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Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony


  1. Michelle Rene Cullins

    Really enjoy your Spidey senses!!!

  2. Tom

    I find it really annoying that Spiderman has kept going through actors like candy. I don’t think anyone has actually come out and said “It’s time to replace Tom Holland and reboot Spiderman again”. It’s like, right when everyone gets fully attached to a certain actor as that superhero, they’re done.

    1. Tom

      I mean, tell that to the author. But dude if you’re right, that’s a *good* thing. lol

    2. Spider fan

      tom holland is the only one who play spiderman as i want. If tom Holland spiderman is shifting on sony then i also shifting to see only Sony universe movies

      1. Ernest Hemingway

        Ok bye, have fun with that. Sony movies are trash.

    3. Jack Worton Jr

      Just what I was going to say! They did the same thing when the What If series came out!

    4. NGrey

      TH for the win!! I hated Tobey McGuire!!!

      1. J.D


      2. Nick

        I thought I was the only one 😂

      3. Calvin Howard

        I’ve really had a luck in Stand of comic book movies for the last 20 years. Not only do they do them wrong, they keep changing actors and rebooting way too soon. DC comic movies are the worst when it comes to picking the right actors. Just when you think they pick the perfect Batman when they chose Ben Affleck, they going to change the character again. They didn’t even have the common courtesy to wait 2 years before rebooting Batman. And now that they actually found the perfect cast for Spider-Man, they already starting to talk about changing the lead character

    5. Aaron

      Well he’s not really going away or getting replaced. These guys don’t know what they’re talking about. Tom Holland said he’ll continue as long as they want him to, and he already said that they could have a college trilogy too, along with starring in more avengers movies, which they did say he would star in more Avengers movies. So Tom Holland isn’t done for sure.

    6. Kenny

      I don’t think anyone got attached to Andrew Garfield

      1. IloveAndrewGarfield

        Womp womp ☹️

  3. Peri

    Big mistake Marvel. And Disney just go ahead and buy Spider-Man.

    1. Mike Jones

      Sony will never sell that cash cow.

    2. beeyex burrow

      I’m quite sure Disney has tried

    3. Nick

      Sony is the one with all the cards here and Disney is not going to just roll over and let Sony destroy the MCU.

  4. Vicki

    I think it’s very bad judgement on Disney to replace him. There’s a lot of the younger generation that has grown up with Tom. He’s an excellent actor for Spider-Man.

    1. Tom Holland is a great upcoming actor. Both the young and old enjoy him in Spiderman. Let’s face the facts…its all about money. Now since he is negotiatingr his contact for more money ..it’s a problem. Smh

      1. Ernest Hemingway

        Yeah, time to kill off Parker and bring on Morales. Eh mami?

        1. Sean

          Keep Tom Holland as Spiderman. The best one!

    2. Cheryl Reynolds

      I agree, I really like Tom as Spidey they should keep him. I really don’t want to get use to anyone else. Please keep him.

    3. Nick

      Disney isn’t the reason this is happening per say, Sony holds all the cards when it comes to live action Spiderman anything so it they want to take their ball and go home after this contract is up there’s nothing Disney can do.

    4. Yo mama

      How many of you read the article before commenting? This hardly indicates that Tom Holland is leaving the role of Spider-Man. All it says is that a different voice actor will be playing Spider-Man in a new animated series

    5. Katie

      I grew up with Tobey and still prefer Tom. Tom has truly done the best portrayal yet and I certainly won’t put effort into getting used to yet another Spider-Man if Sony doesn’t extend his contract. I’m amazed anyone thinks Garfield did better when his version was truly forgettable and stiff. Tobey was more stiff as well whereas Tom seems genuinely comfortable in the role and therefore more believable and fun.

  5. Robert Wentztz

    Yes I like Tom. Why do we need to go through this every few years. I think he should have done What if voiceover. Someone should start a petition to keep Tom Holland around, instead of kicking him to the curb.

