Comments for “Pathetic”: Fans Are NOT Impressed By First Look At ‘Star Wars’: Galactic Starcruiser

face palm star wars starcruiser


  1. Matt

    Shocking… Disney fans have strong opinions about attractions?!? Of course they do… what else do they have to do besides complain???

    The most disappointing thing I saw during the Destination D23, being in the audience, was the amount of morbidly obese white people there…

    1. Rich

      “Obese white people?” Racist much?

    2. Htk

      I’m sure you’d be happier around black people. Care to test this theory?

  2. Chris

    Time to take imagine out of imagineer.

  3. William Wheeler

    Some actual swordplay being taught would be far superior an experience. And sorry but If I cant be an imperial blasting away at Chewbacca and the rest of the Resistance traitors that are stowaways on this luxury cruise they have no place at being on. well Its just not worth it, if I can’t take the head of the wannabe Jedi Scum and feed it to the bantha.

  4. Jay

    I liked “defending the star cruiser” better when it was “fighting ghost ships” in DisneyQuest and you got to do more stuff (like steer the ship or shoot the cannons).

  5. Chiz

    Good job pulling a meaningless tweet from a nerd complaining that a completely fictional light saber is not realistic enough.

  6. Cj Brown

    Sending Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Josh D’Amaro to do the D23 Convention PR (because no true Disney Fan wants to hear more lies and empty promises coming from the Cheapskate Disney CEO!) 😂

    Judging by that footage (and why it is difficult to hear everyone talking who is wearing a 😷 – yet thank you for following CDC Guidelines which the State of Florida no longer cares about!) those responsible for Star Trek: The Experience / Quark’s Bar (1998 – 2008) did a better job delivering an immersive experience (that you could leave at any time when you were done having a great time vs OMG I am stuck here for a minimum of 2 Days someone please rescue Me!) 😅

    The Force is not strong with the one playing that Giant Screen 1983 1st Person rail shooter video game (at least those colour vector graphics look like legit simulations – for the 80’s!) 😂

    That Padawan needs to learn to move the lightsaber – and not just his torso – during lightsaber training (please, use the Force!) 😂

    Someone forgot to provide Josh D’Amoro some Jedi Robes (oh wait, Disney Park Guests are going to be upcharged for a Star Wars experience – but they still have to attend a Comic Con type Convention elsewhere if they want to Cosplay!) 😂

    True Star Wars Fans are disappointed by that footage, but Disney 🐑 won’t care (because they will spend money on everything put in front of them!) 🙄

    1. Sue

      I so wish the Star Trek experience would come back. It’s too bad Paramount doest have a theme park here in Florida as well.

  7. Bob Boogie

    Disney follows their agenda over the market. Because if they followed the market they would have to respect and listen to the fans and cater to what they actually want.

  8. D23 the club that I can’t be in and they rub my nose in it when they give away a free trip for D23 club members only. Disney needs to know that if you have a high price that expectations are high. People on this fake motel 6 cruise are the privileged 1%. If I were rich, I wouldn’t take a family with children on it. Their food looks gross and not all of the activities are open to children.

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