Comments for Disney to Cut Portions at Parks, Will Be “Good For Some People’s Waistlines”

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  1. Joseph Kastner

    But not reduce cost of course. Chapek you scummy greedy bald headed joke of a man

    1. Jenn

      @ Joseph, bahahaha! Didn’t mince words there!

      1. Al

        Next trip to Disney will be a one day. The rest of the time will be Knott’s Berry farm, Getty museum, the beach, SeaWorld. Last time I checked you can get a season pass at Knott’s Berry farm for about the price of one day at Disneyland. Less crowds, better food, and much cheaper.


    If they plan to reduce the portion size for meals, then they should also reduce the prices of those meals as well. Also….don’t blame just one person for this as all of the restaurant workers at Disney have to agree on it.

  3. Chris

    If they reduce portions and not prices, I will definitely speak up if I feel I am not getting my money’s worth.

    Honestly, the prices are already too high for the portion sizes as it is.

    1. James

      Imo the quality of everthing at Disney has been going down. Yet the sre still gouging everyones pocket books. I know that some of this is our current goverments fault. Disney is really gonna lose money if no one us able to afford the trip. My gas bill alone has gone up $200.00 from last year.

      1. Manny

        How is this the government’s fault? You obviously do not know about supply and demand.

  4. I don’t mind smaller portions if my price is smaller. I know adults who get kids meals, lower price with good portions. What’s with this idiot saying that will be good for our waistlines? Are you calling me fat, jerkface?

    1. Bezen

      Great, now Disney is fat shaming!

    2. Drew

      Make no mistake, they want each of us buy two meals instead of one, regardless of waistline.

  5. JennyLynn Mason

    Your comment “Good for Some People’s Waistline” is really offensive to a lot of people. If this post was about something else you all would be going ballistic. This will of course will just blow over because its “okay” to make fun of fat people. Disney is supposed to be an inclusive park and this comment just trashes the company. Congratulations!

    1. Chris

      Yes, I agree, I am quite upset by the comment, but I just couldn’t fully process it yesterday and I just sent a scathing email to Disney’s upper management about this, we will see what they do.

      1. Lynn Jago

        This is just another example of Disney’s corporate greed. The magic is gone.

    2. Jason

      I ironically Ms. CFO Christine McCarthy isn’t a skinny Minnie (no pun intended) herself.

      1. Fat shaming? Really! How low can you go!?

  6. Jonathan

    as a person who always feels guilty about how many pounds i put on after i get back from disney, i guess i cant be TOO mad about this? they should cut the costs to reflect it though…

  7. Will

    The comment about “Heinz Red Gold Ketchup” is slightly misleading. Heinz and Red Gold are different companies and Disney uses both. As far as I know only Heinz is raising prices, Red Gold is not.

    1. Chris

      And Red Gold is the better of the two, as the version of it the parks use doesn’t use High Fructose Corn Syrup like Heinz does, so it is slightly healthier and tastes a lot better.

  8. Steven

    Heidi that defeats the propose of saving money.

  9. Kathy

    Disney food, meals and snacks, are already overpriced. They will cut portion size but you can bet they will not be cutting prices and may even raise the prices.
    If the Dining Plan ever returns I’ll wager that the price of the plans will also increase.

  10. Lorenzo

    I do not need Disney to now tell me how much I need to eat to
    “reduce my waistline”. WIth increase in admission, the unwillingness to provide a fair wage in Orange County and even their sky high parking prices just makes Disney less attractive to visit. You wanna save some money start cutting those executive salaries . The solution to provide less than what you already offer will make it more worthwhile to visit Knotts Berry Farm

  11. Darlene K

    Quite a pompous remark on the part of a Disney exec whose salary depends on people of all shapes and sizes. Maybe shes eating too much kale and it’s impacting her thought processes.

  12. Sue

    It is time for all Disney executives to take a 50% cut in pay as well as no bonuses.

  13. Mickeymouse3

    Like many others state, and I agree, portions may go down but we all know prices will stay the same or increase under Bob Paycheck’s reign. And, so much for “inclusion” when a CFO fat-shames people. Guess those who are already self-conscious needed a reminder from a Disney exec. Wonder if she’ll take any heat from above…..Naw. Probably not.

    1. Chris

      She is from me and if she doesn’t get much, I may contact my wife’s blogger friend that has millions of subscribers and doesn’t take kindly to fat shaming.

      1. This is public knowledge. Let the blogger know about the fat shaming and tone deafness.

      2. Manny

        Your wife’s friend will do what ever Disney tells her since they do not want to lose access which Disney grants them along with a bunch of perks. Notice that all these blogs are pushing Genie + and lightening lanes and not one of them has spoken against it. Idle threats do not move the needle.

  14. Drew

    If we could develop the fortitude to avoid the parks completely it would be better for Disney’s, and Bob’s, economic waistline. Provide less, charge more, the Paycheck way. This year’s visit will be my last as the magic has disappeared in the headlong pursuit of wokeness.

  15. Barb304

    WDW used to be the happiest place on earth. Their new motto is the most expensive place on earth. Chapek is destroying Disney!

  16. Barb

    WDW, a place where families used to be able to go to have fun. But sadly, those days are gone for a lot of people! What used to be the most magical place on earth has become The Most Expensive Place on Earth!