  6. Tom

    I sincerely hope you’re right.

    1. Chuck

      Daredevil is the hero of hells kitchen.

      1. Will

        I was looking for this comment! Excelsior!!

  7. Get it together

    The author clearly didn’t do their homework. Spider-Man is from Queens, Daredevil is from Hell’s Kitchen.

    1. Sun

      Yeah… this writer probably thinks that Superman is made by marvel. Wouldn’t stake all that much credibility into a writer that doesn’t know something that’s been referenced Spideys his 1st MCU appereance and in every movie since… it’s not even the 1st animated Spidey show airing at the same time as the movie ffs

  8. Christine T

    Tom Holland IS Spider-Man, period. Always will be in my mind. No one has done it better

    1. K

      Tobey did.

  9. Kevin

    Yes I want Tom Holland to stay as Spider-Man because he’s amazing

  10. Carey


  11. Celeste

    Just because he’s not voicing the character doesn’t mean he’s out. After all, there were several Spiderman and Avengers animated series going on since the MCU started and almost none of the MCU actors voiced their characters

    1. Karla B

      Exactly. The animated series have their own set of voice actors that always/ usually do the voices. Honestly you hardly ever see screen actors as voice actors. The pay is almost definitely at a different scale to what screen actors get plus the Voice over community gets screwed over if they give the parts away like that. I’d bet Tom is going to be around for a while…just not in animated series.

  12. Lyra

    So stupid. I’d they get rid of Tom, they should bring back Tobey or Andrew. Hopefully Tobey. It’s all because of the fight because of Sony and Disney. They both want to own spider man and it’s stupid.

    1. Nick

      Lol Disney can only do Animated or Comics spider man stuff, Sony holds the rights to all live action and film versions of Spiderman.

      1. Jermaih

        I hated to break it to you, but Disney makes more money from the Spiderman merchandise than the entire Sony’s Spiderman movies, the MCU as a whole, and the DC films combined.

  13. Rob

    They always have to mess with a good thing.. We love what they did with all the marvel movies and so glad they worked a deal for spider man to join.. I really wish they could work something out to keep bringing us the adventures. Tom is truly a wonderful person that has fulfilled the role

  14. Vince

    I thought TH was down to do the next Avengers movie

    1. Marvel is going woke disney is killing the mcu down with streaming go to the movies

  15. John


  16. kevin

    I hope he stays on as Spidey. He’s getting older but look at Andrew Garfield. He looked like a 30 year old Spider Man but he pulled it off, even though those movies weren’t that great.

  17. Dan

    No bring back garfield he was the best

  18. Syl

    Meh. Marvel screwed up Spider-Man so much he’s not Spider-Man anymore. He’s just a baby Iron-Man. Time to give it a rest until they can decide to bring back a real Spider-Man along with a real redhead MJ, instead of that sorry excuse “diversity” crap.

  19. Tinknotron

    This is like saying… “Oh Bob rented a car!! Say good bye to his Toyota that’s still under warranty…” How about the writer of this story do like 5 minutes of research before writing the story. I wouldn’t print this on toilet paper and wipe my rear with it.

  20. beeyex burrow

    did the author really call Spidey the hero of Hell’s Kitchen? DareDevil is somewhere shaking his head.

    1. Lamb Sauce

      Gordon Ramsay is the hero of Hell’s Kitchen.

  21. Vernon

    Toms version of Spider-Man sucks!!! His Spidey is over shadowed by Iron Man and every character in the movies, it’s like they didn’t try to make a true Spider-Man movie just something to hold us over. Bring back Andrew Garfield

  22. Benjamin Tracey

    Technically “The Spiderman: Freshman Year” is something that tells about the events of the 9th grade years of and otherwise most likely is “The Spiderman: No Way Very Easily Back Home” itself all to be “altogether just the beginning”.

