prove themselves a horrible company that cares about little but numbers.

  11. Michelle

    If she plays an alternate Natasha, I’m out. I’d love to see her play some other character in the MCU, but the OG6 do not need to be recast even using the multiverse. I will take Scarlett back as an alt Natasha happily though.

  12. Ryan

    It’ll never be the same, think I’m just about done with marvel sad to say, changing and dropping the original actors is a no no

  13. Colin Andersen

    I feel Natasha died and her sister should take over as the new black widow end of story.

  14. Steven D holliday

    That is just wrong and I would not watch the next movie then Scarlett Johansson is always my black widow

  15. USAgent Black

    Folks. Folks, folks, folks. Black Widow is DEAD. She cannot be in BP2 because that movie takes place in the MCU current timeline. If not, BP would be alive, and Marvel has publicly stated that they are doing NO CGI to simulate a love C. Bozeman. BW is dead, BP is dead. Marvel would not replace a generational character with a little known, although talented, address. YELENA BOLOVA will be the next BW. Done deal.

  16. Timothy Rodriguez

    Scarlett Johansson is the only Black Widow

  17. Bruce

    Time to boycott Disney!

  18. Scarlett Johansson Is The Black Widow Period. “Accept No Substitutes” That Is Why Marvel Comics Was So Iconic Because It Cared About The Fans.
    Sorry If That Greedy Little Mouse Got His Whiskers In A Bunch….

  19. Ramon Stodghill

    I won’t be looking at the movie then since there’s no Scarlett Jo.

  20. Tony Tonkinson

    It would be silly if she does play Natasha from another universe because in a way it’s like as though that they are replacing Scarlett’s version which isn’t good because Scarlett spent a lot of years to develop this character and there is even more story to Natasha’s character in the comics which is why it’s still possible that Scarlett can return…I mean yea she’s dead but can still comeback whether she’s resurrected or just get cloned which is still comic accurate. Also who in heavens name is Lake Bell?

  21. Juliana

    MCU is trying to self sabotage, they will succeed and put the blame on fans. Just watch.

  22. Antoine Brock

    Lake Bell.!!! Yes Love.. Love..Love..I Know she’d be awesome and capture the essence of Natasha & with all the other amazing widows.. why wouldn’t it be possible. MCU let’s go to WORK..!!! So Incase you didn’t get it. I say YESS to the BLLEST.
    hahah!! ⬆️do u get it⬆️
    Bell and Best & Rhym

  23. Johnny4ever

    If she’s gonna be another Natasha then NO..NO..NO..NO..NO…sounds like another actress who will be overrated in future.

  24. WhiskeyFox

    Oh lord…please no. Cast her sister as the new Black Widow if anything! This re-cast idea is terrible 😑

  25. Gregg Long

    Lake Bell is a fine actress but using her as a replacement for Scarlett in this long running franchise doesn’t really make sense. She’s already 6 years older than ScarJo and these movies are very physically demanding. It’s always easier to play someone older than your actual age, not to mention that Black Widow is similar to Captain America in that she’s ENHANCED and will age slower than a normal human. ScarJo has been in the MCU for a decade. If Lake Bell did the same she would be 52.

  26. Scarlet Johansson is the only black widow now all sudden out of no where Disney wants a replacement Disney your making Marvels movies look bad ,plus get over it with Ms. Johansson suing tbe company should’ve going too her first before releasing it on Disney plus,I give her a lot of credit for doing it ,I almost forgot who the hell is the actress ,trying too replace Scarlett

  27. Jerry Anthony Hampton

    I love Lake Bell, but there’s no replacing Scarlett Johansson.

  28. Allison Meyers

    I don’t mind seeing someone else.

  29. Jake Stone

    Terrible idea if she is replacing Scarlett, that would be stupid

  30. Gwavitwy

    Bro get over ur issues ScarJo is the Black Widow Forever.

    Bets the next black widow movie there will be not a full cinema because of replacement

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