  17. Chris

    Disney is trying to save money. As always, portions are getting smaller and the cost remains high. It’s a business practice and has nothing to do with fat people. It’s about making money and recovering from what didn’t need to happen in the first place.

    1. Manny

      What lockdowns? This is an opinion stated without basis or fact. Disney really did not lose that much at all since Disney + gained revenue beyond their expectations. Try reading the quarterly financial statement before you open your mouth. A few peer reviewed scientific studies could also help.

  18. CT

    The Wokesters that have taken over the Disney company have decided that overweight people are not acceptable! Trying to coverup another egregious reduction in quality and increase in price ,by spurting some rubbish about waistlines. It all goes back to price increase, price increase, and reduction in value. If they are trying to blame inflation, then perhaps they should stop supporting and donating money to the party currently in power that has caused that inflation!

    1. Ale

      Amen! Well said…Disneys policies prove their support for a particular party that has created the current mess EVERYONE IS IN OR GOING TO BE IN VERY SOON!

    2. Bren

      Sorry but “Wokesters” as you call them believe in equality for ALL. It’s the other side that only believe their “kind” is the acceptable ones. Obviously you’re using a term in which you know nothing about. The “wokesters” fight for rights for all races, shapes, sizes, beliefs, etc. Hopefully you get the picture and now comprehend/understand. The fat shaming comment by the Disney exec is definitely NOT a statement a “wokester” would ever approve of. Maybe a little more reading of true news instead of the FOX rubbish you’ve been listening too would help you understand better before you spout nonsense.

  19. Alice

    First of all this woman needs to worry about her own waistline and quit worrying about others. Secondly, they better also be reducing the prices of these meals since they already taste like they were thrown in a microwave to begin with.

  20. EM

    How about buy your products from a different company. I’m sure Heinz isn’t the only ketchup company etc. Do companies bid on contracts with Disney?

  21. NC

    Disney has turned into a huge disappointment with the pandemic as the excuse. They begged passholders to be loyal and stick with them and then screwed us at the first renewal. The meals nonsense and Genie are just the next screws to turn. Sadly, I think my Disney days are numbered. As a passholder I am feeling very underappreciated.

  22. Call the woke police! Disney is fat shaming guests!

  23. J

    No doubt the prices will NOT be going down though.

  24. We walk 15 miles a day in their parks. I have to work out and get in shape for a Disney vacation, or I won’t have the endurance. Some of the park transportation is gone or closed. Don’t wait for the tram, spring will come first.

  25. Ale

    So, Dis spokesperson comments about the health of its customers but prices continue to soar, interesting…where were you all these years but prices still rose every year but NOW Disney believes that cutting portions will “help people be healthier”…anyone who believes this is exactly the type of idiots that Disney wants in their parks to purchase food…looks like the nearby Walmart will get alot of business in the future- well done Dis!!

  26. Jackie

    Why don’t they reduce their salaries. McCarthy makes over 114 million a year. 😮
    Reduce that by 1 million and you could keep everything g the same and then some. Greedy greedy greedy people.
    Walt would be so disappointed. Yes, I know it’s a business but enough is enough with raising prices to line their pockets

  27. Phoebe L Ho

    Any park that serves out churros, giant turkey legs, funnel cake, fried chicken, cardboard pizza, massive lollipops et al doesn’t care about waistlines. That comment she made was really hypocritical and snarky AF.

    And the food is mediocre at best. I swear the best things I’ve had in the park lately are a Dole whip and a veggie burger at the Hungry Bear. Now they’re asking us to pay more for less still-meh food? And fat-shaming to boot? When they hardly try serving anything healthy??

  28. Jordan

    I find it funny how so many people are saying that they should lower the cost of the food if the portions are smaller when it specifically said the reason they are cutting the portion sizes a little is because they don’t want to charge people more since costs are going up. It would literally defeat the purpose of lowering the portion sizes when they are needing to save money by lowering the cost of the food as well. Last I checked, you still get a good amount of food, we are just so used to overeating that people think they should be getting more.

    1. Manny

      When you go to Disneyland the next time. Order a kid’s meal hamburger. I did for my daughter and it was the size of a silver dollar. No joke.

      1. Jordan

        I’ve been to Disneyland multiple times and it’s really not. People just need to calm down and not get so mad about everything

  29. April Coast

    How rude!

  30. Scarlett

    This is fat phobic and Disney should be ashamed and issue an apology. No one goes to Disney to watch their waistline, thats absurd. This is 100% about money and the second hand comment about waistline watching is fatphobic and needs to be redacted. Skinny people can eat junk food and not be ridiculed but a fat person cant have a churro or dolewhip and not be judged for it? its a Disney day aka treat yourself. Shame on this way of thinking!

  31. Glen R

    What an incredibly telling move made under a completely ridiculous excuse. People can make their own decisions, we do not need Disney nor any other corporation dictating lifestyles. I am finding it harder and harder to be a Disney fan. That honestly sucks so bad, I doubt I can put it to words. The closest I could try is by saying Disneyland was somewhere I have the best memories with my Mom before she passed. I’m just stunned how things have changed.

  32. Fat shaming? Really! How low can you go!?

  33. Matthew Brewster

    Most of tge price increases are due to the current very temporary- supply chain gridlock that is afflicting the entire world. One way Diz could keep prices down, without reducing sacrificing portion sizes, would be to “reduce” the number of overpaid and mostly useless MANAGERS AND EXECUTIVES!!!!!

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