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  1. Dustin Bollnow

    I honestly prefer the magicband. We’ve become way too reliant on our phones. Magicband need to stay!

    1. Paul

      Magic Bank is much easier to use than my phone. Trying to manipulate a phone with your hands full is a challenge. The Magic Band is sleek and easy to use.

  2. LeeAnn

    Who wants to be on their phone the whole time? Plus having to put it away when riding. Magic bands are hands free. So much easier. Not a fan of the phone concept

    1. JW

      Magic bands are way more convenient…not interested in having to be glued to my phone.

  3. Amy Tassin

    I’d much rather have the magic band, my phone dies from being there all day. or has to be in my backpack while riding. I don’t like being on my Phone while trying to enjoy being at the park. The magic band makes more sense. Electronic devices are too distracting when experiencing Disney greatness.

  4. TacoCat

    Not everyone has a smartphone, or wants to use one in the parks.

  5. Sam

    Magic Band is better, faster, simpler. My phone already has to be tethered to a battery pack every day while at the park. And it takes extra time to get the phone out of my pocket, find and open the app, navigate to the right spot, wait for things to load, and then use. The Magic Band is always ready, always “on”, and doesn’t waste my time.

    1. Rodney Simonson

      How can anyone claim either efficiency or convenience of phone over band? The reason for the change is to set the mobile ordering in stone and eliminate the future archiving of Magic band records. Both are benefits to Disney at the expense, literally, of the Guest.

  6. Will S.

    I recently tried the phone experience. It was brutal. I have an almost brand new phone and the NFC technology would not Cooper with anything. They ended up just issuing a standard card. No issues, obviously with the card. Will spring for some bands when I know our trips will take place again. Keep the phone in your pocket. Enjoy the Magic…bands.

  7. I do not take my phone into any park, theme, nature, none. I do not have to be connected at all times. It is sad to see families supposedly having a grand time, but when there is a pause in the activities they pull out their phones and stare into oblivion. I see magic bands as a way to spend into a massive credit card debt and not realize it until the bill comes. “Disney World; what happens here, stays here (Mostly your money). The Mouse House always wins.

  8. EM

    We are too attached to our phones. Battery is always running down so we have to constantly keep charging them so we can check wait times and our itineraries so we aren’t late for something. Everyone has their heads buried in their phones while walking around the parks. They are missing all the details surrounding them as they are walking. Look at the buildings on Main Street, the shop windows on the second floors and so much more.
    Magic Bands are the way to go so you can enjoy more of your surroundings and not walk into other people or trip over the curbs.

    1. DisneyMom

      Agree 100%

  9. Jim

    If customer spending is up it’s because Disney is charging more for everything. There is nothing more convenient than a a magic band.

  10. PAlterBoy

    I’m going to be at WDW in February and I’m really looking forward to trying out all the features available on my Apple Watch and iPhone. Particularly, the Apple Watch experience should be very similar to the Magic Band. But, I will also have my Magic Band in case using these functions on my watch and phone either drain the battery too quickly or are cumbersome.

    It’s going to take some time for Disney to get this approach more functional and user friendly. But, they’ll get there.

  11. Eileen Harris

    I prefer the magic band my phone doesn’t last very long using it very much. I can only carry around so many battery packs. So it will be very hard if they go with app only.

  12. Mari

    I love the magic bands. If a child gets separated from family just ping the band to find them. At least I’m under the impression that could be done

  13. Susan

    Just got back and not happy with the experience of having to use the phone constantly for everything. Used phone/app somewhat on last trip but did have magic band then and had a better experience. Also current app drains phone battery which creates more problems such as trying to keep up with traveling party. Had to break down and purchase the fuel rod which worked for a short while but that just drained also. Exchanged it for fresh charged one and that one didn’t work for long either.

    Very sad to me to see everyone staring at their phones while on their trip. Takes away from the magic of Disney for everyone. I hope Disney can figure something else out soon. Also would like more queue signs added throughout parks to help when phone batteries are done.

  14. Robert Woodard

    I, and my family, prefer the magic bands. Simple to use, and DONT rely on the poor Disney wi-fi connection!

  15. SueSwift

    Magic Bands! This phone-based nonsense that Chapek is pushing is a detriment to enjoying your park visit.

    Magic Band is easy and it works. This is an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” situation.

  16. Gayle

    I much Prefer the Magic Band. It gave you a Fashion choice. Allowed you to Not let any Children or Teens have charging Privileges much easier. Disney has Forgotten That Older Americans/Grandparents Are not Technically Savy and Also the Point of being on Vacation is to Get Away from the Phone!!
    I Cannot Even Count the Number of People who Had almost knocked my over on My LAST ( & because of Disney continually Added Costs while taking away services – I mean Last) Visit – As I Have a Mobility Issue and Use a Cane – Totally Plow into Me – with No Apologies & Actually Getting Sworn At For Being in Their Way – Because They were too Busy Staring at the Phone Screen while Walking!! Totally Missing out on the Wonderful Scenery Walt Worked So Hard On Making Every Little Thing Special!
    It’s Like the Disney Family Values and Morals Have been Totally Abandoned.

  17. Mickeymouse3

    If I wanted to spend all day looking at my phone, I would stay at work. I want to enjoy my vacation WITHOUT having my face buried into a phone all day, planning my every move. I want to see, smell and feel the parks when I visit.

  18. Eileen

    Recently returned from a wk at WDW with the grandchildren. Very disappointed in the use of Disney phone app for reservations, wait times and food ordering. What’s happened to person to person contact? Enough already with the phones! Magic Bands are the most convenient way to go.

  19. Kenr

    I like the magic band. Plus, I can wear it in the pool.

  20. Larry

    That’s well and good but I discovered my older model phone is not compatible with the My Disney Experience app. It doesn’t even come up in the app store.

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