Comments for Disney’s Recent Post Hints at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster’s Fate

rock n roller coaster

Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering


  1. EricJ

    Yes, the guitar will still be shiny, but we don’t hear an answer about whether “Starring: Aerosmith” will still be on it…

    1. Starring Aerosmith is on it

  2. It was the first rollercoaster I went on with my eight year old daughter. We are sentimental about this one. We enjoy the Aerosmith music and the inversions. I believe they are no longer together. They are getting older and don’t care to tour like the old days. Thanks Aerosmith!

    1. Nick

      They’re still together but have gotten too lazy (or too old) to tour or put out an album of new music.

  3. A thrilling ride from the very start…and what a start it is! Smooth motion at high speed with great rock music blasting as you go through every twist and turn.

  4. Robert Kosko

    What They Need Is SHADE! It’s So Darn Hot In That Queue! This Is True When The Queue Extends In Front Of The Big Guitar!


    AEROSMITH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Time for the Metallicoaster

  7. Mack

    I just rode this for the first time last month. Enjoyed it.

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