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  1. Sam

    If I had the fame that they have I wouldn’t keep Park Guests from riding a ride I would let them ride along.

    1. Heidi

      WOW!!! I think Disney World needs to implement new rules staying that NO ONE, not even celebrities can shut down rides for their own private ride time. Regular everyday people have to wait up to an hour at times in lines just to ride and then to have a famous person het the ride to themselves is selfish and it should not be allowed at all. Who cares if they are rich? Why don’t they go build their own private amusement park if they refuse to ride along side normal people.

    2. Renee

      I agree that celebrity guest should ride along with a caveat that the park provide some type of social distances, perhaps 5 empty cars before the celebrity and 5 cars after the celebrity. I feel this would provide safety. The celebrity could wait in a secure “local ride stage” location until their secure cars have been allocated. Part of the Disney Magic is the oohs and ahhh’s of the guest as they experience the Magic. Also, most guest are on a strict timeline and budget in their WDW visit and losing hours and monies because of private guest shutting down rides is not an acceptable solution; current child Park Hopper ticket is $218.00 minimum. Side Note = small children can’t and don’t rationalize rides down for almost any reason – Happy Child = Happy Parent = Awesome WDW visit 😊 = Dollars well spent

  2. Lairalee

    What total crap! Her kid is more important than your child who had to wait in line and ride with the rest of the normal people…you know all the security threats. I can not believe that anyone follows her for anything! She’s a totally worthless human.

    1. Jj

      Agreed! The (Kourt)adult wore princess outfit, which are against dress codes for Disney for adults. And guests over 10.

      1. MomD

        Maybe if it were an actual celebrity? But Kylee Jenner? Or the Kardashians? Please!!

        1. Not-A-Celebrity

          Only people give these idiots titles like celebrities. Stop paying attention to them and they are no longer “celebrities”.

          I am disappointed in Disney for allowing this, but then again, they bend-over for $$

    2. Tim

      That’s a bunch of crap. Y do they always think they deserve better than the normal working people. That they get treated so special. Nothing but arrogance. Period!!!!!

  3. Jj

    Kourtney wire a princess out lift which is banned for guests over 10 .. they are completely asinine

    1. Jj


      1. Al

        I’m sure they paid for it.. Disney seems to always be open for money.

    2. Angry

      Safety, my Aunt Fannie. Money talks and Disney is all too happy to listen. Sickening, but not at all surprising.

    3. Craig

      Let’s be honest about this.Disney caters to them for nothing more than the money. If it bothers you that bad find a different theme park and take the money away from Disney.

    4. Facts

      I am so glad Travis Scott got to enjoy beautiful Disney world was it with the money all those teenagers and young adults that died at AstroWorld paid with?

  4. Michael Shimer

    1) I’m happy to say I wouldn’t know her if I was standing right next to her, and 2) I do recall hearing about the tragedy her husband oversaw in Houston 3 weeks ago. You’d think she would have enough on her plate helping survivors of that tragedy than to be running around WDW acting spoiled.

  5. Her closing the whole ride of a small world to make it her own only to ride is not fair and it’s not right i mean if i was her just for an example i would share the ride not make it myself only to ride

    1. Jennifer Gaines

      Safety had nothing to do with it; it was catering to the rich & famous who choose to take advantage of their celebrity status.

      1. Victoria Bell

        I don’t think safety is the issue here. It was never about that. They just happened to give her what she wanted, i.e. privacy and it doesn’t sit well with most Disney Connoisseurs. Who in the parent comment said it was about safety, Jennifer?

  6. JMH

    One of my film classes in college brought up a discussion of celebrity. As in, why does society elevate people who are on TV, in movies, etc? What makes us want to get near them or talk to them, be noticed? If you think about it, it’s not like you’d give these people, any of them, a second look at the grocery store if they were bank tellers, pharmacists, etc. It sounds ridiculous, but here we are. Unfortunately the discussion didn’t return any real reason why we value famous people so much. It would be better if we didn’t care. For one thing, nobody would be shutting down rides for safety, to prevent public clamoring and that madness.

    1. Chris Kinney

      Yeah, celebrity worship has always been beyond me. I mean, if I met someone whose work I enjoy, I would probably thank them for entertaining me, but when you think about it, being a celebrity only means that more people than normal know of you.

