Comments for Disneyland Causes Outrage by Confiscating Children’s Costume Name Tags

Credit: The McLeod Family on IG


  1. Will

    Entitled guests are becoming more of an issue for Disney lately than in years past. Whether woke or not, these guests know the rules, after all the rules are printed on the ticket. There’s also signs that say costumes that resemble characters or cast members are prohibited to use by guests while on Disney property. Park security has confiscated many name tags, both fake and real, the family just wasn’t around to see those other people get told.

    Also, they could have left the park, Disneyland cast members aren’t babysitters, don’t bring your children to the park as a substitute for proper parenting.

    1. Alison

      Did you read the article? Guest relations confirmed that this family did not break any policy as the children are under 13.

    2. Vi

      she is a single mom and she had no option to just “leave” the park. she got dropped off by her babysitter on that day. also, they gave her no choice to keep their name tags in her purse. the whole situation was cruel and unnecessary.

      1. Tom

        She can’t call an Uber? It’s a fake excuse and she basically forced them to take the name tags, and kept saying “they’re going in the trash” despite no one actually saying that but her. It’s gross.

    3. JPS

      She is not an entitled guest my dear, you clearly didn’t read. Her children have special needs; therefore she’s bringing awareness on how vile these security guards are acting around families in such disgusting manner. This mother posed no harm in having her children enjoy feeling safe at a park, so not too sure why you would even think she was being entitled; the experience was not a pleasant one. This whole incident was horrible, no one should ever should be treated this way. I invite you to look at her video so you can see and observe the treatment. Honestly if this were to ever happen to you, trust me you’d handle this a bit aggressively from your attitude.

      1. Matt p

        Omg grow up people!

      2. Katlyn

        Yes the rules apply to adults/teens. Not children. So you are telling me children can’t wait the princesses gown around the kingdom now?? What person is gonna believe a child in a cast member costume ACTUALLY works there??? Like come on now.

      3. MickeyUsoFine

        Why did they have to be thrown away? Why not stash them in a pocket/purse or even just held at the guest relations desk.

        This is so sad these sweet little girls couldn’t wear a cosplay and play at the park <\3

        1. Kim

          Not trying to be mean just trying to let you know only one of the children is a girl the 6 year old is a boy

      4. Walt

        She completely overreacted before she started filming, she was asked to put the nametags in her bag & she flatly refused. Then the video starts and her playing the victim.

    4. Mackenzie

      They are only prohibited if they’re worn by adults so children don’t get confused, the family goes nearly every week and has always worn the outfits and name tags and has never had an issue

      1. DJTluvsputin

        Have to wonder what Walt would think of this treatment of children in his Disneyland… Deplorable!

      2. Oswald

        The same thing happened to us in early Nov. Our friend’s son was dressed as an Imagineer and had a name tag from Etsy. Security told them he couldn’t wear the name tag or the hard hat in so they had to run it back to the hotel.

    5. Chrys

      How about you know the rules 4 & 6 year old children are absolutely allowed to wear costumes! There is nothing entitled about security making up their own rules as they go along! How about they stick to their job and stop acting like they have power when they get called out on they BS behavior!! They should all be written up for not falling protocol! And they should be required to return and apologize to the kids their their name tags to change their core memories of the situation!!

      1. Walt

        They can wear costumes but nametags are intellectual property of disney since it has Disney’s name on it, had she put them in her bag as security had first asked her this is a non-issue and she wouldn’t get the attention she is seeking.

        1. Pony

          The only attention seeking is by impotent wannabe cops like you.

    6. Bill

      Didn’t read the article, eh?

    7. Did you read the article, a Disney supv. Confirmed the tags were not a violation since they were kids, any restrictions are for adults.

    8. Donna

      Please they are little kids and no one would confuse them as actual cast members. Tell mom to put the name tags in her bag or pocket and move on. No need to confiscated and throw away. This is just a sign of the direction Disney is going in. It becoming a bad six flags.

    9. DJTluvsputin


    10. Djtluvsputin

      Entitled… Woke….Nice buzz words … Jerk!

    11. Katie

      They are under 13. Therefore the rules are different. This is NOT a case of entitlement.

