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Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony


  1. Lincolnx

    Daredevil is the hero of Hell’s Kitchen. Spiderman is from Queens.

  2. Cliff

    Even though there’s already a Spider-Woman character, it’s just a matter of time before “WOKE MARVEL” hijacks Spider-Man / Peter Parker canon changing him from a hetero-caucasian-male to a minority LGBTQIA+. Instead of riding the coattails of an established, beloved character (Spider-Man), why not exercise creativity, innovative storytelling, artistic design, and other unique talents to introduce a new character to the universe?!

  3. Will

    I hope they don’t that woke trash in the new spiderman movie if they do, I hope they go mega broke.

  4. Hornacek

    Spider-Man cartoons are never voiced by the actor currently portraying then in the live-action films. Nobody expected Tom Holland to voice Spidey in a new ongoing cartoon.

  5. karen mcdonald dozier

    Disappointed about spider man not returning big fan of Marvel

  6. Jenifer

    Im done. Sick of spending money on 1 remake after another. DC sucks because of all the Batman actors.

  7. That is a whole lot of information you gave there.

  8. Anthony Ward

    Wow a whole article of speculation that’s already very poorly aged and now full of misinformation

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