Comments for Extremely Inappropriate and Explicit Photos Left at Multiple Disney Resorts By Guest

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Credit: Disney


  1. Fat

    Unless you show it or describe it, it didn’t exsist

    1. R

      Disney. What a disgusting sh/t hole of and for the dregs of humanity.

  2. mark morton

    I’m shocked that anyone is really “turned on” at Disney quite frankly!

  3. Jake

    Where are these “explicit photos” huh???? Guess they don’t exsist

  4. Cj Brown

    Remember “Flash Mountain”? Pepperidge Farms remembers! 📸🤣

    1. Don

      Do tell…

  5. Pete

    I’m willing to be that it’s probably some cast member doing it. They would have some ideas on avoiding areas with cameras. Still, what kind of person goes out of their way to do something like this in the first place, let alone at Walt Disney World??

  6. Davis

    Let’s not pretend that our natural bodies are so traumatizing that a photo found under a napkin is deserving of a “news” story. Disney could use some actual entertainment in my opinion.

    1. P Reid

      Maybe they weren’t so “natural”.

    2. Sarah

      What were the alleged images of? If just nudity, then I agree, but from the sensationalism of the article, I would assume these were high def images of a full “dungeon” – whips and all 🤣

  7. KD

    What were the photos of?

  8. Sarah

    I didn’t see anything regarding the nature of these photos: e.g. that they were photos of a male, but I completely agree with you. I would be far more likely to assume that someone left photos of a person they were trying to get vengeance on (like a former lover), than that they left photos of themselves. .. but this site is not known for their skill in reporting

  9. BidenCrimeFamily

    When was Hunter at Disney?

  10. L. Shewbridge

    This is a non-story. No real info, no names, no official from Disney making any remarks, etc. This is typical garbage “reporting” from this site.

  11. SG

    I hope they catch this person. The fact that they would “be arrested” means this is a serious offense.
    I personally would not like to see anything worthy of being arrested. And as a nurse I’ve seen a lot of body parts!

  12. Duke Johnson

    Of course this happens under the presidency of pedo Biden. Way to inspire more sickos. People committing horrible crimes after sneaking in from other countries and all they do is just send them free money, OUR TAX DOLLARS! Wake up sheep, and help Trump take back the presidency so Biden and his cronies can’t continue to destroy this country for 3 more years!

    1. Sane American

      Umm ok….

  13. Jason

    The article says one photo was found during the summer. The second one this week. Unless the person’s face was also shown along with their body, how do they know it’s the same person and two separate incidents? I doubt anyone would leave a nude picture with their face. Too easy to get caught. If these photos do show the person’s face though I agree with the other commenters that someone else probably left them. Not the person in the pictures.

  14. Jason

    My phone left out a word in one of my sentences. What I meant to say is if there’s no face how do they know it’s *not* two separate incidences?

  15. michael H streuly

    Disneyland sucks

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