    12. Will, you CLEARLY did not read the article!!! The kids weren’t dropped to be babysat and also it was confirmed children UNDER 13 are ALLOWED to wear costumes. It’s Disney you dork. Maybe next time read the facts before you reply or comment.!!!!

      1. Walt

        They can wear costumes but not the nametags. What if the children dropped them & an adult picks them up & tries to go to employee only areas. She was given the option to put them in her bag but she refused. She is blowing this up for attention. It’s sad on her part to want attention.

        1. Reading Is Fundamental

          Can you not READ? Disney said the name tags were fine for kids.

    13. Sarah

      Ages 13 and below are allowed to wear costumes. This was a cast member on a power trip. I hope this is as reported!

    14. Kim

      Thank you for sharing with us another example of a person who doesn’t know how to read an entire article before posting a comment.

    15. Brian

      I agree with you. If you don’t like it, leave. There’s Universal Studios next door. Special needs or not, you can always just take your business elsewhere, stop looking for sympathy online.

    16. Lily

      That policy is for teenagers/adults. Young children have always been welcome and even encouraged to dress up at Disneyland. Someone didn’t know their employer’s rules and managed to darken what was supposed to be a magical day for these children.

    17. Rob

      You know Soo much it seems… Except the FACT that the rule DOES NOT apply to children under 13. It’s people like you that THINK they know everything that is the actual problem sir 💁

    18. Sid

      Did you even read the article? Security surrounded these children and demanded their name tags. There is no rule against children wearing name tags. Only adults can’t wear costumes that look like costume characters or cast members.

    19. Erica Godfrey

      Sir they couldn’t have left the park because obviously you didn’t watch the video of the situation that happened and you haven’t read though the standards that her family didn’t break any policies and I’ve been going there for years and they are friends of a lot of the cast members at Disney and they never said anything to either of her kids about the nametags and there 4 and 6 with autism. I think you need to do your research sir for you say horrible and rude things on the website thank you.

    20. Mari

      Not only you DO NOT read but your heart is made out of stone.

    21. F.U. Will

      Tell us you didn’t read the article without telling us you didn’t read the article. Here’s the part that directly shows you didn’t read it, with your comment about breaking rules:

      “Disneyland later reached out from Guest Relations and confirmed this was not the policy for children, the damage had already been done. According to Disney Parks Dress Code and Costume Rules, children ages 13 and under are allowed to wear costumes any time of the year.”

    22. Pony

      You should be ashamed of yourself. Take your rent-a-cop attitude somewhere else.

  2. LAURA

    I agree that entitled guests are just too much sometimes. She said multiple times in her videos that she and her children all over the internet. Having lots of followers doesn’t make you entitled to special treatment. She also failed to mention that guest services got the nametags back and mailed them to her along with other goodies. They already made right on the situation.

    1. B A

      Eeka said that guest services could NOT get the name tags back and the only thing they received were a few meal vouchers.

      1. Chrys

        No they did get them out of the trash. The Covid trash. But the damage had already been done.

      2. Laura

        Eeka did not disclose the whole story on all of her platforms. She said once in a live that they are sending back the name tags along with some extra goodies. But she doesn’t want to tell everyone that because it doesn’t fir her narrative .

        1. Donna

          Doesn’t matter if they got them back. Damage was fine and all the Lysol in the world would clean those in my opinion. No option to just put the tags in her pocket and not wear them? Leave it throw away? Ridiculous. Simple. Hey kids you look really cute but you can’t wear the name tags how about you put them in your pocket and wear a button? Come on will go get you great buttons and write your name on them. Geeze not hard to do.

        2. dave

          I find that people who use the word ‘narrative’ are the only people who have one.

