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Disneyland Paris Pancakes & Mickey

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  1. K Griff

    How thoughtful of Disney, cutting down portion sizes, making us walk rather than those lazy tram rides. Well I feel so healthy I think I’ll walk on over to Universal for my next dietcation.

    1. Gern Blanston

      K Griff,

      I’ve never used the trams. Walking is good for you too!

      I don’t even use the moving sidewalks at Universal.

      You do you!


      1. Rich

        Yes, for those of us in our senior years with some mobility issues, it’s a wonderful thing to not have trams, right?

  2. Disneyfan

    Are you kidding me?? 🤬 Someone needs to take Bob Cheapskate to the wood shed. He and his cronies are ruining Disney parks!! 😤🤯🤬

    1. Tracy

      I so agree with you hopefully you have signed the petition to remove him. I love Disney my home is Disney but the company Has ruined Disney. I miss the old Disney they need
      Someone that will think of the fans. Unfortunately so many fans are willing to pay the higher cost and follow long because they’re blind to what the company is doing. It is no longer something the family can afford which is why the park was made in the 1st place.

  3. Liz

    If it really was about portion size or healthiness why not take away the turkey legs that are way huge.or the huge pieces of cheesecake or cupcakes that have more icing than the cake itsslf.they can think of a better excuse than that

  4. Robert J Herakovich

    Replacing dough to make more dough. Fire Chapek!

  5. Phil P

    Bob Chapack has to go! Drain the magic seems to be the theme of his presidency. No Mickey waffles. Why not just get rid of Mickey himself?! Instead of trimming the portions, trim the prices. No more magic express, no extra magic hours (unless you stay at the most expensive hotels), no more fast pass. How much damage to the brand can one man do? Unfortunately, we might find out.

    1. Tracy

      You are so on point. Disneyland used to be my happy place. But people that are retired or On a moderate income can no longer afford to take their family there.

  6. Michelle

    And I’m sure if they replace Mickey Waffles with these at the US parks they won’t have a safe gluten free option. One of my favorite things about the Disney Parks is that there’s so many safe foods for people with celiac. I don’t doubt that if they continue as they are, they’ll cut all the allergy friendly foods to “save money”.

    1. Michael

      I think that’s one place where you’ll be safe. The new portion size will be TINY but I think losing gluten free options would cause too much bad press.

  7. Bill B.

    At this rate free cups of water will be gone! I think it’s shameful that families & Seniors who didn’t retire on the Millionaire side of the comma can’t afford even a three day trip. I’m bring my own Motorhome for 4 nights to Ft. Wilderness, & Ticketts & it’s more than $1,500.00.
    There is wiggle room for ANY

  8. Anna

    Taking away iconic foods that’d been there forever? How dare you! Screw your cutbacks.

    The world truly is ending when this happens at Disney.

    1. Larry Mullins

      If they are going to cut the portion size of food are they going to lower the cost per plate ? I believe not !!!!! Save on size ..get price same…..they save …you pay……MM stands for more money ….not Mickey Mouse

      1. Pat

        I can’t believe Disney would suggest they are getting rid of Mickey waffles to improve our waistlines. Hypocrites! What a load of old rubbish. Mr Cheapskate has a lot to answer for and I shall certainly sign the petition. I am going to DLP in March and beginning to regret this decision. However, I shall not be eating in the parks as there are lots of lovely restaurants nearby. And I shall not be buying Genie so just the cost of park entrance for me. And that is far cheaper than Disneyworld.

      2. Lynn

        I totally agree!
        After 14 trips staying on Disney property, this will not be my destination in the future.

    2. Greg from Philly

      This is absolute craziness, I can’t believe the way people are reacting to this news. It’s just a f*cking waffle people, not to mention a lousy tasting waffle. Had them at Crystal Palace once and they were horrible, ive had better Eggo waffles. Not to mention, when they changed to the Mickey pretzel those are even worse. There are other things to be concerned about with Disney right now, a breakfast food is not one of them

  9. Ed Sanchez

    Seriously, so what if they take a bit more time, I love seeing and eating Mickey Mouse Waffles! It’s time to see Bob go! Bring in someone who still believes in the old ways and can see what the future can bring. Someone who will go out and talk to people and greet them.

  10. Michelle

    The Change.org petition to fire Chapek has over 75,000 signatures now. Is Disney paying attention? Or are they too busy trying to help globalists destroy everything like the commies did?

  11. Christine

    All of the recent changes , from passes to food, with costs skyrocketing, were enough for us to drop our passes that we held forever. The magic is gone, we will go to Universal.

  12. Minnie

    Disney should be ashamed of this. Poor decision. No more magic left, the mouse has been dying a slow death.

    1. Deb

      Just came back from WDW and I won’t be back unless there is a massive change. Bob Paycheck has ruined the place. Line cutters at the resort with their scooters. Kids that just bypassed the rest of us and the CM let them do it. Six parties with scooters yelled to no use. Do you know they now sell booze and cigarettes that are hidden behind the counter? Paid for Memory Maker and had 2 sets of missing pictures. Photo pass listed and no one there. Smoking areas mislabeled on the map and in their app. I saw the parking lots from the Skyliner no way I would ever walk that. Who wants to shop when they are exhausted from walking in? Rude CMs at one ride that need more training to deal with people with disabilities. At some others there was a deliberate attempt to have you leave your ECV way outside until you had to insist that you can’t walk more than a few feet. No thank you, I won’t spend thousands to do that again.

