Comments for Disney World Stormtrooper Falls, Stays Down For Entire Performance

Two images of a Disney World stormtrooper falling on stage

Background Images Credit: Disney World Tom (@waltdisneyworldparks) TikTok


  1. Jeff Johnson

    Lest we forget Dancing with the Star Wars Stars. The videos are a meme goldmine

  2. Probably can’t get back up in the suit or he/she was hurt. The storm trooper was probably embarrassed.

  3. Elizabeth D Dale

    As supporting cast you never interrupt the entrance of the star and stay on scripted cues. 2nd trooper was less of a distraction by attending to comrade than to stand at cue position with comrade on the floor. Looks like 2nd trooper checked to make sure they were physically OK, had a quiet laugh of embarrassment, and then helped them up for exit stage left. Those costumes can be tricky particularly with line of site.

    1. Lance

      This is not the bed you’re looking for.

  4. Jessi

    When I see a performer fall and not get up, I worry about serious injury. They better have a stage manager who knows that isn’t a performer who is HURT.

    The show must go on is a misnomer. I’ve seen many Broadway shows stopped when performers are hurt or equipment malfunctions. Their unions must be better than what these performers have.

    This is downright concerning.

  5. Ann M Hatzakis

    The troopers stayed in character…

  6. Sometimes with costumes such as the ‘Stormtroopers’ the cast member may not of been able to stand back up with out assistance/or with out disturbing the performance. It may have been protocol to stay down if they went down.

  7. Lance

    I dunno man, for a second there it just felt like someone was choking me?!

    1. Janice Nash

      Those people work hard in those costumes, and I can see how someone could be tired or not feeling well, maybe not able to see clearly. I hope they’re okay.

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