        3. MARC LEE

          Well…aren’t you just a ray of sunshine

    2. Kari Johnson

      The obvious point is that children really should not have their names visible to strangers who may approach them and pretend to know them. While they should carry ID and contact information, it should never be visible. The costume is fine…just don’t make it easier for predators. 20 years as a teacher…

      1. Dland

        Ms Johnson, I worked for Disneyland as a “Children’s Matron /Lost Children’s” Cast Memeber for seven year. We Encourage Parents to place something on there children or in there clothing if they ever became separated from there parents. For the time I worked for Disneyland & knowing Women who worked in the Lost Children/Children’s Matrons for Decades, not One child has Ever left Disneyland with someone else other than the Family or Group they came with. To many Undercover/Plain clothes Anaheim Police Officers are there DAILY. In & Out of ALL OF THE DISNEY PARKS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  3. Cody Rochay

    In all honesty, this is upsetting to the highest degree. Disney parks have been going downhill lately whether it be rides or stuff like this. By this point, if they keep doing stuff like this, they’ll loose to many customers. I get how some people are entitled, but there’s also rules that state that kids under 13 can wear costumes any time. And to do it infront of the children who did nothing absolutely wrong is so wrong on so many levels. Also for those who will try to defend Disney for this or try to say she’s entitled and I’m defending her for it, read the Disney park rules. It states the age the person has to be and those kids are nowhere near that age limit.

    1. Mike

      The name tags are the problem. Not the costumes. Once you all realize that you’ll understand. And most likely will have gotten them back. Just they can not be worn in the parks.

      1. Katie

        For someone under 13 they absolutely CAN wear them.

      2. Robert

        You must have missed the part in the article that states that a Disney Relations Rep said that those are not a problem for children 13 & under

    2. Bren

      I don’t think she did anything wrong. But why the heck does she feel the need to announce this on social media (tiktok and IG) other than “Hey Disney! Give me something for my kids’ pain and suffering.” I have no idea what those CMs were thinking but special needs or not, this would be very upsetting for any child. I don don’t like that she didn’t disclose that Disney returned the name tags ( usable or not) and extra goodies or meal vouchers. Disney’s already lost me because of bigger issues than this but I’ll have more respect for them once they stop caving in to people wanted something for their “trouble.”

  4. Liz

    As an autistic person, I don’t like autism being dragged into this like it makes it worse. Don’t use “my kids have autism!” as a dog-whistle to get people even more riled up.

    1. Lidia

      I’m also Autistic but I view this situation differently than you. Do you have a favorite outfit? A shirt? An object? Something you wear all the time? What if someone took that and threw it in the trash? As an adult you might be able to understand why TSA needs to throw out something but do you remember what that was like when you were a child?? Have some compassion.

      1. Rob

        FACTS Lidia!

  5. Nick

    A quick internet search and you will find this mom exploits her 3 children. They all supposedly have special needs, and the boy in the family is dressed as a girl. From what I read, they make a big scene wherever they go.

    1. Brandon P.

      I could have guessed that. The autism issue has no bearing on this. Why do you have to dress your kids as Disney employees to have a good time? It’s not cute and we don’t care. Typical attention-seeking internet Mom.

  6. Bobbie C.

    Why is it in every complaint, the kids are autistic – then blast away on Social Media. Just take your stand and stop doing business with places that treat you poorly!

    The staff should have offered to mail it to her home address and drop it in the Disney Post Office though. Alternatively, the mom could have grabbed an Uber home, but I would have tossed the tags and enjoyed my day at Disney – replace it with some Disney Badges and write your names on them (e.g. Exploit #1; Exploit #2).

    1. Arrow

      How about teach your kids some resilience and help them move past it instead of making a big deal of it and exploiting the kids and their disabilities for attention on the Internet. I wouldn’t assume that dressing up like an employee would be well-received even if it’s not specifically against the rules.

  7. Julia

    Even most Etsy shops have disclaimers that these are not for use in the parks. The park rules are left vague enough on prohibited items that they can ban anything at any time. My kids have these badges. If they were made to discard them hide the drama from them, not draw their attention to it for clout and content.

  8. Nathaniel

    Amusing to me that so many people in these comments are so quick to take Disney’s side. Once a Disney simp always a pathetic Disney simp I suppose

    1. Djtluvsputin

      Too bad you have no feelings… L**ser troll.

  9. Lisa

    Why are little kids wearing their real names on the badges where there are strangers everywhere at the park. Not a real smart move.

