Comments for Disney Guests Scramble, Massive Line Forms at ATM as Credit Card Networks Shut Down

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Credit: DLP Report


  1. Frank

    Never never go on vacation without backup cash.

  2. Manny

    Cash is dying and networks have to be bullet proof. Most Disney vendors do even have the ability to take cash anymore. Can’t wait to see when they start accepting crypto.

    1. John

      How is cash dying? I’m 100% on cash. No credit cards.

      1. Manny

        And where are you? Because unless you have it all in your mattress you have zero leverage? Can’t rent a car, can’t book a vacation. Pretty much in the 1800s.

        1. CLAUDIA JUNGE

          Just paid off all my credit cards and closed them. Just pay cash now.

    2. Dave

      No network is bullet proof. I work on them at c- store/gas stations. In fact they are becoming more fragile as EMV requirements from credit card companies increase.

  3. Mack

    Things happen. I was just recently at WDW (October) and Disneyland (early November) and while I did carry cash I found it easier to use my credit card. No system is perfect. I guess had it happened while I was there the two ladies I was with wouldn’t have spend over $1500 in merchandise in both places. It would have been Disney’s loss. But as I said, no system is perfect.

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