    2. Renee

      Perhaps people want the same recognition deep down if only for a few minutes. The TRIED and TRUE of wanting what you don’t have. Wanting long hair when you have short, longer fingers when you have short fingers and the person with big feet etc, you get the point.

  7. Jane

    She takes up too much useful oxygen.

  8. Click

    Who cares .. sorry she is not somebody that matters to me

    1. Janis

      Totally ridiculous!!! Not fair to people who paid there price to get in and then they are shoved aside by a person with money. Such crap

  9. Katelyn

    And she got this fame why…. Seriously Why is she famous…And then doesn’t even have the sense to choose a decent ride…

  10. RC

    The amount of money that these pompous celebrity mentality that many spoiled celebrities are used to be treated. We as the general public allow this from society. The safety for them is valid but to shut down a ride is crap! The solution is when they get escorted to the specific ride, cast management just needs to have limitations of the amount of people and for example the Small World ride and others can be done by allowing several ride vehicles before them to be vacant and the other ride vehicles are for the other guests. Solution! No availability for random pictures of that celebrity group and safety is still set.
    Then again…. That is the other solution if people usually complain. Although, remember a typical ride like small world is not more than 15-20 minutes well for that it’s faster to shut down the ride allow them to ride with the family and it’s done. If I was the upper management IMHO, I would restrict the shutdown for these prima celebrity to each ride amount to one while the park is open to the general public.
    Now if they want to ride the particular ride several times, then they have the enough money to rent out the park overnight for that celebrity status and not ruin all of our children and families memories and hard earn money and important time constraints because there is a limited time we blue collar families are there visiting WDW or DL! Those celebrities are not entitled. They have the open availability to spend an entire week or more to enjoy the Florida Disney parks!

  11. Susan

    Years ago I saw McLean Stevenson from M*A*S*H at Disneyland with his little girl or granddaughter. I did not interrupt him to say hello but an older gentleman told him how much “he and his wife enjoyed watching him on MASH.” Mr. Stevenson was very gracious and thanked him.

    I get a kick out of seeing celebrities I respect but I almost never interrupt their day. I would not go out if my way to talk to most of today’s so-called celebrities (I met Debbie Reynolds once and we talked for a while about her first book, her work, and her attempts to start a museum for film costumes and props. She was absolutely lovely!).

  12. Kylie who? It’s absolutely ridiculous to shut the ride down

  13. Me

    Just because she is famous shouldnt give her the right to shut down the ride so no one else can use it thats just not fair to the non famous people who dont have the privilege of fame and fortune. How many kids had the worst day ever because they could go on their favorite ride due to this inconsiderate inconvenience! 😤

  14. abbey

    what a nasty comment

  15. I hope they didn’t shut down every ride this spoiled rich family wanted to ride; the peasants would revolt.

  16. Teddy Gingerich

    Why don’t we have an option to report comments like that?

  17. Teddy Gingerich

    Sorry, Disney, but this is unacceptable. It’s one thing to allow “celebrities” to waltz around with an entourage. It’s another thing to shut down an entire attraction, especially during the holiday season. If this “famous for being famous” twit wants the park to herself, let her pay to have the whole place from closing to reopening so she and her precious kids can ride everything without the presence of the rabble. And she can pay the salaries of ALL the Cast Members to work overnight as well.
    This entire family is nothing but useless trash.

  18. Jean

    I still don’t know what the F this weirdo is famous for.

  19. Rachael

    Wow – about 5 years ago, my sister and I spotted Kylie walking with an entourage in Universal Studios Florida and there was literally a huuuuge crowd of onlookers following them – I can see how it would eventually technically disrupt the user experience if allowed to just roam free.

    We’ve also spotted Michael Buble quietly taking the hidden elevator up to DHS Tower of Terror and they let him onto his own vehicle right before we were to get our assigned rows….the senior woman in front of us was like “MICHAEL!! I’m a huge fan!” and he didn’t even look her way. Hours later we saw her and her husband again after a few drinks at the Brown Derby and she drunkenly told us she’d never buy his albums again lolol. But I guess at least he didn’t shut down the whole ride??

    1. Ljg

      I have never liked MB.

  20. Mi

    Funny thing Chris Evans was there over the Holiday weekend and he didn’t request they close a whole ride for him. Would think he’s a bigger “star” than this so called Celebrity.