    1. Djtluvsputin

      Disney has plenty of people including kids with there names on them somewhere. Shirts jackets mickey ears…. How about sprts teams usually have names on the clothing? You are a bit off with that comment.

    2. I agree with you.💯

    3. Jex

      Because your first name is one of the least private things about you. As someone else pointed out, it’s super common for kids and adults to have it on them somewhere. Embroidered on Mickey ears, kids backpacks, the birthday buttons they literally hand out, etc. Only a first name doesn’t do anyone much good as far as doing anything malicious, and it sounds like this family has an established social media presence so their names are already out there, Lisa.

  10. Djtluvsputin

    Entitled… Woke….Nice buzz words … Jerk!

  11. Djtluvsputin

    Too bad you have no feelings… L**ser troll. If you dont llike Disney what are you doing here??? Beat it!

  12. Maureen

    If anyone knows The McLeod family they are huge fans of this Company and parks She is a single special needs parent who has a Tik toc page and YouTube vlogs and IG page she is pretty known for her Disney vlogs . Disney needs to make a huge public explanation on why and how this could happen if Disney can bring back Tim Tracker and his family which was way worse then the McLeod family have ever done which Tim tracker gets salary for but that’s ok. Free publicity for the parks !! that’s telling you Disney is going down hill Big time. Sad but very true. What a disgrace

    1. Sounds like they picked on the wrong family

    2. Matt p

      Yea and she’s a first class complainer

    3. Carlos

      Have you watched her YouTube videos? She has a long history of making these complaints and making employees miserable wherever she goes. At Disney she complained that Evan couldn’t walk up one step but runs up and down stairs all day at home. At Universal she complained that he couldn’t ride an escalator but does manages it in the mall. She throws fits for attention looking for compensation if she doesn’t get treated like royalty. She makes sure to throw around that she’s tiktok famous and has disabled children every chance she gets.

    4. Monkeypoopants

      Don’t give Jenn any more ideas to scam the parks!

  13. Faith

    Downtown Disney used to sell engraved name tags. We still have ours. I can understand why you wouldn’t want adults wearing them in the parks, but these are kids.

    1. Jex

      Okay, I remembered this too and I thought maybe I was just crazy lol. They also used to sell them in Tomorrowland in Disneyland pretty recently, like within the past 4 years. It sounds like it was just one security lead with a god complex in a bad mood.

  14. I have seen the custom name tags that you can purchase on etsy. You can even get bigger ones that are lamps. I believe what Disney did was wrong. Why? No thinking adult will mistake a 4 year old and a 6 year old as cast members. Custom name tags are not free. Disney had no right to discard their name tags. They could have asked them not to wear them in the park. Surrounding the children with security was way over the top.

    1. Actually Autistic Adult

      The article is very misleading.
      They fished the tags out of the trash, cleaned them, and mailed them with gifts and meal vouchers.

      The Mom is infamous for complaining anywhere they go, and in the autism community is well known for exploiting her kids disabilities.

  15. Di

    Why does this story not explain what the complaint was that the park had about the name tags?

    1. Gimme a break

      Because the article is biased.

  16. Matt p

    Wow? I guess people don’t have enough to complain about so they waste everyone else’s time.with this BS. no one cares about ur kids name tags, no one hurt u by getting rid of them. And shame on whoever posted this.story here. Wtf

    1. Gimme a break

      I agree, what a load of crap, denigrating people just trying to do their jobs. Wear a cartoon-ish mock up of a nametag and no one would say boo, but this mom had to scour Etsy for a realistic one, because her autistic children would obviously know the difference. 🙄

  17. Michael Walsh

    I could make comments that would no doubt include references to Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, but lets just say for now that all the interactions I’ve ever had with Disney Security have been negative and leave it at that. And I’m pretty sure that (initially at least) it wasn’t my attitude that was at fault.

  18. MaryAnn Edgerton

    I was there. They were NOT surrounded. They nicely told her it was a security issue and SHE the mom freaked out claiming the girls have autism and always wear them. Yes more security came to address the situation.

    Security is security no one should have fake ones on. That literally could be out on anyone else in the party and theirs so much room for harm. The world is crazy.

