Comments for How To Stream Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ on Disney+

kingo, kumail nanjiani

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Sue

    From what I have heard from friends who paid to see Eternals in the movie theater said it was not worth the money nor as good as past Marvel movies. I can wait until to January to see it then.

  2. Your friends are right. It was just ok.

  3. J. A. Redding

    I have Disney+ & will NEVER pay for their B.S. Premiere Access but I still got access to Black Widow on the first day it was out in theatres & on basic Disney+ as did eberyone else I’ve talked to. If ANYONE is paying for Premiere Access from Disney they are being robbed blind!!

  4. Jason

    I saw Eternals in the theater & thought it was okay, but not on a MCU level. I’ll wait until January to buy it, as I do all MCU films.

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