  23. Jordan

    It’s an animated series… that doesn’t mean anything for the further of Toms Spider-Man.

  24. Gery

    Very true. the “baby Iron Man ” theory. When something works dont change and if it ain’t broke etc…… This ( Holland) Spidey is not that clever . He is not presented that way. To have to be shown in the shadow of Tony Stark and his inventions takes away from Spiderman’s original character and his vigilante individualism

  25. Hector

    Spiderman isn’t the hero of hell’s kitchen he’s from Queens Daredevil is the hero of hell’s kitchen

  26. dirtypool

    1.) announcing the voice cast of the animated series isn’t “moving on without Holland under the mask”

    2.) Spider-Man isn’t the hero or Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil is

  27. John Cancerslug

    “Hell’s Kitchen’s hero? Umm, no. Spider-Man is from Queens.

  28. Kevin

    Time for Marvel to concentrate on working on their other characters, while leaving to do as they wish w/ their movies . Hopefully become the Next Fox . 😂

  29. Joanna

    Tom Holland adds a quality that the other actors haven’t. He portrays Spiderman as someone who has a bad case of hero worship in the Avengers. He realizes he messes up. Plus Tom’s portrayal of Spiderman isn’t so stiff unlike those who have gone before him.

  30. Venkat

    Tom is perfect in spider man character and we all accepted, and fixed in our minds as hero. So plzz,if u have any issues in between, have a discussion and sot out problems and renewal his contract as spider 🕷️

  31. EJ

    Tom Holland was such a good Spider-Man. I got into Spider-Man because of him. I’m tired of them switching up Spider-Mans all the time. Just stick with one! 😡

  32. K

    I don’t comment on hardly anything but FOX you and Marvel r ignorant to get rid of Tom…. Look at RDJ, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans these are once in a generation acters to role casts and there r few if anyone could find a better replacement to them. DONT JUST DONT.

  33. Stephen Clark

    It’s about time Marvel got rid of Tom Holland they should have stayed with Andrew Garfield


  35. Jennifer

    What a terrible decision by Marvel and Disney!! Tom Holland is the best Spiderman we’ve had. He’s made the character fun and likeable. Always thought so highly of the Marvel Franchise and their ability to cast really well, but not so sure now.

  36. Biggz

    They’re morons if they don’t keep him.

  37. Joel

    Please Tom. Stay Spider-Man for the movies!!! There is no one better!!!

  38. Franklin Martinez

    I was looking forward to seeing him in the upcoming fourth Spider-Man film.

  39. 李牧之

    why not?I like the pretty one.

  40. Katie

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ll watch any more Spider-Man movies without Tom Holland. I’ve seen all the Spider-Man actors come and go but Tom Holland was my personal favorite he just perfectly conveyed everything Spider-Man was. I don’t think I could learn to love another Spider-Man like I have Tom Hollands Spider-Man and I don’t really want to try to either. Sony would be really foolish to not extend his contract.

  41. Boycott APARTHEID israel

    Because disney and marvel are owned by satanic/zionist APARTHEID israeli dual citizens, I’m betting the new spiderman will be the yet another jew. #BDS

  42. K

    Tobey was the best Spiderman. Holland kind of sucks. He’s liked by teenyboppers with bad taste.

  43. Karen

    I thought they were setting things up for the Spider Man, Venom crossover movie? Sure looked that way from the Venom movie I thought. Sony owns both properties, so they don’t have to negotiate w Marvel to make it happen.

  44. Steven

    Amen to that brother. I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt this way. The fact that they make all the Marvel movies political and race related is why the Marvel movies are trash and ain’t worth watching to begin with. I will just remember Spider-Man for what he was. I’m sure you remember Fox Kids. The Animated Spider-Man, The Animated X-Men, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Gargoyles, Beetlejuice, and dozens more. Those were true and 100% superheroes.

  45. Gio Cerqueira

    He’s the best until now. Please don’t change.