    1. HenryC

      Certainly a nicer one

  21. Drew Cary ride the big ball at Epcot and we all rode with him.. he fusrntvthink he is better than everyone else..
    Shane on Disney for doing this!! She is a nobody!!! Trash!!!

  22. JustSaying

    Wow – where is the diversity, equity and inclusion here?

    1. HenryC

      What does it have to do with DE&I? They shut down a ride for celebs.

  23. sam

    Disney is a business, they can do as they please.

    hopefully they charged extra for this privilege.

  24. Jhg

    What do I think of this ? Oh, mot much. The world is not a good place anymore.

  25. Joyce

    Disney should let them in after the park closes.

  26. Kamm


  27. Jordan

    Wow, how does it feel being a racist, hateful piece of trash?

  28. Jordan

    Wow, how does it feel to be a racist, hateful piece of trash?

  29. CM

    I love how no one fact checked this. They didn’t stop the guests, they put them on and gave a small buffer and then let guests on. The only time that doesn’t happen is if a celeb comes in with a disguise and no one knows its a celebrity. They have VIP guides that’s why they cut the line, anyone willing to pay for it can get one, it’s not a celebrity thing lol.

    1. Renee

      Thank you, yes there are VIP lead visits at an additional cost and it works great.

  30. JayVee

    So glad you made me read through more paragraphs of nonsense before getting to the actual nonsense.

  31. william

    The real reason they are closing down ‘Its a small world’ – it has been irreparably tainted by these skanks. I hope and pray for the day that this country stops elevating useless, vapid people to the level of “celebrity”.

  32. Michael

    If i was in her position, i would have made it a day to remember in a positive way by being with the people. You inherit risk and mitigate it as best as possible with renown. Safety is good, yes. The forced favoritism in the name of safety is not. Be better, Disney. If safety is an issue, then hire a bunch of us veterans and police officers to be a dedicated security detail if that is so important to you. Be better.

  33. Anna

    I would not shut down any places in Disney for any celebs. Regular people who talk crap about celebs should stop complaining because you the people making those celebs famous and follow them around and pay your money to their crap concerts and merch and the products in the market they drop you guys are the one making them rich and now complaining about them having money? Well its time for all of you stop complaining and start building your life by unfollowing them and pay too much attention to their lives rather pay more attention to your own life and kids. Stop buying celebs staff they get richer and richer because of you people and they don’t even give you opportunities to even ride the same time with them in these places shame shame. I never pay for any celebs and never support them and never follow them because if you follow them in instagram each person is a dollars for them and so they are getting richer by you following them in social media because they get paid by YouTube, instagram, tiktok, etc you need to change your life and your habits and you will see you will be richer than these crappy celebs who has no education no talent no personality no shame and no self respect nothing but using you people for their fame.

  34. No

    Just another reason to never go to Disneyworld or Disneyland or any of that crap. They’re just rich a$$hole playgrounds anyways and this literally proves it lol. Let the rich elites have it. It’s probably another epstien Island by now anyways

  35. Dianne

    Why should she get better treatment than other paying guests???

  36. Staci

    Almost bumped “literally” into Jo Jo Siwa at Tomorrowland Speedway. Didn’t even know it was her in front of me until my kids started taking pictures of me on the ride. Turned out it was her they were taking pictures of, not me.

  37. Valerie

    Disney World has had about $80000 of our money over the years. Now my kids are grown and recently asked we rent cottages at Fort Wilderness because their boyfriends had never experienced Disney as we had! Knowing they stopped this ride after expecting OTHERS to wait in line they will not ever get another PENNY of my hard earned money. Believe me, 95% of people would flee in the opposite direction of these murderous morons!

  38. Thomas

    This is total BS. Ordinary people spend thousands to go to Disney just to be denied services and attractions because this “reality show” hack shows up. There better have been some refunds.

  39. Kerry

    Nope! I pay just as much as the next person to get in Magic Kingdom. I’d pitch a fit so that their experience sucked.

    1. Jake

      Celebs pay less usually. I’ve been with entire groups that just get comped (not a celeb, but i work in film). In fact, I can honestly say I haven’t paid to get into Disney in like 15 years. One time we had a group of like 15-20 people, not one paid to get in.