    1. Mbf

      That sounds like what I thought, that they told her no and she made a fuss, which inevitably will bring more security. My friends’ son threw a full on fit in the esplanade and yes, was “surrounded” by security since dad was trying to pry him off a planter. No one actually got involved in the situation and the kid went back to the car for a nap.

  19. Ulysses Carrillo

    I understand Disney shouldn’t have made a big deal. Because this isn’t even a big deal. She could have gotten a locker maybe so she wouldn’t have to throw them away. Idk this seems pointless. Like there are far more important things in the world happening besides this.

  20. Natalie

    Honestly this doesn’t surprise me. I stand with Disney but their security walks around with a God Complex. As a former Cast Member I was repeatedly harrassed by ‘security’ in the MK tunnels on my way into work with Street clothes, even though my badge was in plain sight. Its uncalled for.

  21. Shut

    Disney is not your babysitter. Entitled Democrats ruining this country.

    1. Jex

      This comment is completely irrelevant to the actual article and conversation. Political affiliation has nothing to do with Disney wrongly telling a guest they broke a rule that they didn’t.

  22. Sadie J

    One of the security CMs – Carlos Gutierrez made a public comment on Facebook about the whole thing, which will probably cost him – from what the other front gate CMs who were scheduled say, the Leads (Managers) on duty are typically really heavy-handed like they were with this one but weren’t personally going to deal with it and let the security CMs take the fall for it.

    Meal voucher comps were given to the family, but this story’s not going anywhere for a bit, it’ll need some more damage control

  23. Jex

    Uh, am I the only one that remembers that Disney quite recently sold customizable mock cm nametags?

  24. A Mom

    This whole incident makes me want to cry and these comments make me want to throw something! These children are autistic. And young children. There was absolutely NO REASON for security to take the badges and throw them away. My autistic daughter would have come unglued. And my heart breaks for this mother.

  25. Kristin Petrey

    Disney is not a friendly place. Growing up I loved to be there as a kid but now taking my children who are mixed race (Me a white female and my husband an African American man) I sadly found out they are terrible. When we took our kids in September of 2020 for four days we left with 3 memories of straight racism against my kids and husband. The last one was the worst because while I was changing my 8 month old outside my husband took our 3 year old into the avenger store on the California side that has incredibly expensive items to look around and pick out a toy I came in after 5-10mins of them being in there and as I looking around to find them I notice a white female worker silently following my husband and son around I stood back watching her and everything my husband touched she would make sure she saw what he did with it. Everywhere they walked she was following pretending to rearrange items. I was livid. And with my anger building I called this lady out as loud as I could for the entire store to hear (like 10,000sq ft of store) I used language that mickey would be ashamed of and made her apologies why because I use my privilege to make racist take accountability when I witness it. I was so mad we left that day. When we got home I wrote a very long angry letter to the CEO after spending time looking up his info. And I forwarded it to every person I could in higher up management. Next day I got a phone call apologizing after they investigated and tickets for another time free of charge. Will we go back probably not I can never Subject my husband and children to that again or I might be spending the night in jail in a town I don’t know.

  26. Corinne

    We had a Disneyland security officer overreact to our family as we were trying to navigate away from an approaching parade. My eldest son has severe autism and had just expressed that he wanted to exit the California Adventure Park. Then all of a sudden here comes the parade and we started scooting through the crowded walkways. A cast member started to rope off the street, but saw that my son was beginning to become anxious and waved us through. That’s when an older security officer,(which we had a positive interaction with earlier in the day) ran up to us as if he was going to throw us in Disneyland Jail and tried to detain us. He was raising his voice and saying things like, “We can’t have this happening”. My mama bear side came out and I said through tears and clenched teeth “If you this this scene is bad, just TRY to stop us. This could get a whole lot worse real quick if you don’t find us a way out.”
    That was my autistic son’s 10th birthday, and the LAST time we ever went to Disneyland. They ruined it for so many of us.

  27. You know when you work for a company they give you a name tag. When you end employment they want that name tag back. Basically they admitted to buying a name tag which shouldn’t have been sold online in the 1st place. Sadly the kids have autism but that doesn’t disassociate disassociate the fact that these tags should not have been sold online in the 1st place.