  46. Raziel

    I miss when people actually got hurt in the superhero movies it was more suspense . Now Disney making them all feel rated G. Spiderman might as well be singing the alphabet and giving villains the no no finger instead of fighting.

  47. Lucky

    You have false information this is not the end for Tom Holland where do you get your info? They already said there doing g 2 more trilogies with Tom as Spiderman… you sound like another marvelous hater 💯

  48. Jeff

    Yeah I’ll pass. I’ve watched Uncle Ben die enough times for one lifetime. Also a correction to your article, Daredevil is “the hero of Hell’s Kitchen.”

  49. WG


  50. Leah

    Keep him Spideman for many reasons but he is a good role model…. Not many around these days that’s for sure! Let’s not be so selfish and look more into keeping him then being so superficial or money driven!!!! Go Tom Holland.

  51. Corina Marvel

    Please keep Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

  52. Peter Parker

    This is very much speculation and nowhere near facts. Tom Holland isn’t done with being Spider-Man just because they’re making an animated Spider-Man show. 🙄

  53. Darren Butler

    Something I do agree. Tom Holland is the Best Character for Spiderman and as Peter Parker. Everything about match with the character. Same persona as the Comic Book. I’ve been reading the comic book since 1972. And Tom has been the best EVER!!! Would love to meet you Tom and shake your hand with plenty to say. You Are One Amazing AWESOME Guy.
    Irish Angel, Darren L. Butler

  54. Bub

    Horrible story. Bury the lede about 10 paragraphs into it or more. Inaccurate info. Bad blog nonsense. Tip: no one reading this story needs that much background. Get to the damn point.

  55. Ken

    Keep Tom Holland!

  56. Azagthoth

    Yes out of all the previouse Spidermen Tom is the first one I can not only stand but really liked! And now they are booting him for some other shrub, I do not get it. They will alienate their fans if they keep swapping the actors out. I understand in comics they did this where they had all different versions, but I never did comics, and all those out there like me who were introduced to the characters via the MCU, we won’t be so willing to see spider man or any other character played by other actors… like are doing with c!attain America and now spider,and I am sure Ironman will be next…hate it and will be done with the mcu.

    1. Andrew

      Dont worry hes not done. This is a case of a reporter who doesnt have any information.

  57. William Robinson


  58. Dee

    Hollywood is trash. Can’t come up with new ideas or develop characters or stories. I’ll just stick to anime where they can and do both.

  59. Andrew

    Probably shouldn’t report on things you dont understand. Maybe find a new career?

  60. T

    If they reboot Spiderman again, I won’t watch it. Sick of this crap.

  61. Sheila Litz

    Keep Tom Holland as Spider Man! PLEASE!

  62. Lincolnx

    Daredevil is the hero of Hell’s Kitchen. Spiderman is from Queens.

  63. Cliff

    Even though there’s already a Spider-Woman character, it’s just a matter of time before “WOKE MARVEL” hijacks Spider-Man / Peter Parker canon changing him from a hetero-caucasian-male to a minority LGBTQIA+. Instead of riding the coattails of an established, beloved character (Spider-Man), why not exercise creativity, innovative storytelling, artistic design, and other unique talents to introduce a new character to the universe?!

  64. Will

    I hope they don’t that woke trash in the new spiderman movie if they do, I hope they go mega broke.

  65. Hornacek

    Spider-Man cartoons are never voiced by the actor currently portraying then in the live-action films. Nobody expected Tom Holland to voice Spidey in a new ongoing cartoon.

  66. karen mcdonald dozier

    Disappointed about spider man not returning big fan of Marvel

  67. Jenifer

    Im done. Sick of spending money on 1 remake after another. DC sucks because of all the Batman actors.

  68. That is a whole lot of information you gave there.

  69. Anthony Ward

    Wow a whole article of speculation that’s already very poorly aged and now full of misinformation

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