  40. Jake

    This doesn’t make any sense. I’ve been to every Disney/universal park in the US with high profile celebrities (I know, I’m fancy), and they never do this. They usually just walk you in the back and give you your own ride vehicle or two. Then when you leave, you exit backstage. We’ve even had them escort us through the park with Disney security moving crowds out of the way, and they never once felt the need to clear a ride. Why would they empty out an attraction when you can just hold the line for a few cars?

    1. No bi-racial couples that mix black & white into kids should be allowed ANYWHERE! Read the Bible lately? You are all going to hell for mixing. GD idiots that spread their legs for the black should be shot at close range.

      1. Victoria Bell

        Why the racist hostility? I don’t think there’s anything in The Bible talking about how biracial couples can’t be together. When they were talking about mixing, it was about certain fabrics, not skin colors.

  41. Frostysnowman

    So they are making it harder for disabled people to get those passes, bit Kylie and her family get to close down a ride so they can ride it on their own. Got it.

  42. Brandy

    That chick and that whole family are nothing but a bunch of drama queens! It’s pathetic that people behave like that!

  43. Katherine

    Disgusting why should a celebrity get special treatment when people work and save to be able to afford this once in a lifetime experience and this selfish rotten human being gets special tratment

  44. Joe

    She is an egomaniac

  45. Marc

    I used to work attractions at Space Mountain and Alien Encounter and I’ve seen many big celebrities and we never closed a ride for them nor did they ask that. I even saw celebrities like Julianne Moore in the regular line with no issues and they wanted the normal guest experience and wait. I can’t believe Disney would allow that. I would not count her as a big celebrity. It’s amazing hw things change.

  46. brandon brboo

    F these people, they have no concept of reality and sadly its every single person in modern days societies fault. Every wants to raise these people up following them online, buying there garbage, watching there videos. Well now your all forced to live in the world you all built. Hope your happy. If you use and social media platform you are the problem. Delete that crap and live your life.

  47. Ahsoka

    Disney should simply give each guest visiting that day a fast pass for the attraction of their choice since they have to close some down for safety mesures. Let’s be realistic you know well paparazzis and fans do unsafe things sometimes to get closer to celebrities! People jumping out their boat putting themself and others at risk then the ride closes for the day if not days over injured or death? Yes it can happen Disney did well to avoid it now understandable lot of people are upset. Kylie is famous so what we are not and have to be hangry at her? Come on she have the right to do to Disney as well as we do. And about the princess dress i have seen many over 10 years old people wearing them. Let’s be honnest on this.

    1. Ahsoka

      Now I’m not a fan nor a hater of hers. I only wanted to share that I would not want to be stuck on the ride witnessing someone having an accident for trying to access Kylie family boat. Only issue I see here is Disney could have offered a little compensation to other guests. A fast pass seems like an appropriate gesture that’s all.

    2. Ahsoka

      Last thing I see a lot of people dropping celebrities names… not every celebrity attract the same amount of crazies around them. Depending on the celebrity & current events no mesures to strict mesures have to be taken.

  48. Victoria Bell

    Now that I’ve seen the videos, I understand the whole “safety” aspect of this situation since you don’t want anyone harassing you while on the ride and like holding you up at gun or knife point. But, after seeing these comments, I think almost everyone here is missing the point here with getting all up in arms about Kylie Jenner shutting down small world. Like the video said “the point is to not have the celebrity impact your day at Disney.” For the record, you guys are remotely letting a celebrity ruin your day at Disney. I get that it’s not cool for her to shut down a ride that’s supposed to be open to the public, but how many of you guys complaining here have been to Disney recently with all the money-grabbing plans they have in place?

  49. Genilce kishter

    They bleed the same way everyone else bleeds…They should not get any damn special care…Only God should be able to shut down a ride..Not Humans

  50. Dennis Mallory

    No celeb should be given such privilege, and if they need or want shielding from the public, they should provide and pay for their own security.

  51. Peter George

    Spoilt selfish brat and Disney has no respect for their long standing customers who are currently being priced out of the market.

  52. Jason

    Really?!? If you want to ride the ride, deal with thw line that goes with it! Plastic people are NOT SPECIAL!!!

  53. Timothy McCully

    Why would Disney allow one rich person to close attractions.. I could see if it was someone with a disability… But because she has money she is treated like a queen. That goes beyond all of Disney beliefs that everyone is special and everyone can believe.

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