    1. Former CM

      Lol, I worked there 13 years and was never told to give back name tags.

  28. Coop, the Golden Dog

    REAL terriblke..thankfully, they have their own Instagram, Twitter and Youtube channel as I have..I live in SoCal, around ten or so miles from DLand..have a slight case of what the kids do but amb basically normal..


  29. Christine gutai

    I agree there is a problem. I was in California Adventure beginning of November this year. I went into gift shop by Water ride , Forest area by back entrance of Hotel. They sell leather bracelets you can customize with your name. I have made them there over the years…..I asked for Minnie with my last name initial. Holy it turned into a half out nightmare. Management said no, I’m like what? Anyone can have that name. It’s not owned by disney. It was not good so I made a adjustment ( even though they have done it before ). I waited and they finished and then they came back and said they would redo it correctly. I was happy but I lost 45 minutes waiting, yes employees especially Management need to be trained correctly. Staff in store were really nice but lots of confusion. You spend alot of money on tickets and you expect better quality and better training……

  30. S

    I was with her until she used her child’s autism as a way to garner sympathy for herself

  31. R

    Funny how when adults are shoving, spitting, fighting, loudly cussing, harrassing other guests, urinating publicly in the park or dropping their pants to defecate on the ground at a rides exit path, NO SECURITY is around. Instead, a phone call is made to local PD from an area of “safety”. HOWEVER, a 4 and a 6 year old in costumes, brings out enough “security guards” to surround the three family members. Who then bully the children. Amazing why anyone would pay for that kind of treatment. Seriously people, is this “magical” for you?

  32. ManInJpn

    Their only options were to have the tags thrown away or leave the park? WTF is that Disney???? Why not let the Mom just stick them in her bag and be done with the whole mess. If everything she said was true, DL security really f*cked this up.

  33. Chris

    Cue the benny hill music.

  34. Gimme a break

    I don’t really care if this family or other families have gotten away with wearing official-looking replica name tags in the parks in the past. It should be pretty obvious to any rational human being why having such things floating around the parks could potentially be a danger – think of how parents are encouraged to tell their kids if they ever get lost to look for people wearing nametags. The fact that they were currently being worn by 4 and 6 year olds does not negate the risk of them falling into the wrong hands. There are plenty of ways to dress as a cast member, or anything else for that matter, without introducing an explicitly banned item that could absolutely pose a threat to the safety of other children if lost or stolen. I also love that this woman was so distraught about the situation yet had the wherewithal to record it to post on social media. How about focusing your attention completely on your kids rather than trying to make a spectacle of it and solicit attention? Not to mention the statement that the 4 and 6 year old children have “worn these [coatumes] for years”, so they presumably haven’t grown out of them yet. 🤷‍♂️ They were bought on Etsy, not because a fake nametag for a costume is hard to make, but because she clearly wanted them to look very realistic. Again, rational people should recognize the risk in that. Wear an actual handmade name tag that could never be confused for a real one and you’ll have all my sympathy if confiscated.

  35. An

    The mother should be held accountable the kids were under 13.. dropped off so security took my name tags get over it! and explain to the your kids that they didn’t do anything wrong.. it was you the parent…you should have not been there by themselves they should be banned from the park because mother the does not get the rules. Disney should just send them new name tag… perfect end of story! You can complain on social media but she needs to tell the whole story and every bit of a story.

  36. CJ

    in Orlando there used to be a store that sold stuff from the parks. I went there about 10 years ago and found a name tag with my name on it and I found one for my husband. We wear them every time we go in the park on our pin lanyards and get positive comments from all the cast members. We’ve even worn them in the last 12 months to the park. Ridiculous they stopped children who clearly don’t have a job in order to harass a family. Welcome to Bob Chapek’s Disney.

  37. Mickeymouse3

    So big deal. A couple of kids have homemade name tags that resemble a cast members name tag shape. It’s not like they are representing themselves as CM’s. Anyone who thinks they are/were CM’s needs to rethink a few things. I do think Disney overreacted to the situation tho. They could have very easily explained to mom that costuming is allowed but name tags are not. Threatening to boot them? Come on.

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