Comments for Disney World Sees LONG Wait Times Ahead of Holiday Weekend

disney world wait times


  1. Brian

    All it seems you guys do is post and point out negative information: long lines, bad reviews about Galactic Starcruiser, A Halloween Decoration left up, etc etc etc. Seems awfully easy to sit back and do nothing but be critical.

  2. John

    My last visit was extremely crowded. The parks were at full capacity. We still enjoyed our experience, but Disney needs to stop pretending they are managing Covid if they are going to do this. Remove the mask police and provide house keeping. You’re packed for hours next to ppl with no masks. It defies logic that I need a mask for certain queues that are still outdoors when the ride breaches a certain point after standing next to those ppl for an hour before putting on the mask. Long term, they’ve started to pinch pennies, but Disney will need a 5th park. They’ve continued to add places to stay but are running out of space to put these people

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