  13. Disappointed but sadly, not surprised. I really want to go to Disney World ONE MORE TIME, but the prices are going through the roof. I don’t know if it’s possible any more. 🥺

  14. Terry

    Not surprised bob paycheck wants to get rid of Mickey and Walt. There’s hardly a trace of magic left at the parks please sign the petition to fire bob chapek at change.org

  15. Richard Howe

    How about dumping B’Lou Crabbe and Shadow at Hilton Head DVC? B’Lou is the reason we go out of our way to get there. It isn’t even one of our home resorts. Worse still, B’Lou adds revenue to the Resort!

  16. Michael J McGee

    Makes you long for the days of Michael Eisner.

  17. Sue

    Just another piece of magic gone!

  18. Susan Dorsey

    This is at Disneyland Paris only …..Jeesh people read.

    1. Lee

      Sure, for now. If history tells us anything, it’s in Paris only FOR NOW. Give it a few months.

  19. Gayle

    MY daughter and I have been coming to Disney World for many many years and we have not gained an ounce of weight. We walk off the calories. We have two meals a day. A big breakfast with those iconic Mickey Waffles Andy a good dinner. We are never hungry as the portions are perfect for us to get through the day so leave the portions and he Mickey Waffles alone!!! I don’t think I need Disney to decide for me the amount I eat. I’m a big girl, I can quit eating when I’m full on my own. If they make all these changes, then I will bring my own food or they better knock off a good deal off the prices of the food. But if the Mickey Waffles go, I will no longer eat breakfast at the parks or resorts. Disney is fastly becoming NON MAGICAL. Disney needs get rid of the idiot that’s making all These stupid decisions or you’ll be loosing customers. WE ALL GO TO DISNEY FOR THE MAGICAL EXPERIENCE. WALT WOULD BE ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP RUINING OUR DISNEY!!!!!!!!

  20. Barbara

    Disney is officially ruined.
    Nickel and dime your guest only to take away guest favorite items, cut portions, no trams, less Christmas and no fast pass unless it’s genie $
    That’s exactly why I am now UOAP . It’s not cheap either but you get your $ worth.
    Nothing left in Disney

  21. Helene Anctil

    Disney has been our favorite vacation place since 1992. But everything everything has changed and it is not the same. The magic is gone and the cost is only for the rich let’s take away the waffles but cupcakes and other over the top desserts and drinks. Does the make sense?

  22. Lee

    Cutting down portion sizes, which means cutting costs, while raising prices. Fits 21st century Disney Parks to a tee.

  23. Lee

    We just need someone to figure out how this is oppressive to their respective minority group, and the waffles will be saved. Seems to be the only way to move disney these days.

    1. Rich

      Perfect reply!

  24. Matthew Brewster

    I blame this latest insult on Mr. Paycheck, who doesn’t seem to care about guests’ feelibgs whatsoever! WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE, PLEASE GET RID OF THIS JACKASS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!???

  25. Kami

    People, This is only at Disneyland PARIS right now. Untwist your panties until it actually affects you here in the US.

    1. Dama

      Every other horrid, non-magical this idiot has done also began “only at Disneyland Paris” that’s why everyone has those “twisted panties” including myself

  26. Cookie

    I LOVE Poffertjes! That being said, those are what we make at home or when we go to NL to visit family. Chapek is really ruining the entire company. We went a few weeks ago, and for the first time in over 40 years, we hated Disneyland. When Cast Members are rude, you know it’s not good. Removing Mickey Waffles? What’s next? Dole Whip? If we hadn’t already paid for the vacation, we wouldn’t be going in May to WDW. All I can hope for is a better experience.

  27. Tlaw

    Since Chepak has already pi$$ed off all of Disney’s adult population, he now needs to find a way to disappoint the kids (and change their mindset not to expect any magic anymore).

    The MM waffle is already an incredible profit adder (maybe $.03 of flour in each one). Is that extra penny/waffle saved worth destroying the Magic behind the MM waffle?

    It’s obvious that this management team has to go. They have no clue about making magic and clearly do not mind destroying years of history and hard work to make a few extra bucks.

    Disney’s BOD — you can either correct this problem now or we, the former guests, will fix it going forward (by no longer patronizing Disney).

  28. Benjamin Collins

    While I don’t understand why the Mickey waffle was removed from the menu, it is fine to have a sweet snack once in a while. The image I see being promoted is don’t look at Disney world offering unhealthy food.

  29. Keith

    Mickey waffles are gummy and awful. Good riddance.

  30. Jane

    Who is Disney to be the social conscience of the world? Why do they feel they have the right to tell us what we can and can not eat. Paris is the testing ground.

  31. Emily Gracey

    Are you effing kidding me?! This is so depressing 🥺 You want to be more health conscious? Make healthier options acailable. Chicken/turkey instead of beef, more salads, lower sugar items, and better drink options. They are replacing the waffles…with another waffle type pastry. The logic is mind boggling 😒 They’ve made clothes, home decor, masks and merchandise with the waffles and now they’re deep sixing them? What a shame and a pity.

  32. robyn weinbaum

    anyone remember Mickey straws? hard plastic straws, twisted into the shape of a Mickey head? First they were removed from EuroDisney. then from the kids meals at the parks, except for sit down dining. Now? only available for sale in gift shops and on the cruise line. Eliminating Mickey straws, estimated cost to Disney 1.5 cents each [yes i looked it up when this happened about 20 years ago], saved the millions. anyone who thinks this isn’t about the money, is ignorant.

  33. Mickeymouse3

    Just another way Bob Paycheck is dismantling the Disney everyone has come to know and love. Pay attention stockholders. Eventually your loyal guests will have had enough of Bob. Hopefully, it won’t be to late to reverse his greed.

  34. Connie

    Bring back Michael Eisner. Or someone who loves Disney. Need more people like the original men at Disney

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