Comments for Costar Calls Amber Heard “Class Act” Despite Johnny Depp Controversy

amber heard as mera (left) and johnny depp as jack sparrow (right)

Credit: Warner Bros./Disney


  1. Savage Lynx

    Heard has no class, it makes no difference how many people she’s fooled. So many more are onto her and HurdTurdDirtyBird tactics. She is losing and hiding her self-confessed domestic abuse claims for her own selfish gains. Now that her photographs and documents are being looked at by forensic experts, her false accusations will come out in the VA Trial, that will uncover her multiple perjuries that hide her perpetuation of DV. Not to mention all the other perjuries about the 7 mils donation, dogs, and unending stream of lies she excretes to old up her fake claims.

  2. I honestly do not like her. I think she has no sense of brains at all, as to me her head is filled with feathers.But then she definitely can fool the public well. She knows how to be clever in that field. I hope Johnny can prove her manipulations, and get the justice he so richly deserves next year. He needs his acting career back . Amber has no right to be working on movies, in my opinion, if Johnny can’t.

    1. Brenda

      Jason calls her a class act? He’s never been on her side of the street. Nobody in their right mind thinks someone who takes a dump on Johnny’s bed is ok in the head. He has never dated her, never been beat up by her, or lost part of his finger because of her. Look at how many times she admits to hitting and whining that he doesn’t fight back. She gets off on it and that’s dangerous!

      1. Brenda

        I meant Kevin..

      2. Jayne

        I don’t rate her as an actress in films, seems shes only good when standing infront of judges lying through her teeth. Totally unfair to rob us fans of Fantastic Beasts of Johnny Depps part in the film, he played Grindelwald as if the part was made for him, could even feel his presence he commanded in the role. Justice will prove shes lying then she’ll disappear off the screens fingers crossed. I won’t be watching future films by Disney or Warner bros.

  3. Rayne

    I believe the director producers or whoever are insane to continue to let someone like her to be Mera and they are going to regret it when most not all people will see it idk🤷‍♀️ js😕 she is a horrible person a poor excuse for a woman who deserves to lose her jobs like he unfortunately did

    1. Susan

      She tore him apart to ruin his character. Hers should be ruined too. I won’t watch another movie. Until free Depp from this crap.

      1. Sandra

        She has only come so far because press complicity with her behavior, following the excuse that all women should be believed, as an example manipulative articles such as this one, she is full of crap, she is a liar, vindictive person with no morals, I hope Aquaman 2 flops as everything she is ever involved with

        1. Firewoman75

          She had made friends with a domestic violence survivor, turned advocate & spokesman, who, after learning she lied about being abused from witness testimony in the UK, severed ties with her completely. She did give an interview where she put Amber on blast & condemned lying about DV in general, saying that those found making false accusations should be prosecuted.

    2. Christina Marie a

      Of course she behaved herself on set. With all of the public outcry & petitions signed that she be replaced by another actress long before filming began, it’s unlikely any BS from her would have been tolerated. This may very well be her last acting gig & it appears she’s not so stupid to jeopardize that huge paycheck. Also, the last thing her defense & reputation need is for any more negative press being generated because during alienated her co-stars. So I’ve no doubt she’s been acting the part of an angel as well throughout production

  4. Shel

    New feeling? The sun energizes the heart. It’s creates the meaning of life: LOVE.

    Better fold your hands and plunge. You missed the flush by a floater. The class act will float away with all your chips.

  5. TNTonICE

    A woman who poos on her mate’s bed as a prank and then keeps up the sh*t all over the place in public after admitting she started physical fights with him is no class act. She beats up her sister in her current adult life, perjures herself all over the globe, pulls a baby out of a hat to try to change her image, as she does by pretending to be an activist when all she has ever accomplished besides lip service to abused women, is play little Hitler against JD and his friends. She makes empty promises about donating 7 mils to sick children in another failed attempt to look like an independent woman, when in truth anything she has achieved, including AM, is all based on her association with JD. If that’s a class act, I like Lundolph less as an actor, and now I know he just ain’t too bright! Not to mention, there will be a massive boycott of AM2, which is such commercial fare, anyway, that’s all they’re thinking about is all the money they’ll make! Ambuser’s building up her body, something she’s always done. So she can beat up her significant others. She is so ugly inside, she is the true poster girl for “Beauty’s only Skin Deep.” Though she is aging fast. And starting to resemble a plasticine pig. Toxic waste!

    1. Christina Marie a

      I feel terribly sad for that child, stuck with being raised by a Narcissist!

    2. Rickey

      I agree! Do not ever click on her mom vies, even other JD, do not buy PPV, do not buy her DVD’s! Boycott the movies that fired JD, too!! Instead, fill up on JD’s old movies, buy the DVD’s, rent or buy online, let’s make it hurt for the companies!!

  6. Anon

    This is cl1ckba1t. The guy hired to work on the production says all the actors are a “class act”. He’d hardly go on record saying anything negative if he wanted to get hired for other projects would he?

    1. Mick

      Exactly, the sad truth. Disney and WB prove time and time again they have no loyalty to any actors. Wanna get paid in

      1. Mick

        Showbiz you gotta be some numb puppet.

        (Site glitches and sent 1st part before I finished..)

  7. Mick

    Of course the costars of such an openly admitting liar to such a sick accusation are being nice, they wanna get paid by a company who’ll drop you at the tap of a hat before any solid proof is presented! WB and Disney are a total joke!

  8. I don’t understand Disney And Warner Brothers Amber Heard has charges against her from a past relationship and also she’s the one who has the record of domestic violence her abusing her ex, not Johnny Depp, so I don’t understand why you boycotting him when he doesn’t have the domestic violence record she does and I don’t see why we shouldn’t believe him especially when she has a record of domestic violence and she been caught in lies against Johnny Depp you people just don’t make no sense pull your head out of your ass and think about what you’re doing .

  9. Yeah she must be a class act she got Disney and Warner Brothers on her side she’s very good at acting it’s nice how she got caught in lies against Johnny Depp and yet they still believe her instead of Johnny Depp and I think she had the baby for other reasons besides her wanting one I think the fact is she might be trying to get some sympathy by having a young child she’s more clever than you think yeah she’s a class act all right reminds me of my mother yeah take a bow Amber Heard you big fat liar who got caught in your lies and you still have people believing you wow 👎

  10. Raven MacLean

    From my experience…when someone calls another person a “class act.” It is rarely ever a compliment. Just saying. In fact…i can’t remember a time when anyone ever used it without it dripping in sarcasm. So…I smell something fishy here.

    1. Firewoman75


  11. Boycott The Movie

    She has record of being violent and she needs to be fired. I’ll definitely rate 1 star if this comes out and ain’t gonna watch that crap like didn’t watch the first one

  12. Boycott Amber Heard and Aquaman 2!

  13. Smith or smithi wenn ihr wollt:-)

    Ich finde es auch nicht gerecht das Heard ihre Rolle behält und Johnny mehrere Rollen abgenommen wurden. Klasse von Dior das dort zu ihm gehalten wird. Und bringt ja auch Umsatz! Und Frau Heard? Aussetzen auf einer einsamen Insel mit einer Pistole mit nur einem Schuss zum Beispiel;-)

  14. MB

    She is no Class Act

  15. Sue

    Who really cares what Dolph Lungren thinks or any other celebrity who lives in a world of their own deluded bubble. A world of me, me, me. I want I want, no wonder the world is in such a state.

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