Comments for Disney’s “it’s a small world” Floods, Delaying Holiday Debut

"it's a small world" holiday

Credit: Disney


  1. Mason

    Disney parks are like Glove World from the Spongebob Episode Glove World RIP now.

  2. Stephanie La Forge

    I have to say I was a little disappointed in The Mouse last night. The Oogie Boogie bash I attended two years ago was magical. Lights and plenty of characters and photographers. The scene they set was the over the top magic you expect from Disney.

    While the Christmas decorations were lovely, and the ride queues were between 5-30 minutes…. The photo opps had long queue ups and there were only a few of them. I had really looked forward to the photo pass part of things, but I didn’t want to spend all our time in line. In the end the only pic we got was from space mountain coaster.

    The lines into the park itself were an hour long.

    It wasn’t until about 930 when the parade started that ride queues seemed to be significantly less than they had been all week.

    I guess I just had higher hopes for the event.

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