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epcot show buildings


  1. Tim

    Wow these sound pretty cool! World Showcase should have more attractions like this

  2. Melanie

    Definitely should have the Rhine River ride, no excuse not to build it!

  3. The buildings are already there why not make use of them. The Rhine River boat ride is a good idea. As for Japan, does Disney have an animated feature with Japan? If they don’t, maybe they are waiting until they have an animated movie to inspire a ride.

    1. Jim

      Disney is waiting for someone else to foot the bill to build one of these rides. That is why they got shelved to begin with.

    2. Stephen

      Japan = Big Hero 6. Germany = Tangled.

    3. Ken Brenner

      I say Disney is ruining its wonderful and unique Epcot. There is NO need to do IP related rides here. It would have been much cheaper to add to pavilions that don’t have a movie, etc. than to have built Ratatouille and Guardians (which belong in Magic Kingdom).

  4. Stephen

    Easy fix. Germany can be home for a Tangled attraction, like the attraction being built at DisneySeas. Japan could have a Big Hero 6 attraction. Done!

  5. Sue

    Even though I love the World Showcase, I always thought it was lacking. I thought each Pavillion should have some kind of ride, movie or attraction that went along with that Country. The change in Norway to Frozen was a horrible idea; the previous ride about the Vikings was a hundred times better. China and Canada had movies, and Japan had a museum. At one time there was a plan for a Spain Pavillion that never came to fruition.

    1. Doug

      You can thank CEO Rob Chapek for that and ever other instance and remaking (some say ruining) classic Disney attractions to include “Intellectual Property”.
      For the latest example, see the new fireworks show at Epcot.

      1. Ken Brenner

        Hi Doug. Thanks for your comments. See my long one and let me know what you think.
        I agree, current Disney leadership is pitiful.
        They are more interested in WOKE than good.

  6. Pocho Villa

    It really does need more attraction and not disjointed IP ride like GoTG or Moana. They should also change the name Epcot because it has nothing to with Walt’s vision of an experimental prototype community of tomorrow. The Gate was intended to be a permanent World Fair that were popular in the past. They should call it Disney’s EXPO Kingdom, which would line it up with the other two parks who have the word “Kingdom” as part of their Gate name. Also, change Future World to another two or three more countries.

  7. SG

    I love the idea of EVERY country having their own attraction. They all have restaurants why not entertainment reflecting the conntry? When my son was in the 5th grade, they (public school Hillsborough County) sent the whole grade on a field trip to EPCOT as a learning experience. His teacher even did a lesson of Mission Space giving them an assignment about their experiences and what they learned about space. Teachers could use so much of EPCOT as a learning tool. I went as a chaperone and we all had a wonderful time!

  8. Kevin J.

    I am aware of all of the proposed / unbuilt attractions in World Showcase and Future World. The “Show Buildings” are now mainly used for storage. I worked for Walt Disney World for 25 years (now retired), and as a Cast Member participated in the grand opening activities of EPCOT Center. There were many proposed attractions and resort hotels throughout the Walt Disney World property that never came about. The EPCOT that Walt Disney originally envisioned (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) was never realized.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi Kevin.
      Thanks for sharing and being a cast member for so many years!
      I am so sad about what the current “leadership” is doing to Epcot. They are slowly ruining a good thing…

  9. Ken Brenner

    Epcot is my favorite park, by far – at least the version that existed prior to 2018 or so (pre-Frozen).
    Disney should have kept the original theming “informational” as it made it a unique (in the world).
    My suggestions:
    1. Change USA pavilion to have “Soarin around the US”
    2. Add a boat ride to Germany (as mentioned in the article)
    3. KEEP Illuminations and get rid of that awful looking “iron barge” monstrosity. Illuminations had wonderful music and fireworks. And, it didn’t ruin the view across the lake (another nice feature of Epcot is its natural beauty).
    4. NEVER change Norway to Frozen. Frozen belongs in the Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. The original ride was simple and fun, and the 5-minute video at the end was informational
    5. Add simple movies about the country in those that only have shops and restaurants (Italy, Morocco, Japan)
    6. DON’T spend millions on expensive IP-themed roller coasters, etc. (i.e. Guardians, Ratatouille)
    7. Keep the wonderful movie “Impressions of France” and get rid of the sing along (nothing informational about that). Now, the movie is shoved to the end of the day at Epcot

    Disney fans need to recognize that Epcot offers something different, even if kids don’t like it. I’ve talked to Florida residents who used to go on field trips from school to Epcot to learn things. NOT NOW…
    If families don’t like Epcot, they have THREE other parks to go to.

    I welcome everyone’s comments…
    God Bless

  10. Susan

    I’m still waiting for a Mary Poppins section in U.K. I love to walk down Cherrytree Lane, perhaps explore the Banks’ house on a dark or other ride, and get to see Mary Poppins themed items in a store devoted to them.

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